GUARDIAN HEROES HD Remastered possible tournaments at EVO and other events?

Guardian Heroes HD - Daily Demo (Saturn) - GameSpot Video

Oh yes the Versus will support up to 12 players online and while it won’t be balanced, lots of highly competitive fighting games aren’t balanced anyway, besides, Super Smash Bros was acknowledged as a fighting game and had its tournaments, why not this? :tup:

Guardian Heroes has lots of fighting game calibur mechanics including special move motions, blocking, line shifting (like Fatal Fury series and Guilty Gear Izuka, but better), and lots of skillful combo possibilities! It could innovate and revolutionize fighting game tournaments as we know it! ^.^

I’m glad that this is coming out. Unfortunately I now need to go buy a X360 to play it. Don’t expect any tournaments for it.

I have an idea- Mario Kart @ EVO!

Three words: Streets of Fury.

YouTube - Streets of Fury combos : Big Cheng

YouTube - Streets of Fury Combos : Buddy Carmichael

YouTube - Streets of Fury Combos : MC Manhattan

YouTube - Streets of Fury Combos : Sam

Tournaments and some form of competitive scene? Sure. Evo? Nah.

Happy it’s coming back, though.

Street of Rage tournament at Evo, please!

Scott Pilgrim too


God willing, Card Sagas Wars?

nes double dragon 1 mirror match tournament at evo

That was my game back back back back back in the day. Bring it.

You’re out of your mind if you think there will be Guardian Heroes tournaments. We’ve pretty much spelled out the reasons why the game is crazy broken in the Guardian Heroes thread in General Discussion. Nicole mirror matches all day!

There is a God. I can’t believe this is coming out but I won’t question why. This is possibly my favorite beat-em-up of all time. Saturn didn’t have a ton of games on it, but the ones that were on it were amazing, this was one of the brightest gems for sure. I hope they don’t touch the soundtrack.

will have to snag this.

Man, this shit gave me chills - no lie. Thanks for making my day, OP. Cheers to future Barrier Crushes!

Again? XD

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They said they are doing other changes. It would be interesting if they are trying to use this game to shortcut to the competitive scene. I never had the money for a Saturn but this was always the game I saw in magazines and couldn’t imagine how it looked in motion cause the graphics were so goddamn brilliant.

If it can be competitive, I’m sure that’s what ‘other changes’ means in the press release.

if it were tourney viable, it wouldn’t be a proper treasure game. fullscreen spells and infinite blockstun please.

I never got the chance to play Guardian Heroes but I did play the GBA sequel and I enjoyed that game very much. It sucks that it’s 360 exclusive for now as I would definitely get it on PS3 whenever PSN decides to come back

This is amazing news. I paid 100$ for Guardian Heroes import back in 96(?). Brilliant brilliant game…I will definitely be buying this.