Guilty Gear XX Slash Thread...Seen the Matches?

I’ve been seeing alot of Slash matches on and it includes the following matches:
Holy Order Sol vs. Johnny
Anji vs. Slayer
Bridget vs. May

It has made me decide to make a thread since I am a very good fan of the GG series. All in all it looks the same but some backgrounds have parts of the day changed. Slayer’s gloomy midnight stage has some sunlight going through it. The Jap’s (Baiken, Anji, Chipp) stage went through ANOTHER change. Its more colorful than X and X2/#R. X: too much red/orange, X2: damn, what happened to the red??? I goes into something like midday or something like that.

Everyone’s got one new move. Chipp gets an extra teleport command while Ky gets an Aerial Charge Stun Edge…although good…it kinda sucks. FRC points are now as crazy as ever. Sol’s FRC points stay in tact but Chipp has a Camo(214K) FRC point…WTF is up with that. The first and second part of the Fireball attack should have FRC points. Its good to use less tension on BnBs.

And its official…no more dust loop…no save your tears…it was bound to happen someday…

Sidewinder loop FTW.

Sol is even cheaper.

And we even get a NEW version of Sol who is the king cheese!

Haha, suck it Sol-hating scrubs.

that new move that johhny has almost made me jump out of my chair.

Heard he was based on a level up system which makes him even MORE DEEPER than what the videos shows him to be.

Level up system isn’t THAT deep, it just gives him a means to make his specials stronger than they need to be.

He is ultra-fast and has a lower jump than everyone else, making him a rushing monster.

Most of his specials are way too fast as well.

He has most of Normal Sol’s best normal attacks, too.

God I love this game.

Usually the videos didn’t show that much deepness in HO Sol’s character. Overdrives is one thing that they didn’t show although overdrives are extinct in some of the minds of our expert GG players but not mines.

Besides, seeing HO Sol in action makes me wanna play with Sol again. Strange. Man I can’t wait till this thing comes out.

I want more ABA matches!! I’ve only seen one but she gets raped by sol in that vid.

I’ve seen that one. ABA is a little too complicated for me to play with but I heard that makes her the most deeply compared out of all of the posessed people(Eddie, Zappa)

But HO Sol is going places…he’s that raw!

did anyone else notice in one of the vids the images are inverted? that’s pretty funny. inverted combo counter etc. :smiley:

i wonder who’s gonna counter HOS. robo ky had his counters.

Yeah. The Slayer vs. Anji match was the best inverted match on the site. And yes, its kinda funny.
HO Sol cannot be countered! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The one your thinking of is Holy-Order Sol. Regular Sol has no Level up system.

HOS looks buff, but I don’t think any of us can assure how good he actually is. He’s most probably better than regular Sol, but that doesn’t really warrant him as high-tier.

From the buzz, it still seems like Dizzy and Johnny are at top (like the earlier beta testing indicated).

HO Sol seems similar to the first Guilty Gear Sol.

I don’t expect anyone to know that there was a first Guilty Gear though.

There’s already a thread about this:

There are about 19 match vids on Dustloop, which had the 3 vids combovideos has first.


second that beetches…

That was the one I was thinking about. And yes, he seems to be a helluva lot better than a regular Sol. What really seperates him from the rest of the group is a very small jump.

Oh and Chipp players rejoice, he is now officially A+ tier according to beta tests although I really don’t give a damn about tiers. Just wanted to post that up.

Erm, he plays nothing like the GG1 Sol.
Just because he can charge up, he plays like a GG1 Sol? Um… you couldn’t Charge Cancel like you could with HO Sol nor did Sol have such moves like HO Sol does.

Who said that Chipp is A??

I mean, he has a lot more attack options with new moves and FRC’s and what-not (Gamma Blade off a normal throw is the worst idea ever, btw) but that hardly means that he’s a strong character. He’s moved up couple of ranks, probably… but from what I’ve been reading on Japanese BBS nobody’s mentioned Chipp as high tier.

Tiers on they said.
The only new move I heard of was 22D teleport in which appears behind your opponent. I’m not saying this will probably be the only new move that he has but more FRC points give him a slim up advantage on the tier list. Fireball and Sweep move said to have FRC points to them.

I hope they take away some of chipps changes cuz he got to much, personaly I dont even think he was the worst guy in reload shrug.