Guest Artists

Hey Udoneko, know you guys have guest artists for every issue, but are any of these guys lined up?

Jim Lee
Ed McGuinness
Micheal Turner
Humberto Ramos
J.Scott Campbell
Chris Bachelo
Mark Bagley
Arnold Tsang
Eric LeSean
Skottie Young
Francisco Herra
Carlo Barberi
Terry Dodson
Sam Liu
Long Vo
Corey Lewis
Aaron Masik

(I tried to put the biggest names first, but no disrespect to the guys on the lower half of the list)

I know you probaly have to be tight liped about certain stuff, but can you say “Yes, some of those are coming up” or “None of those guys are planned to at the moment” or something along those lines?

Also if you’re wondering who some are, just say which ones, and I’ll either put links up to their sites, or put up some art of theirs.

We have contacted with some of the artists on the list. And some do have time to do stuff, while others cannot commit immediately. A few are bounded by contract that they cannot do anything.

Arnold Tsang is already doing art on the book monthly, and so is Rey (Corey Lewis)

Man Jim lee has to do at least something.A Either a cover or back story. I wanna see his take on street fighter characters. That would be awesome.

I’d love too see Andy Kubert draw Street Fighter HINT

Hell yea, getting Jim Lee and Andy Kubert to draw a cover art would be awesome cause i always wanted to see there magic touch on the SF cast for once.

I’m going out on a limb here, but Mark Bagley draws some damn good action sequences. Has been since his run on Amazing Spider-man. I’m sure he’d have a great touch with a Street Fighter back-up story.

Yeah I thought Bagley would be good too, and he’s one of the most talented and popular artists around, which is why I put him on the list.

It also be kinda intresting to see his take on SF, specialy since his style isnt (really) anime/Japanese inspired (Im not saying he isnt inspired by Japanese stuff, just that it isnt blantlently obvious in his style)

Another good thing about him doing it is that (from what Ive been told) is he draws suprsingly fast, meaning he can band out stuff quickly (which is one of the reasons Ultimate Spider-Man comes out so fast sometimes) ie he can/could bang out a few SF pages real quick then get back to Spider-Man without breaking a sweat.

A question for Udoneko regarding guest artists.

Will any of the guest artists who have already contributed a story pencil more stories in the future? I’d love to see more Joe Mad work.

Very great list you’ve got there TAZ, especially Lesean, Bachelo, McGuinness and Jim Lee. I’d love to see all of them hop on some SF backstories.

As for Bagley, he might be one of those people Udenko said is contractually not able to work for Udon. I know Marvel is notoriously famous for trying to make their artists exclusive.

Hey Udoneko, what’s the chance of getting some unknowns on the back stories once and again? Like up and comers and such? That’d be cool. I’m sure some of 'em might even do the work for free just for the exposure.

I think Jim Lee’s exclusive to DC right now. Not positive though.

Oddly enough, one of the first names that popped into my head was David Choe. He doesn’t usually do comics, and I’m not sure if he’s a SF fan, but…yeah…for some odd reason I thought of him when I thought of who I’d like to see doing a back up story, or a cover.

I know Udoneko said he really wanted Jim Lee to do a back up story, and that he called him about doing it (at least I think thats what he said) but that was all he said.

And yeah Jim Lee does seem to be an exclusive DC artist, since he’s doing a year long run on Superman (starting in April) and after that him and Jeph Loeb will do Batman again.

I also wouldnt mind seeing Greg Horn draw a SF art cover or back up story considering his drawing seems to come to life like his SC2 cassandra art for the PSM magazine and his Namor for marvel. :cool:

actually I’d be interested in seeing the illustrator who does the original Capcom arcade artwork contribute a cover. hey, if you can get Kia Asamiya you can get that guy(s)! go old school!

just thought of another. Alex Ross. my man brought back BotP - I’d love to see his take on the SF crew. I know there’s no nostalgia factor in it for him personally, but since UDON worked on BotP, you could pull a fave…

Yeah forgot about lesean. Definitely get this guy as I heard he plays 3s religiously.

lesean doing TMNT so I don’t think he has time to do this.

here’s some of his artwork.

There’s LOTS of diffrient artists who do the artwork for Capcom arcade games, they dont just have one artist over there at Capcom.

But if you’re talking about SF artwork, then you’re more than likely talking about either Bengus or Akiman.

Just cause LeSean is doing TMNT dosnt mean he dosnt have time for this.

Do you think the artist they’ve had do back up stories, and are currently doing back up stories are doing nothing? No.

Also I dont imagine it would take any proffesional artist very long to do like 4 pages for an SF story, so I know that them working on something else is not the case.

Although it is the case when it comes to contracts. ie if LeSean is an exclusive Dreamwave artist, and UDON cant work it out for him to do a story, then you wont see LeSean do a back up story.

as for lesean, i actually doubt he would have the time. in addition to working on TMNT, he’s also got another project (Bazooka Jules) on the horizon. but damn that’d be some sweet shit.

and jim lee on superman? damn, now i gotta buy another DC book.

So u guys want LeSean?? hee hee…

I see some foreshadowing …