Guard Crush 13 Results [Final Farewell] 11/22/10

Ok guys, so as most of you may know, this was THE LAST GUARD CRUSH AT GAMEPAD. I found out 2 days before the event in the form of a rumor that John (the owner) was selling the store and today when I arrived at GamePAD, I soon realized that it was a fact. I must say that it was 1 hell of a run and had a lot of fun running these tournaments making a lot of new friends. Guard Crush was never intended to be as big as it was, but boy did it blow up. Everyone always said that we had the best tournament but it was definitely all of you that made the event as godlike as it was. I’m gonna miss GamePAD as it was a great venue and John and Sandra were always good to us never complaining when a tournament would run to 3 in the morning and getting us free pizza from time to time. Spooky always provided a godlike stream and I always said that our tournament would be shit without the Spooky stream. Thank you again Spooky. Thank you to everyone who supported us. Me, Booty Clapper and Spooky will be looking for a new venue to continue running tournaments and once we do, I will be sure to let all you guys know. I will post on this thread a link to the new thread when we figure out WHERE and WHEN we will continue running tournaments. So please add this link to your favorites and be sure to check back every few days because it wont be long before we are back in full force. Shoutouts to everyone who always came through and supported. I hope to see you in the coming weeks. Ok, so now onto the results…

1st - Kevin “dieminion” Landon (EMP)
2nd - Sanford Kelly (EMP)
3rd - MarlinPie (FYC)
4th - Andr`e “JAGO” Lambert (EMP)
5th - Henry Cen
5th - Rahsaan “Evil Rahsaan” Dusuau (EMP)
7th - AuLord
7th - Josh “nerdjosh” Jodoin (Team Spooky)
9th - David “Tinshi” Amrrero
9th - Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Team Spooky)
9th - Jonathan “RicoSuave” Deleon (DMG)
9th - Erik “Smoothviper” Arroyo (EMP)
13th - MikeG "BKBalrog"
13th - Noel “Fucking” Brown
13th - Adnan
13th - Erik
17th - Joe “iloveu” Ciaramelli
17th - Liquid SRK
17th - Liston
17th - Spab Rog
17th - Jago Midnight
17th - SK
17th - Jonathan
17th - Red Ranger
25th - Josh “MrQuotes” Sunarso
25th - Ben “networkingyuppy” Fong
25th - Poem (GBPoeta)
25th - Bisonopolis
25th - Max ?Zaichiek?
25th - Robert
25th - Chris “BizziB” Singleton
25th - RayRay
33rd - Rich “Chakl” Rozen
33rd - Wayne
33rd - Mario “Mavrick” Ramales
33rd - Arez
33rd - Nick Hero
33rd - Vapr
33rd - Jeff
33rd - Zotha
33rd - Ryan Dennis
33rd - Wanrich Sy
33rd - Ballin Ranger
33rd - m00ns

Good stuff Kev as usual. Going to miss the venue =/. On to the next I guess. >.<

FUCK. something told me i should of stepped in there today. im only ten minutes away…

All good things have to end some time or another. We had a great run at GamePad, it was a great venue in a great area, ran by the greatest people ever.

Still fairly sad about this but i would just like to thank John, Sandra, and Jesse for letting us use their place every other Wednesday. Even if we ran into the wee hours of the morning they never complained. They kept the NYC scene alive for us and brought in many new players, as well as brought back many older ones. John said he trolls SRK every once and a while so if you read this, best of luck to you and your family in the future! Hope we all get to see you guys again soon!

Also I’d like to thank first and foremost… Sp00ky. You are single handedly the most godlike individual in the FGC. Without you and GamePad Guard Crush and NYC would have NEVER been what it turned out to be. HUGEEEEEEEEEE thanks to everyone who supported our tournaments as well. Those who came once, and those who came every time. It’s you guys who make it what it is, without all of you this never would have happened. I won’t shoutout anyone because you all know who you are anyway.

We are seeking a new venue at the moment so as soon as everything comes together we will keep you all updated. This is NOT the end. :smiley:

Well sucks I couldnt make it to the last GC at GPad, and couldnt even watch the stream (dunno wtf is up wit my comp)… best of luck to John n Sandra and shoutouts of course to Vic… but it wouldnt have matter since Super is gunna be done in a couple of weeks with arcade on the horizon with still no word on the home port or dlc… looks like GC might havta end up at CF lol

salty i couldn’t make it, but ggs and thanks for making guard crush as great as it was Spooky/MikeG/BootyClapper/GamePAD.

also, my two cents: i don’t really think we should worry about tournaments for a while unless people are that thirsty. AE will be at CF in a month approx. can just rock with the CF weeklies that Mike runs.

Super will still be the game that will be at tournaments for the most part. That’s what most (if not all) majors and locals will still run even after AE drops.

edit: btw Jesse aka GamePad baby is going to be the best KOF player ever.


If Guard Crush had to go out this was the way to do it. Its not like its the final Guard Crush Ever…just not at Game Pad. Good job Mike G. Stepped you skills up as a player and now as a tournament director.

On another topic, despite me cheering and heckling its all in good sport. Nothing personal against anyone. Just trying to support the family.

Also BattleField XX The End Games will be the final tournament at “Game Pad” We’re also doing a little party there to celebrate the home of Guard Crush, On Blast and its final tournament BattleField Arcadia XX. There will be Pizza, Chips and Drinks. Those who missed out on Guard Crush we hope to see you there and those who were there we hope to see you again. Until then.

Poor TFGM, trying to plug in Battlefield XX as much as he can riding off the success of Guard Crush.

Poor SuperNova…doesn’t know that outside of China Town Fair, BattleField Arcadia used SF4 and SSF4 to bring the fighting scene back to life in NYC. SuperNova also didn’t know that Game Pad’s first Street Fighter Tournament was BattleField. Ohhhhh poor Super Nova didn’t know that BattleField had the highest turn out with 63 people in NYC…for a local. Ohhh know something else…due to our agreement Game Pad was not allowed to have any other Street Fighter tournament “but” BattleField but the owner asked if he could and I told him do not stop the scene’s growth because of our agreement and thus On Blast was born. Then shortly after Guard Crush. Then the community boycotted BattleField, aint that a bitch. But’s its all good, why because we don’t mind going to On Blast or Guard Crush. Despite knowing that we’re not liked. Or for most of you (I’m not liked).

Oh let’s not talk about streams…because the best Stream in NYC was FADC and guess what homie, some of the names you know outside of Empire like Mike G, Aulord, Rico Suave, Ben Fong, Insayne and more all came up out of BattleField. Oh…and guess what just on the strength of stream content and commentary IFC Yipes, Jago, Rahsaan and Chris Hu all brought that entertaining aspect to stream commentary. So don’t talk about we’re riding anything. BattleField set the standard homie. ALSO, I called Mike G and asked if I could promote the last BattleField in this thread to help make the “FINAL” tournament of Game Pad a big one.

This coast dislike for me has been the real reason it doesn’t move forward, real talk. Try as hard as you want to out the Empire. We’ll be here long after you no longer give a crap about gaming.

Sad to say, its 33rd Place not 33th…

Damn you type a lot. TL;DR.

would u kindly quit posting in this thread if all ur gonna do is trollbait triforce

we get it u dont like him. a lot of ppl dislike him but pls stop shitting up random threads

ill miss u game pad :’(

This 1st Guard Crush had 67 people.

lol, good job mike

on a side note, some people know the reason why i could not make it out to a guard crush, but i must say that these events were so gdlk. I wanna shout out Mike G and team spooky, John and Sandra, and of coarse the community as well for making guard crush at gamepad a huge success. Now as for me, i got started at gamepad with battlefield arcadia. This will be the last one at GamePad, so lets make it a big one! i know some of you dislike triforce for whatever reasons you put forth. u dont have to like him to show support for him, GamePad, or the community. reasons like that should not cause you to miss this event. See everyone there!

oh, and mike, whether or not you care about me promoting other tournaments in your thread, i am Insaynne and i can do whatever i want. lol

lol FIGHT ME!!!

But on a side note, you left out Booty Clapper. He runs Guard Crush with me too. I could not have done it alone.

And another thing. Thanks to Min for deciding to bring his laptop in last night. Spooky’s computer broke down mid tournament and we were able to set up a secondary stream via Min’s laptop. And thanks to Min for always helping us run through the brackets. Always willing to lend a hand.

marlinpie needs to break out a secret weapon