Guilty Gear Slash

Hey whats up guys. I was on yesterday paroosing around and i saw something that caught my eye. There is an option on the right hand side to pre-order Guilty Gear Slash on PS2. They are saying that they will have the game in stock and ready to ship on April 13. Is this info accurate? I havent heard anything about a release date that is why i am asking. If this has already been discussed an i missed it, my bad. Thanks guys.

yes, it’s accurate. and i think there’s a GG: SLASH thread somewhere around here…

yeah it is

**** yeah i placed an order myself and the game is subject to be released in japan on april 13th can’t wait.

Its been stated officially that it comes out April 13th in Japan.

Rumor has it that it will come to america Dec 2006, but even then, I’m not exactly sure if thats true or not.

Definitely gotta check it out!:wgrin:

Preordered it sometime ago and definitely looking forward to it too. I was pretty glad it was pretty cheap for an import ($50 about).

Well, Sega did complain (or someone) about the lack of features the console version will have. So they decided to cheapen it down.

I hope that one feature is in there and not just a mis-translation.
The feature I’m talking about allows you to pick any song before the match. In order words you can hear No Mercy without having to have GGX mode on, or having Sol vs Ky fight.

That would be cool, i’d put in Still in the Dark for Millia vs. Eddie. I also liked Fatal Duel for same character matches.

Makes sense, Sammy’s pulling a VF4:Evo. That would be cool, Id change some themes around too, especially Robo-Ky’s… Random ambient noises as a them is quite lame.

will the US version be on PS2 or XCocks?

I’ve only seen previews and box art of Slash for ps2, but then again, look what happened to GGX#R and SF:AC…

anniversary? that came out on both…

but yeah, i’m asking because of reload… that pissed me off… fucking import shops cost too much

I actually meant that SF and GG were popular on the ps2 then they made those games for xbox after they became popular. But yeah, dude, reload pissed me off also, now I’m stuck with GG Isuka, which I rarely touch.

#R only came out on Xbox because Microsoft funded a Japanese port to try and attract Japanese gamers to the original Xbox, and then Majesco (RIP) licensed the Xbox port for other territories. Given how little #Reload seems to have helped the Xbox in Japan, I doubt Microsoft would try doing it again - although they need to do something to get the 360 going over there before the Mistwalker games finally come out.

Microsoft really, really needs to buy a big Japanese game company. SNK would be a great acquisition, as would Sammy - getting a big foot in the door would make it so easy for Microsoft to get into the hearts and minds of Japanophiles worldwide. And it would make a hell of a lot more sense than buying Rare…


both i don’t mind… both i’m cool with

BUT WTF, all they’d have to do is change the language, and honstly, it’s just win taunts and such… the menus and mission descrpiptions are in english…then change the region, and BOOM, done… wtf, wouldn’t cost a really large amount…

Its an unofficial date.
If anything, it would possibly goto Xbox 360 (seeing as how Xbox 1 is no longer being made and just left in the dust by Microsoft).

And Sammy isn’t really pulling a VF:Evo.
Its more like there pulling a Tekken 5 DR 1.3, or something retarded like that.

any word on how much the game is with shipping charges?

and ps2 for the states, or just that system that blew up in people’s faces? is selling it for $49.99 - You get a set of shipping options, I chose one that totals up to $55 (rounding up to the dollar). As I said before, quite cheap thus making me happy.

damn, hot

JnL game trade in chinatown wanted $79 for pre order… down payment… fuck that