Guile Match-Ups Thread Index and Starter Notes and Tips

I figure it’d be good to start with some general notes with some of my general observations of each matchup. If anyone has any thing to add or questions feel free to post them here.

Alex - Should be quite the easy matchup, granted you zone him well.
[Vs. Alex Thread](Alex Match Up Thread

Birdie - Beware his chains and armor to possibly beat projectiles and jump ins. Otherwise this shouldn’t be too bad I’d think.
[Vs. Birdie Thread](Birdie Match Up Thread

Cammy - She has decent ways around your zoning and such but probably isn’t too bad.
[Vs. Cammy Thread](Cammy Match Up Thread

Chun-Li - Her normals are just as good as ours, she has dem Air Legs and a faster overhead. Seems fairly even.
[Vs. Chun-Li Thread](Chun Li Match Up Thread

Dhalsim - He has longer range normals than you but for the most part you can zone him at mid-far range better I think. Just beware for teleport shenanigans and prepare those anti-aris
[Vs. Dhalsim Thread](Dhalsim Match Up Thread

FANG - For the most part you do his job but better, just beware staying back too much when poisoned and his potential dash stuff.
[Vs. FANG Thread](F.A.N.G Match Up Thread

Guile - May the superior zoner win!

Karin - Don’t be too predictable with Booms or she can get in easier. Otherwise she doesnt seem TOO bad just know how to deal with her mixups like you would play as any other characters.
[Vs. Karin Thread](Karin Match Up Thread

Ken - He could be an annoyance once he gets in. Just be prepare to zone him out the best you can
[Vs. Ken Thread](Ken Match Up Thread

Laura - Probably the one grappler that could be a bit of a challenge. Charged electricity cant be cancelled by V Skill+Boom. Has EX elbow to beat Booms. Prepare to deal with her close mixups. Otherwise just keep her out as best you can.
[Vs. Laura Thread](Laura Match Up Thread

M Bison - Has potential ways to get around zoning. Just prepare your anti-airs.
[Vs. M.Bison Thread](M.Bison Match Up Thread

Nash - With how good both your fireballs are it seems it all comes down to who executes their gameplan bettter. Seems pretty close/even matchup.
[Vs. Nash Thread](Nash Match Up Thread

Necalli - His stomps count as projectiles so be ready to have a Flash Kick ready for those. Otherwise beware his close range pressure, DP and meterless way to get around projectiles.
[Vs. Necalli Thread](Necalli Match Up Thread

R Mika - You should destroy her in neutral, but just make sure she doesnt get in to do her crazy mixup shenanigans or else you could be in trouble.
[Vs. R.Mika Thread](R.Mika Match Up Thread

Rashid - Doesnt seem too much of a problem, just keep in mind his general mobility.
[Vs. Rashid Thread](Rashid Match Up Thread

Ryu - Seems like an even-ish matchup, and whoever has better fundamentals wins.
[Vs. Ryu Thread](Ryu Match Up Thread

Vega - He has some annoying ways to get past your zoning and such. Just be prepared to anti-air his wall jumps.
[Vs. Vega Thread](Vega Match Up Thread

Zangief - Will likely be the closest thing to the most lopsided matchup in the whole game.
[Vs. Zangief Thread](Zangief Match Up Thread

Quite the opposite actually, zoning has pretty big risks against Alex and Guile’s stubby normals can’t contest his.
Alex just needs one opportunity to ruin Guile’s life, and he has many good ways to get in and start his guessing game madness.

The hardest part of this matchup is keeping him away, because Guile’s normals dont interact very well versus Alex’s and Alex has ways around V-Skill/Sonic Boom zoning.

Iv come across 4 alexs so far and only won 1 game.
His ex shoulder gets him in really easy and his just keeps you out from using your normals.
Didn’t think it would be this hard.



He loses to Nash, Dhalsim, Laura, Alex, and Chun I think. Basically anybody that has a really easy way around projectiles or a really good up-close pressure game can give him problems.

From my experience, use your c.MK to combat his c.MK. They both are very good buttons.

Played a ton of Alex vs Guile and I don’t think it’s too terrible. Maybe 6-4 Alex (or 5.5-4.5 if you believe in that type of scoring lol).

Laura I think he can deal with. Chun too. Nash is definitely a problem because He can V-Reversal a boom and then punish you if you’ve committed to something else.

The two matches I think might be problems are M.Bison and Necalli (could end up being totally wrong but this is just from my initial experiences).

Necalli has the Viper seismo’s which booms don’t nullify, so unlike Laura he can actually be a pain for Guile at long range. Then up close he’s one of the best characters in the game.

Bison has his annoying devil’s reverse game where you can anti air him five times in a row but you miss that one and then you have to deal with plus frame pressure. Maybe there’s a way to completely nullify that side of his game but I always feel like he ends up wriggling in somehow. The main issue with him is obviously his V-Trigger which can fuck with your sonic boom charge.

Haven’t played the Dhalsim matchup yet but looking forward to it lol.

So far the hardest matchups for me have been Alex and Nash.

Only played against Alex when I was super fresh.

Nash and necalli were bothersome but I found ways around their cheese. Even though they have counters guile, guile also has counters for them. Guile deals with ground pound well and necallis divekick mixup means nothing to flash kick. Nashes v trigger done raw means nothing to guile since FK will autocorrect either side.


M bison was a pain as well… Forgot about him.

Rashid, Chun Li, Cammy, and Birdie seem to be the toughest matchups so far. Once cornered I’ve seen the best Guiles succumb to the rush down and from close range Guile’s tool set is limited.

Honestly I think Guile does well against Cammy. I did well against Rashid the one time I have played one too. Still haven’t played the Chun match properly yet.

That wasn’t from personal experience rather watching platinum+ matches of the best Guile mains.

Guile’s super can punish a lot of stuff on block no matter what range they’re used.

Everyone’s sweep and super are punishable.
Alex: ex elbow
Birdie: all specials except hp bullhead
Cammy: all spiral arrows and target combo
Chun: non-ex legs
Fang: all specials except ex sotoja (dash punch)
Ken: punch target combo, lk and mk tatsu
Laura: punch target combo, mp and ex elbow
M.Bison: c.hp, non-triggered inferno
Nash: backfist
Necalli: target combo, ex disc
R.Mika: all peaches
Rashid: all eagle spikes
Ryu: c.hp all tatsus
Vega: claw on target combo, f.hp, v skill, mk and hk roll, lp ase (low hit!)
Zangief: lariat, also easy to hit him during charge hp

This isn’t always the best punish if they’re close enough to combo into super, but it’s still something to think about.

Haven’t had time to test, but do guile’s bazooka knee, UDK and f/b+mk go over necalli’s v-skill?

If there’s any guiles that would like to play me in us hit me up. Cfn bdizzlez. Psn- bdizzle2700. I play birdie and i have a tourney next week and id like to not get cheesed out if possible lol.

And idk if its a timing thing but ive done hk revenger(goes about full screen) and its beaten guiles super. Just goes right over it lol. Just something yall should know.

Having sampled the Dhalsim match now I’d say it seems pretty horrible lol.

I think both Mika and Laura aren’t as bad as SF4 Abel for Guile. They both feel a bit like you’ve gotta risk a flash kick here and there and them being hit by it is the difference between you winning and losing a round. I played a platinum Mika today and got destroyed the first set but then only narrowly lost 5-4 both of the other sets, so I would say that match is pretty even (maybe even in Guile’s favour).

One match I really don’t like at all is Ryu. Gotta play it a bit more but it’s definitely harder than SF4 I think.

Chun 6-4s Guile easy

Dhalsim can’t slide under the v-skill buffed booms.

very nice.

we should probably make individual matchup threads like it’s been done in the bison forums. will be a good thing long term because that way you don’t have to aimlessly crawl through a load of pages trying to find something about one of the more obscure matches (fang lol).

Start it up, bro :wink:

I’d be happy to. I just don’t want to be accused of cluttering the forum or something. If others agree I’ll start and maintain all the threads.

Other character forums have Character Specific Matchup threads so you’ll be good! I just made this general one to start out.