H. P. Lovecraft would be proud - The Shuma-Gorath thread!

Shuma-Gorath fhtagn! Welcome to the general discussion thread for everyone’s favourite one-eyed octopus! Shuma-Gorath originated in the Dr. Strange comic book series, as one of the enemies of its title character, Dr. Strange. He is an ancient evil god with vast supernatural powers who has set his sights on our dimension. He is canonically one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe, being powerful enough to destroy entire galaxies with minimal effort.


? Shuma-Gorath is perhaps Marvel’s obscurest character to ever be featured in a mainstream video game, with less than a dozen comic book appearances since his debut in 1972.

? He is a DLC character, and you can download him for $5 in the USA and for ?5 in Europe. I guess Capcom loves us Europeans. Two words for you, Capcom: currency conversion. -_-

? His design is visually inspired by the Elder Gods (ancient alien gods who used to rule Earth many aeons ago) from horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

? In his debut in Marvel Super Heroes he was coloured purple and green, as a tribute to the colour scheme that he sported in his original appearance. In later games, however, his main colour scheme became green and red, which resembles more to his current canon appearance.

? He was actually the first character that Capcom suggested to Marvel for this game. Marvel was initially reluctant to let them put him into the game, but Capcom pressured them and Marvel finally gave in. Go, Capcom!

? Official reveal trailer: [media=youtube]r_oUF4MgLj0&feature=player_embedded[/media]

? Official artwork: http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/77/1514501-shuma_gorath_marvel_vs.jpg

? Character theme: [media=youtube]sQe2GjaGt9M"[/media]

? Lots of HD screenshots of him and Jill in action: High res Jill & Shuma-Gorath Marvel vs. Capcom 3 images : News : EventHubs.com

? Ending, bio and character model: [media=youtube]o8s6XuKj4LM[/media]


:l: - Light Attack

:m: - Medium Attack

:h: - Heavy Attack

:s: - Exchange

:atk: - Any attack button

:atk::atk: - Any two attack buttons

(Air OK) - Performable while airborn

(Air) - Exclusively performable while airborne

(OTG) - Hits prone opponents

(Level 3) - Costs 3 meter bars to perform


? Shuma-Gorath has an air dash. It is not 8-way; you can only dash back and forth.
? He has 950,000 HP, which is just a bit below average.


Stone Smash: (Air) :s:
Eye beam: :f: + :h:
Upwards eye beam: (Air) :u: + :h:


[COLOR=blue]Mystic Stare:[/COLOR] :b: (Charge) :f: + :atk:
Mystic Smash: (Air OK) :qcf: + :atk:
Mystic Ray: :d: (Charge) :u: + :atk:
Devitalization: :hcb: + :atk:


Hyper Mystic Smash: (OTG) :dp: + :atk::atk:
Hyper Mystic Ray: (OTG) :qcb: + :atk::atk:
Chaos Dimension: (Level 3) :qcf: + :atk::atk:


? - (OTG) :h: Mystic Ray
? - :l: Mystic Stare
? - :l: Mystic Smash

Special thanks to:

? Jocelot, for getting all the info regarding Shuma-Gorath’s commands and assists off the game guide while it was still unreleased.
? YouTube user Corneliab, for leaking Shuma-Gorath’s theme song.

I knew Shuma would make the cut! I’m hyped…

So OP, gonna be able to keep up? Don’t piss off the one eyed tentacle lovers.

You can count on that. I am a one-eyed octopus lover myself and wouldn’t allow this thread to not be worthy of the title.

So, assuming this thread doesn’t get locked down, I hereby subject myself to the obligation of keeping the first topic updated whenever there is news. You hear me, Preppy?

Here you go, its Shuma Gorath Official Art

Pretty cool that they added spikes onto him naturally. I know he gets spikes when he does Mystic Bash. I wonder if that will transition into the game. Also a query for those that know more. Is there any character that is completely charged based in this game? I am not sure if Hulk’s Gamma Charges are still used with charge. Asking since Shuma was all charged based minus hypers. Will be the only like that. Hope that changes and he gets some new moves!

Oh hell yes. Shuma Gorath’s b-boy pose all day.

Wow, where’d you get this?

That’s going on the first post.

Capcom-Europe.com posted the character art. I’m kind of suprised the art for these two is showing up before She-Hulk and Zero, but it definitely confirms the characters. Should have no problem convincing Preppy with that.

Dude, if official Jill artwork has showed up, maybe you should consider trying again.

Hope Preppy sees it that way. I mean, the Dormammu thread was around since LONG before we even knew that he was going to be a regular character.

On the other hand, that artwork kicks ass! Maybe the GameStop “leak” was intentional? o.0

Man… today is a joyful day.

No, it says it we have to wait 4 weeks.

I’m happy, i’ve been hoping for him since day 1. Now just make Heisen Ko show and that’s some shit!

making Shuma DLC is a good move. He doesn’t fit into the storyline at all, but DLC makes that a moot point.

yay Shuma!

What do y’all particularly like about Shuma?

he’s a big one eyed octopus and has aot of possibilities regarding his moveset. Yeah his moveset in MvC2 was… lacking, but it was still pretty fun and I always enjoyed using him.

Also, his LvL. 3 in MvC2 was always a riot to pull off.

Many many people wanted Shuma in, glad you guys got him. And actually, he looks cool to me.

MvC just doesn’t seem right without weird characters.

Chaos dimension!

Because in Marvel continuity, he’s one of the biggest cosmic threats to ever exist. Plus, Chaos Dimension.

He has a big eye.