Guile tactics: whatever you need too know ask

Any combos or how to land a certain super ask me and i will unveil the secrets :cool:

“whatever you need too know ask”

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anyways, what’s guile’s most damaging combo? not that i really use this guy, but still felt obligated to ask a question…

2 things i wanna ask
1: how can i land effectively his crossfire blitz in a AC i do the whole magic series and xx to super but it connect sometimes and sometimes not

2 i saw this awesome guile combo at the meikyosisui vol. 6 vid
i was wondering if this godlike combo is possible:eek: ?

thanx in advance:D

  1. do it faster… it’s mainly practice… after a while, u’ll get it like mags… hypergrav,xxtempest… u just need to develop the timing for yourself.

  2. do you mean…

sonic boom, jump in, sonic boom, c.lp, c.lp+gief, sonicboom, c.lp, s.lp, sonic boom, c.lp, s.hp, sonicboom, dash,, s.lp, s.hp+juggs, sonicboom, dash, c.lp, c.lp, sonicboom, c.lp, s.hp, sonicboom, xxqcf+pp

that one right? should be possible… i don’t see any glitches in that one, but i don’t know how to get the lp right after the sonicbooms.


does guile have an infinite and if so do you know it?

Do you have any simpler combos/juggles? Something similar D+HK, then his Kick Super?

Does he have a combo that’s easier to do than:

c.l,, c.hp, SJ, sj magic, qcf+kk?

And does more damage? (That one does a hell of a lot, for how easy it is to do.)

Is Guile Remy’s father?

what is…??

what is guiles infi??

I know one sort of god like Guile combo, but you can have a lot of variations to it, and once they get hit by the first super they can’t get out of it. It’s all about the timing though, and they CAN roll out of this setup, so be warned.
dash f, c.wp, c.wk.,, only one hit, wait to do the super when their back is on the ground, qcb+kk and if you pulled this off right they should launch up off an invisible blade at the very end flying sky high, now the trick is is you gotta catch them before they hit the ground, so you do a s.wk, c.hp, and you can go into a 5 hit air combo to a qcf+kk, or you can do a s.wk, qcf+pp, I’ve seen a video where a guy went into like 3 qcf+kks, catching every time, but I’m not able to pull that off so experiment, you might find some cool things.

dumb question but wuts up wit the sonic boom I see ppl doing like 6 at a time and shit, is there a short direction to go like how on cvs2 instead of charging back u can just hcf+lp? the mvc2 engine is supposed to be able to do 14 sonic bs in 6 sec? I dont ever play him but would be some useful info to know

i dont know if it is possible to continue the combo but it goes…

(corner) launcher…jab(pause)…short(pause)…fp…fk…land c.short…launcher…

i cant seem to be able to jump again after the second launcher…if it is not possible…how can i successfully combo something after landing the c.short??

krazykraka-u can’t “re-launch” once they hit the ground from something like that.

Cthulhu32-yea it pretty easy similar to charlie’s except guile’s hair flys them into the air,guile’s version is harder and u have alot of variations but alot of peopl are able to roll out as you mentioned