Guy Combo thread: Make em say Hya!

Some Guy combos that where found out so far and thanks for the contribution guys

Here is a video link of some combos posted by JesusCopter [media=youtube]qUUr_09OzQQ[/media]

This is a combo video made by SaishuuKessen



A regular bnb combo.

cl. mk, cr.lp, target combo, lp hozanto, cr. lk, bushin combo, ex hozanto

cr.lp, s.hp- qcb lp or qbc pp, or qcb lk , mk, or kk, qcf k, mk

cr.lp, cr.lp,,s.hp- qcb lp or qcb mk or qcf k,mk,,,s.hp-…same as above, - qcb kk or qcf k,mk

cr,lp, cr.lp-…same as above

cr.lp, cr.lp, s.hp- qcb lp or qcb pp, qcb mk or qcb kk (size specific will post characters later)qfc k,mk bushin chain (opponent standing)

cr.hp s. mp- qcb pp or qcf k, mk - qcf k, mk qcb pp s.hp - qcb lp or pp, qcf k, mk (character specific)

This is so far what I have found I will post more later if I missed any Hopefully this will help.
Opponent Standing
j.RH>cl.RH>s.LP-s.MP-s.HP-s.HK>qcb.PP - 404 damage 650 stun or pp. Qcf.k-mk. Qcb-lk,mk,or kk(THE HP WHIFFS ON THESE CHARACTERS)


Cr.hp-Bushin Chain

Sagat,Abel,Gouken - ? st.hp-qcb,pp or lp, qcf k,mk (WORKS ON EVERY CHARACTER BUT THESE ARE THE ONES YOU CAN NOT HIT THE HP)

Does not works on=Ryu,Ken,Dan,Sakura,C.viper,Guile,Adon,Rose qcb,pp or qcf k,mk (WORKS ONLY ON THESE CHARACTERS)

Works on=Dudley,Seth,Cammy,Sagat,Abel,Dhalsim,Gief,RufusT.Hawk

**Combos for Crouchers **

j.RH>cl.HP>qcb.PP - 296 damage 560 stun

j.RH>cl.HP>qcb.LP - 264 damage 512 stun



Cr.hp-Bushin Chain

Abel,Gouken or pp. Qcf.k-mk. Qcb-lk,mk,or kk (THE HP HITS ON THESE CHARACTERS)


**Coner Combos **

j.RH>cl.HP>qcb.KK - 336 damage 560 stun

j.RH>cl.HP>qcb.MK - 320 damage 560 stun

j.RH>cl.HP>qcb.PP>qcb.KK - 401 damage 665 stun

j.RH > ninja sickle > ultra - 472 damage 616 stun

j.RH > ninja sickle > ex hozanto > ex tatsu - 401 damage 665 stun

j.RH>cl.RH>s.LP-s.MP-s.HP-s.HK>qcb.HK - 392 damage 630 stun

j.RH>cl.RH>s.LP-s.MP-s.HP-s.HK>qcb.KK - 416 damage 630 stun

Focus Attack combos

FA>cl.HK>s.LP-s.MP-s.HP-s.HK>qcb.PP 386 damage 562 stun or Qbc-k-mk


Neutral jump combo on crouching opponent

j.LP>cl.HP>qcb.PP 246 damage 410 stun

j.LP>cl.HP>qcb.LP 214 damage 362 stun

This is a good one that’s easy to do and does a lot of damage without meter

J.Hk - Cl.Hk - Cr.Mp - Mk. Tatsu (361 Damage, 620 Stun)

Looks like it’s character specific if they’ll get hit with 3 hits from the Tatsu or 2.

2 hits = 326 Damage, 585 Stun

I have posted this in the video thread, but since this is a combo thread (Created after i posted) i feel its more relevant here.


Heres the combos i used. And i am aware that guy has alot more stuff than this, some better that i hadnt discovered the day i went to make this.


cr.LP - cr.MP xx Run - MK (Slide) | 162 DMG

cr.LP - st.MP - st.HP - lp.Shoulder | 168 DMG

cr.LP - st.MP - st.HP - Run - MK (Slide) | 175 DMG

cr.LP - st.MP - st.HP - MK Tatsu | 217 DMG

cr.MP - st.MP - st.HP - Run - MK (Slide) | 225 DMG

cr.MP - st.MP - st.HP - Tatsu | 267 DMG (232 out of corner)

4 Hit Target Combo - HK tatsu | 268 DMG (corner only)


cr.LP - cr.LP - cr.MP xx Flip Grab (Wakeup Pressure / Blockstring)


cr.MP - st.MP - st.HP - EX Tatsu | 267 DMG

4 Hit Target Combo - EX Shoulder | 286 DMG

AA - Run - HK - EX tatsu | 320 DMG

4 Hit Target Combo (Throw Finish) - EX Tatsu | 316 DMG


cr.MP - st.MP - st.HP - LP-Shoulder - FADC - Ultra | 451 DMG (corner only, can be done on some chars wihout FADC)

4 Hit Target Combo - Ultra | 447 DMG (corner only)

(AA) Run - HK - Ultra | 472 DMG (corner only)

jp.HK - Ultra | 472 DMG


cr.MP - st.MP - st.HP - super | 407 DMG

4 Hit Target Combo xx Super | 424 DMG

jp.HP - st.HP - Super | 480 DMG

Please lets make this organized and concise! (should been “Profound Sadness!”…or the matchup thread…w/e) anyway, yeah please do keep that in mind! keep up the good work

some corner combos

j.RH > ninja sickle > ultra - 472 damage 616 stun
j.RH > ninja sickle > ex hozanto > ex tatsu - 401 damage 665 stun

Omg going to practice now!

Ooh nobody has this combo up there: > c.lp > > s.hp > qcb lp
If cornered - > c.lp > > s.hp > qcb lp > HK tatsu > c.lp > **FF combo
**FF combo is the bushin combo for those that don’t know

Any suggestions for what the ideal BnB combo starter should be? cr.LP? I’ve been doing cr.LK because of my cammy tendencies but it comes out way too slow it seems.

so, the bushin chain still as tedious as it was in Zero3?

What BnBs do you guys use? Would Cr. Lk x 3 into hurricane kick be a viable one?

Found this lol…

Focus LVL 3,QCF+P,P
(wait abit it will actually catch them as they collapse)

Also imo the combo starter should be either C.LK or S.RH(Close)

Though thats interesting i would say its only use is when u wanna make sure they die with no mistakes… wats that like 325 dmg yeh u can prob do more

Was just throwing it out there fun.

Also how exactly is trag hitting this?

Any ideas of how to combo U:1 midscreen?

You **don’t **they bounce to far back after the 2nd or 3rd hit.

Am I the only one having trouble doing Cr.lp into the target combo? I have so much trouble doing it off a cr. lp for some reason. Im talking about the 4 hit target combo btw

Well to answer the video question, they bounce back in the air and since its in the corner they bounce back nd float, and guy can continue to juggle and finish the ultra. You can actually ultra 1 midscreen if you fit these two requirements. Ur opponent needs to be about 2 squares away from the stage start point, from there you can bunshin chain FADC for sure into ultra dont know about honzaon fadc’s though, but im pretty sure if you can do it from bushin chain the target combo, hozanto will work because it pushes back further. Im more certain with the ex hozanto that jus burns 3 meters so i wouldnt use it even if it does work unless ur going for the win at that moment.

The timing is pretty funny on this. You would think you need to do it fast but if you slow down you’ll notice you connect it a lot more.

Has anyone been able to land any combo after command run xx overhead when the opponent is crouching ? Timing seems damn hard or it’s just not possible at all lol.

Here’s some I came up with…

cl. mk, cr.lp, target combo, lp hozanto

and, cr. lk, bushin combo, ex hozanto

do any of guy’s normals combo after the izuna elbow drop?