Guy's Pressure game

Ok don’t have alot of time to make this thread but here we go. When im playing against people and doing well they just start jumping up and back and it totaly throws my game off and I usually end up loosing the round when that happens… anyone have a similar experience/way to deal with this shit? its killing me and making me wana stop playing guy.

If they jump back, eventually they will end up in the corner - thats when you try and keep them there and chip away at them slowly. Otherwise i tend to use this to catch people that try and jump out of your block strings: c.lp target combo mp bushin flip.

This should put you back right up in their face if they block and if you score a counterhit then its another combo opportunity. If they try and jump away the mp flip will grab them right out of the air. Becareful as this setup loses to characters that can sit back and c.hp all day and you could easily get dp’d if they have the reactions. I find also some people generally mash on throw after a blocked bushin flip elbow, so becareful there as the stun on the elbow isnt that great.

if you notice them jumping back often, you can do target combo to run>overhead & juggle with an ex.hozanto or hk.tatsu if in the corner.

theres a counter to everything buddy

tc xx run overhead… they jumped they get hit in the air and you dont even need ex meter to juggle if your in the corner… hk tatsu will 3 times if you 2 times with run overhead. if you hit once with overhead hk tatsu will hit 4 times. same damage almost if im not mistaking.

i like to hit them and do damage <3 and if they jump i jump after them until they cant jump anymore and then i hit them !

I like what you guys are saying, but its impossible to keep in someones face the entire match, you are gonna eat a reversal DP or something similar at one point or another. When that happens, people just start jumping back till they get in the corner, and I’ve got about a fraction of a second when they are on the ground to do something about it. The rest of the time they are in the air waiting to stick out a normal at me if i get close.

lol try playing against a run away Guy. My god, his wall bounce makes him impossible to catch him. And he’ll randomly drop down and then bounce back up with ex. tatsu to catch me when i’m jumping in. -_- grrrrr but yes, i suffer from the same problem as TC and i love the advice being given :slight_smile:

Well bait out the reversal and make him pay hard either you will win with time out or he will change his tune, these are things you got to read as you are playing. Also some Izuna drops work well.

i know the ex izuna had invincibility, but after looking at the hit boxes it looks like it only covers the area level and below guy’s waist. So if im rising up, and they are coming down with, lets say Ken’s roundhouse kick in the air, will the invulnerability protect me or will i still eat the kick since its not in guys izuna drop hitbox?

  1. Ignore what samkiken said about ‘chipping’ away at your opponent when they’re in the corner. If you apply a proper mix up game, they will eat each and every hit.

  2. If you are doing proper combos when you’re pressuring them, then they don’t get the chance to jump back even if they’re blocking. If you’re trying to combo and they are jumping back then your timing on the combos is wrong so they aren’t stuck there.

  3. Like the said before if they’re just jumping back use the run over head, or just dash to where they’re going to land. Chances are if it is a shoto you’ll bait a dp, and if not you’ll get them trying to throw you.

  4. When you apply run stop pressure and the like, it all depends on scaring your opponent to the point that they feel safer simply sitting there and blocking, because they feel like if they press anything else they’ll just get hit.

  5. It felt weird leaving it at 4, so I had to make a 5.

To add to Shine’s post. If they are in the corner, and if you’re opponent is jumpy, Just remember you have NJ HP, HK and I may want to consider learning how to do a TK Izuna, Backwards and Neutral wise. To try and counter there jump away cause at any position you should be open for a cross up :slight_smile:

Just throwing that in there.

just punch dem in da mouf ! >=D

ive been thinking about Shizza’s advice in the front page column and i think that may be the key. I tend to end my TC1 with a lp Hoz, sending my opponent flying and giving him some breathing room (not to mention all the times when the second hit of the TC doesn’t even connect). If i substitute that with a mp-> run-mk to keep them in a position where i can control them, i’ll be sacrificing damage but maintaining offensive pressure.

Ending in lp hoz, recover, run->stop… lets you do more damage and bait something… and if something doesn’t come… maintain pressure. Or you could go for a cross up after the lp hoz KD. If they never do something in response to your run->stops… do run slides and run overheads…

Hoz then run->wtver… doesn’t give breathing room… they just have to pick… do I block high, block low, OS against slide, OS against overhead… If you run->stop->block… all their options hurt them. If you run->slide 50% of their options hurt them… 50% hurt you… same with run overhead. So as long as you are run->stop->blocking half the time roughly and mixing it up… run pressure is entirely in guys favor after a KD. Add onto this that you can actively see how they are trying to OS your options or how often they block… and temper KD pressure further into your favor.

Then tac on run->stop->bushin flip… run->stop->x-up jumping… run->stop->fake x-up jump in… or any of these options with no run stop beforehand… or 2 runs stops before hand… eh? Guy loves knock downs almost as much as he loves cornering you… and ending in hoz also helps with that… knocks em a full screen distance back toward the corner.

Now… that doesn’t mean you are onto something bad… but its more of a technique to open up someone blocking than something you’d often want to cut short your combos for…

For run stop pressure without a KD… what you’ll have a lot more luck with… is cr.lp, cr.lp,, run->stop, cr.lp… onto wtver attack string. Can replace the lp’s with lk’s and you get a bit more reach but the link is a lot harder. Mix this up by also doing… cr.lp, cr.lp,, run->slide. This keeps them blocking during your run->stops for fear that you’ll slide instead.

Hit up youtube and check out kiryu matches… no other guy I’ve seen is so good at pressuring using runstop with no KD…

Pretty standard intermediate guy play.

Good points. Also we played a bit ago, me you, and K1. I think I got you with my Ryu? Or Abel? But that was after you kicked my butt in a guy mirror match. ^_^;

Even when you’re not doing pressure if they jump back a lot bushin flip will catch them.
If you land you can combo into super or ultra, or some other moves in the corner if you only hit them with one hit of the
And tatsu beats back jumps easily too, and can also combo into super in the corner.
You can even use ex hozanto to catch them on the way down too.

if they are jumping back they can easily beat out your bushin flip with a roundhouse.

Depending on the timing yeah but if you time it right you’ll get them before they can attack you.
If you use bushin flip early or about the same time it works pretty well.

I say Izuna Drops work best to keep jump happy mofo’s grounded a bit more, but I know sometimes in the rare case in the online world people don’t play intelligently and you eat alot of random stuff, and no matter how many times you punish them they don’t stop doing weird things lol.

i like the idea of using ex bushin on the way down izi, gonna go vie that a shot. Ive done an izuna drop here or there, but I still can’t seem to land them whenever i want.