Grand Theft Auto IV - SRK bangin' on fools (use spoiler tags or you'll be banned)

We’re only two weeks away from the biggest release in gaming history. GTA4 is going to be the shit now that it has multiplayer. Who’s down black bag some bitches? We be giving the morgue mad work in COD4. I think we should do the same in GTA.*

*Dataika excluded because going to hot sauce that fool. I’m gonna make his tall tee look like a played out tie-dye teeshirt when we meet up.

Already pre-ordered. Although I’m focusing on single-player, I will defintely be playing this game every day until Ninja Gaiden II hits stores.

You can count on me bringing some carnage… Actually 10 days to go, Less than a week and a half…

I am picking this game up. It is already paid for!



word dog? Sorry I am getting old and don’t understand what the fuck you meant that your going to “hotsauce that fool”. :rofl:

Can I call it that I am going to barbecue bacon cheeseburger people online? I don’t like hotsauce. :smile:

so… how is this different from the other gta4 thread?

Does the other one look like it has SRK bangin’ on fools?


(edit: this isn’t a sarcastic comment, I’m actually curious if you’re overhyping it or is it actually that big a release)

This isn’t a info thread. This a “round up the guys so we can own” thread.

I will bring the Spirit of Truth to GTA4.

preordered mines awhile ago. can’t wait…

anticipation is killing me.

ooops, my mistake!

Does anyone know how free roam mode will actually work? So if we get like a group of 20 SRKers, can we enter/create a city with just the 20 of us or do we have to let other people in no matter what?

I guess it’s exactly what it says on the tin, free mode. As in, “no objective gameplay…”

Who knows whether the matchmaking will be decent or not…?

16 player max, and yes you can do what the fuck you want…just like crackdown was.

Anyone here wanna reenact scenes from Micheal Bay’s Heist thriller “Heat” when this shit comes out? I call Waingro!

If some of you are still skeptic, then read this.

Crackdown was pants though, once you got most of the orbs, blew the shit out of everybody and spammed Keys to the City, the game had little replay value. Just the fact that a GTA is even online is good enough for me and to be honest, I never expected 16 players. It’s took the game from almost 100% simulation to real time, multiplayer action.

I’m just hoping on as many elements from Manhunt’s cover system as possible, I think not being able to hide round corners and duck behind objects was a big let down to GTAIII/VC/SA once you had gone through Manhunt. Being able to hide round the corner and blow people’s faces of with a shotgun was one of the most entertaining parts of “Rockstar” for me and to not have it in GTA was kind of, wierd.

GTA3 will still be the best. Fuck VC and SA

YOu best believe if motha fuckas come stuntin through my hood, Imma get minez.

We should terrorize GameFAQS on PSN when this shit comes out.