Guide: How to get better at Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

I’ve posted a guide to help players improve at Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. It has video tutorials on how to do some very nifty tricks, like Negative Edge and Super Canceling.

I’m looking for feedback on what’s there and how I can improve it. Also on suggestions on what I should add in the future.

I’m hoping to make this a very robust and detailed guide that’s a great resource for SF3 players around the globe.

If you have any suggestions at all, feel free to email them to me ( or simply post it on this thread.

You sure hugo is second to last in the tier list? could of sworn…


Seems like it’s mostly just a text summary of Thongboy’s tutorial + A tier list, and a section on parrying.

“Advanced” parrying is not parrying entire super arts, parrying entire super arts only comes in handy when people try to chip you with them, otherwise, a good player will never even let you parry them…they’ll just hit confirm them.

Real advanced parrying is just being good at anticipating attacks. If you want to know what it looks like, watch some vids of Aruka. He does insane shit like hitting the opponent a little, walking just in front of their longest poke, and tapping down quickly. That’s a parry attempt, and he does it because it works on a shitload of people.

To learn advanced parrying you need experience because you need to know when people like to attack you. There are different good times to parry for each character, you just need to tap down a lot to find out what they are.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure your intermediate parrying video was taken from a staged match vid, even top players don’t parry entire Dudley chains, they’d much sooner just parry one hit and throw.

Does 2 spots at the bottom really matter?

I took the latest tier listing from here.�����䥰����

From what I heard from other people, this was the most updated tier listing, but it’s still a tier listing so most people tend to disagree about it.

Any thoughts of if I should use the original tier listing or this newer one?

From my guide…

“The most advanced level of parrying involves being able to anticipate and parry your opponent’s mix up tactics and super arts.”

Do you feel I should reword this in some way? It seems most great parriers are capable of parrying some super arts completely, along with being able to parry their opponent’s mix up tactics.

Being able to fully parry Ryu’s Denjin-Hadou-Ken and some others really seems to help high level players.

That said, should I change it? Should I make it more clear advanced parrying is more about anticipation and set ups?

I’d love feedback on the matter as this is only written from a few people’s perspectives and I’d love to have the feedback and suggestions from the community to better reflect everyone’s view.

Let me know what you think.

“Advanced parrying” is all about parry baits and parrying a super hadouken isn’t exactly really advanced. If you can parry a 2 hit fireball then you should be able to parry a super hadouken. It really isn’t that hard at all.

Gotta throw in my agreement that parrying super arts isn’t reflective of advanced parrying. The example you have of that Ryu player is just him guessing well against a bad player. Nobody plays like that at high levels and no one throws out supers without hit confirming them. Your easy parries are option selects and parrying projectiles. Advanced parrying, as previously stated, is not so much about parrying, but baiting your opponent to throw something out for you to parry.

Also, keep the newer tier list.

Bah, come on you know that isn’t true. It annoys me when people say this.

Even ignoring obvious examples like aegis and genei-jin etc, no one can sit there and tell me that they’ve never seen top players whiff a super, that wake up supers aren’t a viable option OR that they’ve never seen to top player super through or super to counter attacks without hit confirming.

Your color coded tiers don’t make sense. Going by the characters’ overall +/- rankings, it should be:

  1. Yun, Chun (+32)
  2. Ken, Makoto, Dudley, Yang (+14 to +22)
  3. Akuma, Urien, Ryu, Oro, Elena, Ibuki (+1 to +6)
  4. Necro, Alex, Remy (-13 to -17)
  5. Q, 12, Hugo (-23 to -27)
  6. Sean (-35)

That said, I still think Yang is too high and Urien is too low. But what do I know…

Jinrai, kudos for pointing this out. I’ve fixed the guide to reflect your suggested changes for the colors.

To everyone else who covered the advanced parrying thing ? thank you. I’m going to rewrite that part of the guide to better reflect your thoughts.

And keep them coming.

In this context it doesn’t really make a difference. Supering through moves or supering to counter attacks doesn’t put you at risk for them getting parried unless you’re not good at it in which case you shouldn’t be doing it anyway. Parrying a wake up super is never a better option than blocking unless your at risk for getting chipped to death, and even then I’d say you’ve got other things to worry about.

Except when it’s a hadou burst…

“For example they’ll wait outside of throw range and repeatedly tap down to parry low and midrange attacks”

no top players(that i’ve seen via Gvision/FFA) spam down on wake-up to parry, it’s just to add to the random mixup factor.

to me,advanced parrying is like parrying out of urien unblockables or like parrying Geneijin poke strings.

You haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Not parrying down on wakeup, parrying down when at a decent range from them to draw out a poke.

People parry when the opponent is waking up sometimes, but usually it’s not just like parry-sit, it’s an option-select parry that follows into throw, poke, whatever.

I’m amused that the color-coded tiers have low and bottom tier as poop color.

I didn’t know Yang was so viable. I s’pose it makes sense but shows what I know; always saw him as a one trick pony. Interesting.

Just a quick note, I’ve added in credit to the tiers and advanced parrying areas for those of you who contributed with your thoughts.

If any of you would like me to link back to your website or an email address where your name’s listed, just let me know.

Also if you don’t want your name listed for whatever reason, just ask.

I would say Yang is the only character that is truly underrated. Almost nobody plays him. When you see a really good Yang player you understand why he is ranked as high as he is.