Guard Cancel

I’ve seen ppl block sentinel’s HSF and on the third wave of drones cable can AHVB. I’m assuming it has something to do with push blocking. Can someone explain how to do this?


first ur pushblock the set of drones, then u put the stick to neutral, then u AHVB.

I’m not sure if it matters if u do it on the first one or the second one. but u cant do it on the third, well u could but sent can just block

i really don’t want to be a dick sealhunta but you seem to just post shit just for the hell of posting. obviously you’re not even capable of doing half the shit you post because you post incorrect information or shit thats just stupid and will get you raped.

you DON’T push block ANY set of the drones and DEFINITELY not the second set. and you don’t even need to put the stick to nuetral. you CAN, but while learning, you should NEVER.

you push block the move that they do RIGHT before the HSF.

ex: they do c.hp xx RP xx HSF

you push block slightly after the RP makes contact with you. after that, you will guard cancelled just perfectly and will be free to do a move between the 2nd and last set of drones. you have to time the AHVB so that the frames of invincibility are done RIGHT as the third set touches cable. don’t do it TOO late cuz he can still block. if you do it too early, you’ll get hit by the third set.

^ i second motion that. neg rep for sealhunta, ooppss… i don’t do neg reps.


^ you can push block the first set of drones.

duc > Pushblock the first drones then AHVB after the second drones - Similar to jumping out of HSF with small characters. You have to tiger knee the super - jumping normal then ahvb seems impossible and calling an assist to take the hit so you can super in the middle of the HSF doesn’t work - IIRC.

:tup: < for reference.

Oh i see. So in other words push block once. And from what I’m thinking you guys are saying… after a push block… there is like lag time during the push block that u wait out and when the time is ready… you kind of get invulnerability for the AHVB right?

Thanks again

wow, did u just start playing marvel a few weeks ago? Unlike u , i am going to be the bigger man and not call u names.

but watch this video for examples


ahh piponaz, u beat me too it, i wanted to defend my self against mr. tech master over here.

well the link i gave is from a match between duc and sanford at 2006 evo (in this one he push blocks the 2ND set of drones

watch the video. you can’t push block something until its made contact with you. you are left in block stun for a decent amount of frames from a RP. pay close attention, you’ll see the push blcok animation between contact of the RP and the first set of drones. what does that mean? you’re pushblocking the RP not the drones. you can’t PB until after it makes contact, the animation is shown to PB RIGHT before the first set

if you pay attention, if you push block the first set of drones,(his first attempt in the video) you do it too late. you can still time invincibility, but he can block. so you’d have to block ANYWAY since it would be useless to use your invincibility on somethin that will be blocked

the thread starter was asking how to AHVB THROUGH the third set and hit somebody. even in the video, where he push blocked a little early, you can still pushblock that early. you just need to time the AHVB invincibility correct. the property that he could jump between sets is all you need. its the timing of the AHVB thats more important

this is how it works, anytime you push block, you are basically stuck in block stun. since you are in block stun ALREADY the drones don’t do anything since you’re already in it. kind of weird to explain. anyways, after the push block animation is over you recover IMMEDIATELY. so if timed right, you will recover RIGHT after the 2nd set of drones. so if your character has an invincibility move with quick start up, then thats when you’d use it.

i’ll call you names, you’re an idiot. i’m still right

dood sealhunta you’re a complete fucking idiot. what was the thread creators question? “how did somebody do an AHVB through the third set of drones”

you’re just stupid and think theoretically instead of FROM EXPERIENCE go to training mode with a friend and tell me what move you have to push block and WHEN to get that AHVB through the 3rd set. dont even fucking post until you find out.

and you know what, give yourself a chance to prove yourself right. go to training mode and push block you’re so called “2nd set of drones” and tell me if you recover fast enough to AHVB through the 3rd set… through, not after.

the only use in push blocking the 2nd set is to punish a sentinel who might mouthbeam/rp. which is just stupid cuz if you mess up you eat another HSF.

thats why if you even bother doing that shit, you should push block the first RP after a slight delay after it makes contact and before the first set of drones touch you.

thank you, you’re wrong. i’m right. stop speaking off “theorys” and videos and practice one time. don’t post unless you know from experience :rolleyes::arazz::rofl::annoy::wasted:

just thought of somethin. have someone HSF you without doing a mouth beam or a RP before it. push block the first set of drones, try and ahvb and tell me what happens

to sealhunta: tech master is right. you can’t push block the 2nd set of drones if you want to ahvb you’re opponent inside the hsf. you’ll still be in block stun if you do that.

to tech master: dude, you’re wrong. it doesn’t mean that the videos show they pushed blocked on the rocket punch or the laser that you can’t push block on the first set of drones and ahvb on the 2nd set of drones. you’re like calling duc a liar.

in a match HSFing someone without mouth beam or RP first is not so useful that’s why you don’t see it too often, but that doesn’t prove anything in our argument. why don’t you try it on practice mode and tell us what happens. i already did try it and it worked for me. now, it’s your turn and prove it to yourself.

i still don’t think im wrong. i don’t care how often its useful or not if somebody HSF’s without doing a move first. the fact is, if somebody HSF’s you without doing a move before it, you should still be able to AHVB before the third set if what you’re saying is true. i’ve yet to see anyone do that WITHOUT a rp or mouth beam first.

so you’re saying im wrong that you push block the projectile before HSF? thats odd, because i recall PERFORMING a AHVB after push blocking the RP.

so you’re saying you’ve performed the AHVB through the third set by pushblocking the first set. show me on video (without anybody doing a mouth beam or RP before the HSF) of you AHVB through the third set and i’ll shuttup.

you can be right, but even if you are it seems like it would be twice as hard to do. he probably tells you to pushblock the first set because the time you need to PB is closer to the first set than the RP but technically i truly believe its the RP you are push blockin. i cant recall anyone AHVB through the third set when the opponent didnt perform a RP or mouth beam before the HSF.

now if you say you’ve done it in training mode, i really hope you did it without anyone doing a rp or mouth beam first. you could be right, its just that it would be twice as much strict timing to do it on the first set.

oh and saying to pushblock the HSF (without a RP or mouth beam) does prove somethin. it determines if what you are pushblockin is really the first set or the RP. because technically if you are push blockin the first set, then you wouldnt need a mouthbbeam or RP before it in order to AHVB the third set

i was just thinking, even in the video where he succesfully pushblocked and AHVB (that landed) through the 3rd set you can see that the pushblock animation occurs BEFORE the first set even hits him. he already showed in the video that if you pushblock ANY later, that sentinel can block.

for this reason only, i dont think you’re telling the truth about performing it.

You need to pushblock before the first wave of drones. If you pushblock the first wave itself, Cable will be freed before the third wave, but even if you manage to do a really really low AHVB Sentinel will be able to block it.

If you pushblock the second wave, you will be free after the third wave. Good enough to do straight jump and AHVB Sent if he tries something funny.

You do pushblock after the first wave is on screen (I use the clock as my reference point), but before it catches you, so in fact you’re pushblocking an HP, Hail Storm or something else, using your previous blockstun.

If you get the timing, Cable will be free just after the second wave of drones has passed, giving you time to do a well-timed high AHVB. It needs to be high because you must get the horizontal invencibility frames in relation to the drones, but you must do this with the higher drones, because they come first (when Sent still can’t block).

I can do it, and I am telling you from personal experience. But you can also see on every one of those videos that the pushblock is always made before Cable is touched by the drones.

As for the quote piponaz posted, I think it was just a communications issue. You definitely can’t pushblock the first wave and expect to do a high unblockable AHVB after it.

In order to AHVB between the 2nd and 3rd wave of drones, Cable must pushblock exactly when the 1st wave of drones reaches the midpoint of the screen (look at the middle drone, not the top or bottom - they’re staggered).

THANK YOU! thats what i’ve been trying to say. these newbs argue somethin they havent proved through trial and error. i can jump out the HSF and i HAVE AHVB a couple times through the HSF

it seems no matter how much i explain with specific details (even with a video that THEY posted) that they think i’m wrong. how can they have credibility if obiously they havent done it?

piponaz even stated that he tried it and was successful. sure buddy…

like i said in the earlier post, it was probably a communication error but these guys are so quick to prove me wrong without ANY REAL KNOWLEDGE and one tells me im a newb at marvel and have only been playing a couple weeks. it gets annoying when people blindly argue when in fact they’re just making everyone on the forums dumber

what i meant was wrong is this

and that’s definitely wrong.

yeah, i’ve done that. i can’t show you my own vid because i don’t have a cam but i’ll make a vid just for you when i do get hold of a cam.

and pls watch this >
around the 9:10 min mark, pls tell me he pushed block the laser.

what’s that supposed to mean?

you’re saying i’m a newbie like you know me, yeah whatever man, if you can really prove i’m a noob. i’m not here to flame, i’m here to help the community. unlike you, i don’t get pissed if i’m corrected, i say “thank you, i stand corrected”. you should think before you speak or post.

dood, what does it take? two other members just agreed with me. how is what i said definitely wrong? and how is it DEFINITELY wrong when you even said yourself you can’t push block the 2nd set, and even other members tell you you can’t PB the FIRST set.

i’ll be waiting. it just makes me REALLY curious how you’ve done it, when the original video YOU posted, shows a pushblock right about at the 1st set of drones, and he still couldn’t land a AHVB. somethin smells fishy. oh and please dont forget, when you make the vid i better not see ANY move done before the HSF.

(first off, you lose ALOT of credibility posting a HSF that he beamed before AND for posting such a shitty quality video thats sketchy as shit). whats even more funny, is that you had to rely on such a shitty video after i damn near proved you wrong with the original MORE CLEAR video that you posted… anyways…

looks to me he push blocked the laser. even with the shitty quality, it still looks like he pushblocked slightly before the drones

just because the timing of the pushblock was closer to when it hit him, doesnt mean he pushblocked the drones. i mean you seem to claim not to be a “newb.” Then explain this, a RP leaves you in blockstun for quite some time right? Specifically you dont recover from the block stun before the first set of drones hits you right? otherwise you’d at least be able to JUMP between the RP and 1st set. So if you pushblock at a split second before the first drones hit (to a point where it looks like you’re PB the drones) then technically wouldnt you be push blocking the RP??? RIGHTTT??? pushblocking is very distinct with contact. i really doubt that he was pushblocking the first set at such an early point ESPECIALLY considering the blockstun sentinels beam and RP leave you in lasts until the first set

and about the other video you posted (the first one). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me why, starting at 0:16, sentinel was able to block the AHVB when cable pushblocked BEFORE the first set AND AHVB as sooooon as he was able to? so how exactly would pushblocking EVEN LATER get you to be able to land a AHVB?

it means that i said its possible for you to be right about being able to push block the first set of drones and AHVB (although highly unlikely) but even if you did sentinel would be able to block. the original question of the thread was how to land a AHVB between the 2nd and third set.

actually i was just refering to sealhunta as a newb. i know you’re here to help the community, thats why i havent insulted you like i have sealhunta. sealhunta just posts for the sake of wanting to seem smart when half the shit he posts is bull shit or somethin a newb would do. I do think before i post, i have gone in to complex and specific detail explaining shit that apparently SEVERAL other members AGREE WITH. you wouldn’t get irritated if somebody was telling you 2+2=5?

honestly man, you have a weak argument, no proof, have been shut down with your original proof, then resulted in supplying other proof that still pretty much hurts your argument more, you’ve been accused of as wrong by ME and two other decently knowledged members, and the only person you have behind you is a newb with more neg rep than i thought was possible and “supposedly” duc who you probably had a mis communication with

i’m done arguing with you man. i’ll prove my point when i have the vid.

well, if you are referring your flames to sealhunta, then you should’ve said “that noob” instead of “these noobs” because that is directed to us both because we are the only ones who replied.

and oh yeah, so 2 members agree with you, that already makes you right?

…and so my information shuts him up…

why are you done arguing? is it because you can’t explain everything that i’ve pre-mentioned that supports the odds of you probably being wrong? i seriously want you to answer my billion questions since you seem to know the only concrete information about the game. im not trying to attack you (in any hostile, even verbal way). i just really want you to answer my questions so i can understand you. when i think of all these scenarios and watch the videos, all it does is lead to you being more wrong. im more confused if anything, and the sake of arguing is to clear things up

it was probably sealhunta rubbing off on to you. not to mention i argue with people on the forums all day, it was probably more of a “everyone who posts incorrect shit” type thing.

that makes me more right than you. and me basically breaking down the marvel engine in to terms with strict support that you apparently can’t disagree with also makes me more likely to be right than you.

i’m just tired of bickering back and forth without proving a point.

gudluck on flaming everybodyelse.

with that logic, i think the world would still be square and the earth is still the center of the universe.

don’t worry, i’ll really find a way to make that vid. kyuskite.

thats because you havent made any effort to prove a point besides saying im wrong, and posting videos that only make me more right.

i’ve made an effort to prove me right and you wrong at the same time. you haven’t really done either, definitely havent proved me wrong with anything

thank you, good luck on proving everything else.

ummm, is that not the logic that humans (only the most dominant creature on the planet from its BRAIN) have been using its entire existence? find the most logical answer (with support) until another one unveiled superceeds it?

are we just supposed to KNOW the answer? seems like you’re implying we should be pyschic and already know it. i’ve done the research, wondered why shit happens, and i can safely say that most people would make the same LOGICAL assumptiom

as long as you prove me wrong with the video, i’ll apologize. just don’t disappear on me.

What the fuck are you guys arguing about? How hard can this be?

piponaz, if the Sentinel doesn’t do hp or RP xx HSF, there’s no way you can pushblock (unless he used an assist) until you block the first wave of drones. I REALLY don’t understand what you’re trying to say here. If you don’t block anything before HSF, you simply can’t pushblock. Also, if it’s an HSF out of the blue, you can simply AHVB before the first set hits you, without doing anything else.