Guy Combo thread: Make em say Hya!

I was able to but I think it was just on counter hit and I link Cr.lpx2 but havent tried it yet

Guy has some awesome normals and it seems like he’ll have a badass amount of combos for any situation like Akuma. Problem is having to remember them all @_@

hey guys i know this might be a lot to ask for but can you guys BOLD the ‘opponent standing’ stuff so it’s a little easier to navigate? my eyes aren’t to good :slight_smile:

cr.lp is a great combo starter. within the first 5 mins of me playing with guy without visiting srk i was able to find:
cr.lp > cr.lp > xxx senpu(mk)
cr.lp > cr.lp > cr.lp(far) xxx run/slide

along with others posted, guy has some really good hit confim combos

quick question guys. How exactly have you guys been able to combo after the or cr.f? I’ve been trying and i get shit cause he is getting pushed back too far.

It’s kind of strange that this one does so much damage heh,
(Only works in corner)Focus attack crumple to Ninja Sickle to Ultra 1= 501 DMG

It’s character specific ( i know you can land cr.FP --> Target Combo --> hozanto on Deejay) but you can always get away with into ex. hozanto…

I’d like to know what ppl use as alternatives as well

edit: unfortunately you need that “perfect distance” which isn’t always practical.

damn. well it’s good to know anyway. I guess i’m going to be in the lab for a while learning all this as well as looking for new stuff. Anyone know what his kara grab is btw if he has one?

Is it not possible to juggle EX Houzanto after an air-to-air nj.HK(2 hits)?

QUestion, for the target combo into hurricane kick, does that have to be in the corner? Or can I get into the hurricane kick fast enough? Or do i have to FADC or something? Also, whats the go to BnB Combo do you guys think on wakeup, and what about jump ins combos? what’s our best option?

wait, if bushin combo is guy’s lp mp hp hk/hk throw, whats his “target combo”? I thought that WAS his target combo.

Don’t think so. Gave it a try though.

Target Combo is st.MP->st.HP.

whats the advantage of doing that over bushin combo? does mp hit crouchers? and can you do hk after hp?

Yeah, st.MP hits crouching. Can’t HK follow up after the HP. What you can do after the HP is run stop(block, backdash), LP Hozanto(to EX Hozanto on corner), LK/MK tatsu, slide all for combos. For starters. I’m sure the reset and mixups apply.

As for advantage, it’s one less hit being a jab so the chances of messing up are slim, damage, resets and what not. Anybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

^^^ dude, thanks much for that info. Ive been having trouble hitting with the bushin combo. cant wait to try it out today.

the bnb ive been using against just about everyone is:

st. hk cr. mp 4 hit target… then if i have meter ex hazonto for the extra push into the corner.

also cr. lp 4 hit target combo and same as above since its much easier to get.

Guy seemed awful when i saw him in vids and just started playing him but he is a fucking asshole in the corner and it seems like he can get you there for free. I mean who else can get you into the corner from the starting position off of a cr. lp and one ex stock :slight_smile:

My two cents:

cr.hp, target combo, ex hozanto - 276 dmg, 488 stun.

Close standing medium punch links into far standing medium punch.

Seems like it might be a good way to frame trap from jabs into hit confirmed combo.

For Bnb I’m thinking:

cr. LP (x2) St. MP>St.HPxxMK Hurricane kick (or LP hozanto).

Seems like the Bushin Target combo will be useful mainly for punishing but not so much as a BnB