Guardians of the Galaxy film, updates


Anyone questioning the seriousness of Rocket Raccoon has never read the GotG comics - so just stop.

and there it is, folks. fucking rocket raccoon is fucking not important and a throwaway piece of shit. at least, last time i read guardians of the galaxy. i mean he had a part of the book where him and grood were at the end of the book just doing dumb shit. might as well have fucking cosmo the telepathic dog.

That dog was a *cosmonaut *sir, and even with his telepathy had a horrible Russian accent… I just realized what role they might have been trying to land either Carrey or Sandler for. **

Former WWE star, Dave Bautista, confirmed to play as Drax:

Mamoa apparently wanted too much money so they went with Bautista. IDK, i’m conflicted because he did have that imposing presence in Man With The Iron Fists but his acting was ‘meh’.

Yes…I want to trust Marvel but this does make me bitter. Don’t know why they had to be cheap. Just pay Mamoa what he wanted. The man can act.

The wild part of all this is that Mamoa’s people only wanted an extra 200k on top of what they were going to initially pay him and Marvel pretty much told them to fuck off.

Batista, Sandler, and Carrey?


Just kidding; fuck this shit.

Nigga, I don’t care what kind of serious subject matter GotG covers. A movie with a talking raccoon in it is never going to be taken serious by hollywood or mainstream consumers.

You’d have a better chance of people taking a movie where Kusoru danced around with his copy of Sengoku Basara X for 90 minutes seriously vs. this one just because “talking raccoon.”

Yeah okay dude, nevermind the fact that its a movie where its in the deep realms of space and plays off like Star Wars. You know the Lucas movie that had a shit ton of alien races and such. Again its funny how stupid people are when it comes to Rocket Raccoon cause they act like the character is gonna be like Jar Jar Binks when he’s a complete 180 from that character.

i think its funny how people think its stupid to assume it will be difficult for people to accept a talking raccoon as a character to be taken seriously. you can’t expect everyone who goes to see the movie to brush up on the source material beforehand

Its also stupid for people to assume the movie can’t be taken seriously because of talking raccoon. Just saying.

Just like they dropped Terrance Howard for asking for money and I heard being a bit of a prick, unless you are bringing star cache to a Marvel production you get NO love in negotiations.

If anything Mamoa’s agents fucked him over. Pretty sure he would’ve been fine with the offer personally.
As for the Terrence Howard situation, here’s what really happened:

Be a douche who destroys? Batista can do it

actually, nope.

Many actors were in the running, but they all - including Jason Momoa - signed the same standard deal before auditioning. There were no negotiations and no lowball offers. Just screen tests. Ultimately, Momoa and the others lost the role to Bautista fair and square.

google it :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh no sir. I was on twitter and homeboy from Latina Review broke it down on what happened. Mamoa’s agents wanted more money for him. Mamoa was actually frontrunner for the role. In fact, James Gunn wanted him for Drax. Marvel didn’t budge so Batista got it. Batista was pretty much next in line if Mamoa didn’t go through.

this says otherwise.

But guys isn’t the movie still going to be directed by acclaimed director James Gunn who made such acclaimed classics as Scooby Doo Two and such other sub par monstrosities and of course let us no forget Lollipop Chainsaw which was made simply as his Dig twoards Romero’s Dawn of the Dead remake because Romero told him to get lost. Surely these subpar creations from a subpar being will make this movie the classic it deserves to be (all my hate DIE JAMES GUNN)

Batista is a muscular, bald dude with tats all over

Drax is a muscular, bald dude with tats all over

Bronze Body was basically his audition for drax so lol

Also chris pratt as star lord? Lol

Jim Carrey and adam sandler?

This is either going to be an awesome space comedy or a crappy action space western that is funny because of how crappy it is

Jim Carrey should be the voice of rocket racoon and sandler should be groot.