Gutter Trash 3, a UK 3S tourney to be held at the Heart of Gaming, 11 October

Promotional poster by Dominic Mayer (

So yeah, a new tournament. Here’s some info:

In case anyone needs reminding of what happened at previous Gutter trashes, here’s a highlight reel:

Gutter Trash 1 1v1 and 2v2 Top 8s:


Gutter Trash 2 2v2 Grand Final:


I read you’re expecting even more entries this time?

I don’t have the exact figures, as I’m not the one organising the tournament, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be more entrants. There’s also going to be very good seeding because of the new League of Gentlemen system (where players get seeding points from previous UK and one France 3rd Strike events), so you can expect fantastic matches all the way out of the first couple of rounds.

hey how in the fuck do you guys get 80000+ views. That is some crazy shit.

I’m looking forward to getting bodied.

are sign ups still open for the 32 man one?

Looking forward to this as well! Btw, I’m thinking about bringing a dreamcast for some cvs2/mvc2/vs casuals in between the 3s-action, dig it?

Yes, the tournaments are uncapped so please sign up

The Arcade has all of those games on request, no need to bring a a Dreamcast!

Great to know that the 3s scene is still going strong. The GOAT SF game.

How come you won’t answer my question. I want to be able to get 80000+ views for super arcade sessions.

I ignored the question because I have no idea what you’re talking about. 80,000 (eighty thousand) views… of what?
It can’t be the YouTube uploads of anything related to Gutter Trash, since those are in the low thousands. I did some quick maths and if you put the views of all the vids together (counting both highlight reels of the first tournament), it only comes up to about 18,500.

Anyway, if you want tons of views for a game you are playing, go play Dota or some shit at Super Arcade, instead of 3S or literally any other fighting game. Then you’ll be sure to get those eSports numbers you so desperately crave.

Dander you’re like a creepy movie villain who keeps asking the same question even tho no one knows the answer ._.

I recall your last tournament having something like 85000 views. Maybe it was 8500. What a way to answer a innocuous question.

Btw, pink is for girls.

You mean the Youtube videos yeah? Basically you need a hype commentator and some hype-ish moments (not too hard at any level of 3s) to make the moments seem more hype, then you need to compile the clips in a short video and bandy them around the internet. The compilation video went viral via Reddit and a separate video of Ryan Hart red parrying MGB was featured on Event Hubs.

Also pink is proper manly!

@Deemo‌ You know on the sign up page it says it’s for the June edition of Gutter Trash, is it still cool to sign up?

I’m pretty sure everyone who has already signed up for GT3 has used that page, so it’s cool. I’ll contact the guy running it though to see if he can fix it.

Yeah just an error. The page will be fine to sign up on

Also join for more info

PS don’t let the frenchies win. :slight_smile:

Haha we’ll try! unfortunately the more active UK players are fairly new to the game (myself included) where as the more experienced UK players are either semi retired or don’t enter for whatever reason, it’s really cool that we have so many new players but hopefully we’ll see some more of our better players enter this time and can stop the french :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed watching this 3S tourney last time it was running. There isn’t enough 3S love anymore.