Guy AE v.2012 Changes Thread

So far confirmed changes…

• The hitbox on Guy’s Neutral Jump Hard Punch has been increased in size.

• Angled jump Medium Punch and angled jump Hard Kick have also received expansions to their hitboxes and hurtboxes. For the most part it will be easier to hit opponents beneath you now after these changes.

• The blog notes that when it says hitbox size increase, it mostly means they extended the bottom for each one.

• Guy’s ground throw range has been increased. The blog says that it’s now the same as Ryu’s.

• Elbow Drop (command normal version) can now be activated with the joystick in the down-back or down-toward position.

• If you choose not to perform an attack after the Izuna Flip, this includes the EX version, Guy’s landing recovery has been removed. This way you can choose to land right in front of the opponent to go for a normal throw, or try to bait out an attack to go for a counter.

• EX Hurricane Kick got a hitbox adjustment so that the opponent gets juggled into all of the hits easier. It no longer will easily whiff versus opponents who jump in, or specific characters who have a low crouch.

• Neck Flip was changed so the move won’t fly over opponents who are crouched in close proximity.

• His retreat speed has been sped up, which makes it easier to control distance with the opponent.

• Increased movement distance on Bushin Goraisenpujin (Ultra 1).
• Increased throw range on Bushin Muso Renge (Ultra 2).

Removed recovery on flip throw I think people are underestimating…it has allot of possiblities and I think improves Guys rushdown immensely…


All this is in the guy wishlist 2012 discussion thread.

Hence the title Wishlist thread that people are making suggestions as to what they want…this thread is what is confirmed…

the landing recovery isnt removed, only reduced… but should be significant enough to do empty izuna jumps into throws or ex senpukyaku… probably similar to dictator’s empty devil reverse/head stomp… now its 26f recovery on landing, empty devils reverse is 16f recovery… maybe like that.

but yeah, its gonna be a bitch to fight the improved guy, its already annoying to fight him now lol

the increased movement distance of U1 is probably so that you can be a little bit more further away from the corner to FADC in to Ultra. Throw range of U2 was really bad so i really like the buff to that

I would have liked to have seen more buffs honestly but we’ll see…

Pretty much this. Rather than having 2 separate threads discussing the same thing it’d be better to use this one. I guess we can bump the other when they release AE 2013.

Increased movement distance of ultra 1 sounds like it will be able to punish fireballs (and other things) a lot more easily. I hope they ACTUALLY buffed U2 range, because i kept hearing they buffed it in AE when they actually didn’t. I’m content with the buffs for Guy. They fixed a few issues that needed attention and as long as it’s a step forward, I will be in my happy place.

I know that, was just letting you know everything was already listed in that thread! This one is more direct it was just fyi

God yes more buffs. that run>overhead issue about going over the opponent being fixed makes his pressure that much more solid and less recovery on air throw landing increases his options to get in on em. glad to be a guy player even when he was flimsy in super XD

Just as I was letting you know that this thread is more direct than the other one when it comes to his confirmed changes…no biggie.

i’m thinking the distance covered buff on u1 will make it easier to punish the better backdashes in the game and also put you right on top the character after a fadc’d hozonto that isn’t in the corner yet , but about to be. Probably gonna make bushin chain fadc > U1’s that aren’t in the corner yet less needed as well… guess we’ll see.

any distance buff on u2 is great. i’ll take it.

Neck Flipping over the Vega’s , Cammy’s , Sakura’s , etc. of the world was so annoying…another mixup option that should have been there from the start. better late then never.

Better jump ins… for what jump in MP looks like… it should be a better tool air to ground… J.HK doesn’t stuff much either… hopefully they are fixed to that extent.

Kara Grab is gonna be pretty damn good now in pressure mixups.

Back speed for reasons already noted is nice.

fixed ex tatsu is great … hated akuma , seth , gouken and e.ryu falling through me… especially when they had meter.

i think this fits in the category of buffed for current players liking … but not enough to cause a bandwagon like cody and juri hype , which is great. He still doesn’t have anything to abuse and you still need skill to accel with him.

only things i would’ve have liked were ex hozanto projectile invincibility on startup like deejay’s ex sobat , midscreen U1 off bushin chain , and cr.rh > 1 frame link on counter hit. But then that would make him a much more viable character for tier whores.

if you hit on the last frame of Cr rh i think on CH it leaves guy at +4

So as far as im concerned they didnt fix his main problem. The fact that basically every character in the game has a move that guy literally can not him them with jumping attack wise. Besides a as late as possible jump HK. Again I really think this is just the fact people aren’t use to it, or something. Because really he has no cross up what so ever that can hit, bushin flip, elbow stuff whatever is usless. There is nothing to bait with any of this because all the guy has to do is mash on low, there sweep, there duck mk to combo punish whatever…

Giving jump hk and jump mp bigger hit boxes seems pretty moot. Especially the fact that that it said that the moves now have bigger hurt boxes as well. There already pretty substantial as it is. I guess at the end of the day you don’t do a move to get hit out of it anyway. But seriously? Whats the point of this, the fact that hit boxs for guy himself are gonna get bigger may very well make this even worse. Of course when do you jump in with these moves per say anyway besides for a combo, or safe jumpish situation…

Reading the blog the empty bushin stuff is sketchy. I don’t read a lot of japanese for games so im unfamiliar with the terms they use. 削減 is more cut/reduced then taking away recovery period from a move. But they then go on to talk about it like it is. Which seems…silly/sketchy… Because why give examples of mix up, where you can actaully just be hit when you land anyway… Whatever the case you still have to land which means going through the whole slow flip. While the other guy can just mash on duck mk, duck hk, whatever it is and they cant be hit. And of course even IF you somehow landed and tried to go for a DP. Don’t forget that most characters actaully can also duck under guys hurricane kick. Or at least have a single move that besides EX cannot beat.

At the end of the day probably more usefull for say… After you hit a dude with a shoulder or something that sends them flying so now you just hp bushin flip to get up in there junk easier, situations like that where they are waking up.

Seems like they didn’t do anything with his grounds normals sadly. Id have hoped they would fix that target combo. Another half ass changed last version. They made it so now it hits characters that are ducking. But only if they are blocking, and still misses all the time if on actually hit. Meh…

Maybe there will be some unlisted changes though like last time. Didnt list that guys duck lk has shorter range, and even though guys close stand hk has a bigger hit box, it strangely no longer works on ducking characters for combos like it did vs some before. Go figure…

Here’s a video showing off some of the location tests. A match between a Guy and a Cody player starts at the 4:15 mark. Doesn’t really show off anything new. I may just be crazy, but the game looks a bit faster. It might just be Cody’s walkspeed and Guy’s back walkspeed that give that off, but everything just seems a bit faster.

Also at around 5:36 the Guy player walks back a bit, so you can see the new walkspeed.


another video of guy’s changes in ae2012. this one shows off his back walkspeed more clearly. in the 3rd round around the 3:00 mark… he walks back a good distance. it’s definitely noticeable that his back walk is a lot faster. there’s also a number of instances throughout the match where guy walks back causing ken’s crouch tech to whiff. i’m really liking the back walkspeed buff so far. i plan on murdering people with whiff punishes a lot more now.

5:10 > I´ll say is not equal as forward walk, but pretty pretty close.
Cody walkspeed is increased slightly, but he’s clearly not as fast as Guy, even Super Guy.

Sadly, in this videos he didn’t go for a empty izuna. So far I don’t k about recovery on landing :/.

In this one, however, he walk around much much more. You can tell he’s a much faster character now.
No spectacular buffs, but now you can have some solid confidence in your characrer at least. I want to put that walkspeed at work ASAP. :_D

Deleted for too much trolling

Meh he’s a bit better and more reliable now, but when comparing some other character’s buffs, I kinda wish he would get more. He’s still a mid tier character, especially with all the other characters getting some nice buffs. I’m sure you can get far with him in a tourney setting but I doubt he will win anything major. You still gotta work really hard with him and a lot of wins will come from opponents not knowing the matchup. This is just what I believe but maybe he will turn out better then we think.


I see you have no idea what your talking about, if you think you can just elbow to beat low moves etc etc. I suggest you actaully test thing, or play people that know what they are doing. LK hurricane does not beat lows… are you serious? EX hurricane kick yea can beat stuff but again its also can not hit the same lows that people can use to beat all your jump ins. You can use it to go under… And no his cross up can not hit a character mashing a low profile move. There is no iffs about this. You litterally can not hit them. I use to have a list of every single character with all there moves that guy can not hit them with… Maybe ill try to find it… Whatever the case ill just stop there, I suggest you actaully try some of these things or play people that actaully know what they are doing vs guy.

I’m not a Guy main, but I still play Guy to some extent.

In all honesty, so far in the game I have NOT seen a single jumping cross-up attack that HITS low profile moves. If the opponent did the move too early maybe cuz the hurtbox may get extended upwards after active frames end, but besides that, no.

dj.HK’s hitbox/hurtbox extending downwards will hopefully relieve you of your concern about all of Guy’s normals whiffing on low profile moves as you wrote in your 1st paragraph. Plus Guy is not the only character who can get all the jump-ins countered with low profile move alone anyways. Not jumping or empty jumping and block/focus seems to be a pretty good option.

Again, I don’t play Guy as a main, so please correct me if there is something wrong there.