Guile Q&A Thread: Opening Gambit

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What are people doing after sonic crosses and v trigger boom clusters?
What about normal light booms?
Is it a good idea to go in front of the boom and try for a shimmy or should you always stick behind it?

I think that really depends on the match. Usually I’ll stick behind them or just follow up with more projectile action, but if my opponent is running scared, I might take the piss a bit.

After a slow sonic cross, it’s pretty easy to just walk behind it and look for an anti-air option falling back to drake fang ( xx on block. Or do the old if they like to block up after the

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How many CC combos will I eat, how much meter will I waste, and how many matches will I give away before I learn that EX Flash Kick is the backup rather than backbone of a solid defense?

play a few games refusing to use flash kick. just forget you have it. use v-reversal instead.

Solid advice. V-Reversal makes for a shitty combo ender though. 8)

What are the best ways to pressure with Guile in close to mid range? I feel like that’s one part of my game I lack. There’s only so much I can do with throws, tick throws and crossups

The more I study Guile, the more I think he’s not supposed to apply too much pressure - get them out and start making them try to get in.

I’m working on using as a measuring stick for [f.dash] traps - if it just whiffs, you can dash in for Further away than that is range.

At point blank, s.lp and are monster. s.lp is +3 on block and is +4. That sets up really ugly frame-traps. i.e., f.dash xx boom - the gap between the and the if they block is 3, so if they press a button, you get a counter-hit. s.lp works the same. You also need to make sure that you’re always able to chuck a boom after a couple of normals in a block string to push them out a bit and make jumping in tempting.

I really like chaining into c.lp xx boom against dashes too. And so easy to convert that into real damage if you have VT.

Yeh, I was starting to think trying to pressure a lot is just not what you’re supposed to do.

For the most part it seems best to stay in mid-long range as designed unless you’re in the corner

Aside from these, the only other things I usually mix in there are the -> overhead TC, and the st.lp, st.hp frametrap. With the TC, I’ll actually get risky and just sweep after a up close. If I’ve conditioned my opponent enough with the TC, they sometimes start to block high preemptively after blocking It is a big risk, though.

am i missing something here?
regarding knee bazooka. cuz even though i catch people with it they end up punishing me for it when i should be positive on hit? correct?
cuz it seems i’m somehow negative on hit which is mindfucking me cuz every time i use knee bazooka successfully the one who ends up eating crouching strong into critical art is me.

please explain cuz i’m sincerely getting a headache from this.
i’m baffled here.

Bazooka Knee is -2 on hit and -6 on block, active for 5 frames. If you get it perfectly meaty, it’s +2/-2.

Guiles C MK is garbage. I use a lot of F MK as a poke. s HK should only be used sparingly.

He does have some decent, albeit frame traps. A decent combo with your opponents back to the corner is C MP > EX Boom > EX Flash kick.

I havent practiced enough of the Sonic boom loop combos after V-trigger. I have had troubles doing it for some reason and I though it was going to be easy given that the charge time for SB is around 35 frames?

is it just me?
or is there something up with his wake flash kick in this particular game of SFV?
cuz more often than not it just doesnt come out on my wake up.
fails like crazy and i die.

It’s not invincible on until the 3rd frame so it doesn’t work as a wakeup option. only the ex version is fully invincible. But for some reason they made all of guiles flash kicks crush countable. It’s fucking dumb.

4th frame (for lk).

Right four frames. My bad.

I have a very simple question. I was trying combos with Vtrigger in training mode. Something confuses about the damage values after activating v trigger. I seem to deal less damage after v trigger. I try to use v trigger just to add 1-2 additional hit to lengthen the combo and increase the damage dealt; but the damage i came up with is the same or a little bit less than the damage value of jump-in combo without v trigger. Additional if i do the jump-in combo like this : sonic boom xxx vtrigger- CA instead of sonic boom xxx CA , it looks like i deal a little bit less damage. I am new to this game, can anyone explain what is happening?

Don’t know the exact number but popping V-trigger mid combo does cause some scaling. Scaling is just a % damage reduction based on how long your combo is. I believe the first two hits of a combo will deal 100% then each subsequent hit will do 10% less. Critical Arts are capped at 50%, they will never do less than half due to scaling.