Guy Plays 3S with no limbs

Pretty inspiring video of a guy playing SA2 Ryu with no hands or legs. Definitely reminds me to be more appreciative of things I seem to forget about or take for granted.

Someone just visited Eventscrubs.

Props to the guy but would have been nice to see him play human players.

Also, would like to see him play Brolylegs in a MM.

he plays on ggpo as “handi”.

I’ve played him years ago couple of times. Very surprising indeed.

I can’t imagine how it’s like being born like that. I have issues with joints myself which was the main reason why I stopped playing 3s recently. Can’t imagine how it’s like playing without limbs. Or just life itself.

Great story worth showing again. A lot of love for handi :slight_smile:

Do you think his disability ever comes in handi?

When the guy told me about his situation a few years ago on ggpo, I honestly thought he was just trolling. Props to the guy though. Fuck what anybody else thinks, guy is an inspiration.

See, I told you guys 3S was less executionally convoluted than SFIV.

That’s awesome! His movement is fantastic as well.

Downvote for not being able to mark an admin as troll =P

it’s always amazing to see people with severe disabilities figure out ways to do what they like. props to Handi.

Getting real tired of people calling things “inspiring”, just because they’re done by people with disabilities. You want to do something bad enough, you figure out a way. That’s not inspiration, that’s a fucking requirement of life.

BUT. Don’t mistake this for hating. Major props to the dude. It’s AWESOME to see people overcome challenges, just…not inspiring.

Let’s see him try Denjin next.

anyone who plays 3s is inspiring IMO

Eh…not sure what I’m supposed to take away from this.

err… how is overcoming seemingly demoralizing challenges not inspiring? i mean i can see how this might not fall under everyone’s definition of mindblowing obstacles, but why harsh someone’s inspiration? FUCK.

how about just take whatever it is at face value? if the fact that a guy plays video games with no hands or legs doesn’t sound remotely interesting, just go back to whatever amazingness your life must be filled with, and don’t say anything.

sorry for the rant, just already had my fill of bullshit today.

Really good seeing this, wish this guy could come out and teach me a thing or two. Hes a way better player than me and I have hands, this is inspiring.

Honestly thought he was gonna be a chun player, I can low forward super with my face, figured anyone could

Anyone remembers that guy who always win or at least place at the semi finals at Smash Bros Brawl who have no functional hands.
He plays on a game pad with his mouth and chin.

Indirectly to anything going on here.
It is cool he’s one of us in the sense that ok BrolyLegs wanted to play Daigo. But I might safely assume if given the choice, Handi would want to play Kuroda, much like all of us.

This one should be taken out to those:

“-get rid of the execution requirements and get right into the mindgames, those games I like, i wish more games were like that!”

but I don’t think people who say that will accept any 3s and it being the mindgames StreetFighter that doesn’t have to be about execution, but is never talked about how its the change your timing, and use all your options instead of just the same option in every mixup.

I don’t want the arguments as responses. Nobody needs to hear why you don’t play 3s. So I guess mods might have to watch this topic now where some Blankas might roll in here now and growl, roar at us.

Can I get a translator please?

Akuma-hax is a bender.