I just got Street Fighter 4 today and am enthralled with it. I can’t seem to put it down. I’ve been lurking on SRK for a week or so now. More specifically, I’ve been lurking in the Dan section.:smile:

I’ve been having some trouble at grasping the new style in this game with the Cancels and what not. I’m actually having a bit of trouble on his 4th Normal Challenge. I believe it j.HP xx HK xx QCF+QCF+HP. Forgive me for the lack of terminology.

I can’t seem to get my input time down. I’ve been trying for what has seemed like forever. Can anyone help a Saikyo beginner out? :crybaby:


try j.HP > QCF+HK xx QCF+HP

Well, after posting I went back and tried it some more. I finally got it. I think my main problem is I’m used to a Stick and now I’m using a fight pad (I hate using my thumbs).

I’m on the Hard Trials now, and they are quite difficult. I have a feeling I’m going to be losing a lot of sleep over this game:yawn:

If you’re having trouble with Dan’s you’ll have a nightmare trying to do Gen’s and Viper’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint for the hard trials, try landing the Jump HK (j.HK) as late as possible since the c.HP takes forever to come out :slight_smile:

Ha ha I still cant pass vipers hard trial 1 I cannot do that goddamn cancel for the life of me, I do not get it.

I beat gens 1-4 hard trial right in a row, 5 is a bitch.

That’d be some crazy Super Jump cancel right? God those were a nightmare, don’t know how Vipers pull this out of their arse all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Proud to say I’ve completed every trial and got the achievement :slight_smile:

Oh fuck Gen’s Hard#5 almost had me in tears, I had to cheat and use auto for the Hands cancel but very rarely I’d get to the Kicks at the end then I’d fall short by one or two kicks if I ever did ARGH!!!

I refuse to do Gen’s 5th, if only for the reason that I know I’ll finish the whole combo and fuck up his kick shoryuken.

With you guys on Gen’s 5th, that thing is stupid.

Imagine someone pulling it off in a match?

It’ll never happen since nobody plays Gen :wink:

Windows live ID: TerrorAP2

Please add me. I would love to play some other Dan players to help my skill increase.

I’ll add you when I get on tonight. :smiley:

Hehe ironic thing to say in the Dan forums, no? :stuck_out_tongue: He’s probably as popular as the Saikyo legend himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the trials are pretty impractical but some teach you useful skills, like the Legendary Taunt cancel :smiley:

I really suck at Dan. I’ve only won 1 fight out of ten. Then again, I’m still getting used to the Mad Catz Fight Pad (I like Arcade sticks better). It still doesn’t explain my sorry excuse for playing :frowning:

That’s okay man, I was the same in the beginning. You’ll get better, don’t worry about it and be patient :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys forgotten about Yeb it seems… I’ve actually met a few more gen players, must be his influence. Dans time will come soon for Evo too!

I’ve been getting monkey stomped every time I play. I’ve even had a few messages from people exclaiming how good they are and how bad I suck. It wasn’t until I fought a Viper that I finally realized how Dan is supposed to be played.

I started keeping my distance by back dashing upon the opponent falling. I would constantly go back and forth to try and lure them in and then I would attack. I still lost but I did much better than all of my other matches.

I think one of my main problems is that I use HP Danku instead of LP or MP, thus leaving myself open. It’s not all bad though, as I usually LP+LK when the animation is over and they usually don’t tech it.

I guess I will keep trying. The path to Saikyo sure is tough.

Don’t feel bad. I can’t even win with Ken and Zangief.

Just taunt a few times in a match. It actually helps me get the juices flowing. Sometimes.


Don’t bother with the hatemail live kids, they send their hatemail no matter if they win or lose.
I got a good one when I beat a guy 2-0 with Ryu.

“Fuck you scrub, you can’t do anything but throw fireballs that’s cheap.”

I replied “But I still won. Learn how to counter it”. No more replies there.

One said “YOU SUCK I AM DAIGO I WILL WIN EVO”. And so on and so forth. THey’re just a laugh. The character forums here are great for learning, watch the video threads and read in the combo and newb sticky threads. Mountains of knowledge.

May the Saikyo be with you, padawan.


I think I’m going to get Fraps and start recording my matches. This way, everyone can tell me what I’m doing right and wrong and where I need improvement.

I know one area of improvement is my taunting. There isn’t nearly enough of it! :rofl: