Gundam Battle Assault 2

I was just wondering if this game was or can be played in a competitive fashion. If it was not played competitively I would like to know why it was not played. If it was played, why did it die?

Any game can be competitive. All you need is those who are interested in the game. GBA2 is a really good solid fighter. I have played this for a while, but I’ll have to play again as I erased my game save by mistake.

such a great game. give me either HeavyArms or DeathScythe and i’m set. :smiley:

Oh my god I still got a copy laying around somewhere, just remember to ban Dark Gundam

If you’ve got like a Gameshark or something, you could simply use codes to replace the retarded boss characters with the hidden characters.


besides dirt last tier, I thought the top tier dominate majority of the cast.

Basically. HA and DS ran the game.

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I’ve had a copy of BA2 for several years but never played it seriously-as of late I’ve become proficient enough at fighters to give this title another go. How would one gain a competitive interest in this title?

Start posting videos of high lvl play, competitions, guides, tier lists, move lists, strats, etc. Thats the basis, from there the people will start noticing this game and saying ‘hey, this game has more depth than what I thought!’.

If some of you are interested I might do some videos of GBA2 when I get the chance. However, I have a logitech camera that is not to fancy, so image quality might not be the best. I finally have all the characters unlocked, so I can mess around and stuff.

So what are some of the things that make Devil Gundam banned? I’m not too familiar with the character.

Unblockable laser zoning and no hitstun. Because of no hitstun, all 4 of the large class bosses are unusably powerful since they can mega special on reaction to any noticeable attack.

This game actually saw some type of play? LOL I just had fun doing crazy things with gundams.

man i always had fun in this game i liked to play as heavyarms and epyon… if i felt like being a cheaty face (i was pretty young at the time ) id pick hydra =P id definitely be into some high level vids etc… maybe we could even get this up to side even status at decent events =P

this looks awesome. we need a modern 2d mech fighter

They need to make a proper sequel for the PS3/360. There is a Gundam game similar to this for the iphone under the name ‘Gundam Fighting Spirits’. Shouldve been better…and for better consoles;

that phone game looks dope!

Man, seeing this thread made me want to play it really badly.

I really wish it had a training mode, but VS 2P with dummy works too.

aka when battle ass was still good.

So I tried this game, and I don’t understand it.

Anything on basics? Should I use my stick, or is pad OK for this game?

This game was my favorite fighter of all time until AH3 came along…I remember all those years grinding this game in elementary school ;_;. Heavyarms was bullshit on Street Mode and the Maxter vs Big Zam made me cry!!