Guardians of the Galaxy film, updates

Don’t know if there’s a thread for a GoG movie, but anyways thought this was interesting and you guys can probably discuss on whether y’all think Adam fits Raccoon well.

edit: I also thought it best if we added updates about the film here.

grown men are a fan of this character?

For some reason I always pictured Jason Statham voicing RR

Wait…Rocket Racoon isn’t a Capcom character?
I thought he was from some obscure platformer or something…
I guess Marvel really did run out of characters to make movies about.

Jim carrey and adam sandler will just take away from the seriousness of the movie :confused:

lol thats actually a really good pairing

just get the guy for UMvC3 and save yourself MILLIONS, Marvel. jesus it’s a cgi fucking raccoon, no need for fucking Sandler


Comic relief from two actors who haven’t been funny or even amusing in what… over a decade? Maybe more? Sounds awesome.

Both, Rocket Raccoon and Nova will be in the movie

What if I just changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy movie update thread?

He has been everything else.


Jim Carrey is an awesome actor fuck you.

Carrey should be voicing rocket racoon and sandler should be saying “i am groot” the whole movie

Don’t mind Carrey but Adam Sandler is a weird choice, even if they take the subject matter in a comedic route.

As long as neither of them are Drax or Peter Quill, I’m good.

He appears later in the movie to provide morale boost while the GG are getting a beatdown from Thanos.

Amazing that Dr. Strange hasn’t gotten his movie yet.

Unless I’ve missed something… there’s never been any mention of Nova being in the movie.

And LOL @ RockBogart maiming this thread. I do agree though, GotG isn’t nearly popular enough for it to have it’s own GD thread given the movie is still a year away and doesn’t even have the lead role filled yet. If you want to discuss anything newsworthy about it, check out the Marvel Comics Thread:

Wrong, complete bullshit.

Raccoon’s UMVC3 voice needs be hired for this.

Neither Sandler nor Carrey can do a British accent for twats.

The last time Sandler made me laugh was Happy Gilmore. The dude basically plays himself in every movie with a goofy accent a middle schooler would do. Even his more “serious” movies, he’s just so… bland (I shudder thinking about RR talking like the Waterboy)
Ah, well I’m obviously in the minority since this guy has made millions with this recycled gimmick.

A serious movie…with a talking raccoon?


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