Guile tactics: whatever you need too know ask

well…i posted the combo sort of wrong…the c.short b4 the launcher should be a short right above the character thats laying on the ground…so the short knocks them off the ground a bit just in time for guile to land and do a launcher…but ive been trying this out a bit and i dont think its possible to jump again…


what are the properties of guile and charlie’s AAA ? any difference between the two ? could I use one of them as a reliable instant AAA when I’m getting RTFD ?:slight_smile:

Guile’s AAA has a more diagonalish angle, while Charlie’s is pretty much diagonal. Plus, Guile’s flash kick tends to miss triangle jumpers; Charlie’s nails them dead on. Conversely, Guile’s flash kick stuffs ground rush clean whereas someone can CROUCH close to Charlie’s flash kick and it’ll whiff entirely.

Which one is better depends on what exactly you want in your team. Personally, I prefer Guile, but Charlie has his uses too.

Seeing as I dont have a console MVC2, or an arcade cabinet handy, what does more damage, Sonic Hurricane or Somersault Justice? For DHC purposes, at least.

Sonic Hurricane

Is there anyway to land his super move after a sumersault in midair ?? (after full air combo)

A Sonic Hurricane at a certain point after Captain America’s Final Justice really pisses people off that you’re playing :frowning:

somewhat needless guile info

you can do the tiger knee motion(i think it might be the tiger knee…d.df.f.uf.u.3xkick) to do his air super…it comes out really fast kinda like cable’s ahvb…it sumtimes catches people off guard…

I am a newb when it comes to Guile so here is a newb question.
Sometimes I catch people off guard by tiger kneeing his QCF+KK super. Can tiger kneeing this be mastered or comboed in any reliable but not so obvious way??? thank you.

Yo I Seen This Guile Reset Not The Typical One From An Air Throw But Launch Magic Series The Throw Where He Trhows U Not The Slam One …after The Throw They Bounce Of The Ground Then U Hit A Hard Punch While Ur Strill In The Air Then U Can Do A Hurricane

my friend posted that the throw is done with the hp…then hpXXXXsupersonicboom

Can anyone please help me with a couple of problems I am having with Guile. I can’t seem to figure out the timing to the second rep of the Sentinel only inf. (I can’t connect the jump to the combo the second time around…do you really havfe to dash after each sonic boom?). Also, I was wondering if someone would please tell me how to do Guile’s “second jump”…my friend told me there is a way to connect 2 of Guile’s air supers one right after the other with some hidden “second jump”. Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks and much luv!


I think your friend is completely wrong on the air super, unless he is talking about some continued combo in the corner, but I am about 99.99% positive that isn’t possible. Guile has some crazy hard to pull off combos that might connect supers, but no double air super combo.