Gran Turismo 5 Thread: Don't forget to change the oil on that beater

A month to go! A game we have been waiting for since I bought GT4 in college… 6 years ago.
And then we can have 16 man 48 hour Nurburgring endurance race.

yeah i played this game last week on a race seat and with gass pedals and steering weel. fucking awesome game, cant wait. lol at forza, not even close man.

and yeah always change oil before you drive a new car in gt, they all get more hp. which is good as they lose hp when you use them more often.

Hopefully with the inclusion of damage (and hopefully a smart penalty system) it should cut down on the retards.

‘hurr durr, what’s a corner?’ drives Ford GT 180MPH around a bend wiping out the other 15 drivers

loooooooool, i can see that totally happening.

also, how far have you guys gotten on gt4? i got stuck on 99% or 99,2%. some driving missions (last one is HARD) and an endurance race and i would have completed it. damn, my ps2 slim doesnt even work properly. its that bs part that they fucked up, why did they make the hole where you plug in the powercord soo fucked up. it breaks way too soon. at least the old pos2 had a good one, something more like the pstripples.

I’m kinda new to GT, but I used to watch my cousin play 1-4. Im suped for this game. Are there any wheels and pedal stands that are stationary so that I’m not holding the wheel on my lap/picking it up when I turn?

you buy that shit or make it yourself.

some dope ass quality shit to dirt cheap, its what you want to pay for your experience.,r:7,s:115,r:3,s:31&tx=92&ty=53,r:0,s:73&tx=36&ty=75,r:19,s:95&tx=102&ty=63,r:5,s:135&tx=77&ty=68,r:18,s:242&tx=81&ty=43,r:7,s:284&tx=87&ty=48,r:15,s:306&tx=64&ty=67

o ite. Im on it…

Is it true that the game’s installation data is 10 GB? That’s the one thing that’s shying me from getting it ATM.
…that and for some reason I forsee a GotY edition :stuck_out_tongue:

goddamn… beyond godlike

odin quote: goddamn… beyond godlike

thats whyn its in the first link, i wonder what it goes for?

@tizoc, game is probably way too hard for your average folk. wait a month and buy it for 20 like im gonna do, lol @ full price. and get a slim, i got 250 gb, more than enough room.

and some of those cabinets look way hot in those links ive posted. cheap and dope if possible. i know theres some of them available for 200 or 250. i think i can get somebody to build it for me for around a 100.

The mandatory install is just around 300 mbs. The 10 gig install is for those that have the space on their hdd. Allows for replays to boot up faster (since the quality during replays is EVEN better than gameplay).

Can’t wait for this game. Got all my gt5p cars ready to go. sady i had only one race left to get the f1 and it was too freaking hard. (Lap 15 cars in one lap? yeah right, I’m no pro race car driver lol).

Yea, Only problem is if I get it then have to move, its gonna be a biatch to move, lol. Ima still get one, I hate how digital the d-pad is in racing games.

Aha, that does sound interesting. …but what are the other benefits of the 10 GB install?

Man me, my bros, cousins and friends were so into GT2. The intro theme is prob. one of my fav. in a video game-

Bonus- JP GT2 intro-

couldnt you poleposition and start at the first place? i mean it was possible on gt4. then again, i dont bother with those specs and prologue shit, i always wait for the full game instead of those small titbits (pun intentit).

since lambos and ferraris are now in it, i hope we get this car.

check the specs: 999kg curb weight, 570 bhp (same as the last gallardo v10), 2,5 to 60 mph, over 300 kmh (probably 200 mph or close to it/over it). man i thought ferrari was really improving their cars and wondered how lambo was gonna handle their bussiness. man fuck ferrari, lambo doing the shit HARD. also ferrari quality (fiat, bs) < lambo quality (german vw/audi quality, good shit).

i got friends that have had 430 and 360’s, and also gallardos. from what i heard the quality of the lambo is way better than what ferrari is putting out. and hey, its lambo, lambo > ferrari imo.

Actually they have yet to tell us the difference for to two install sizes. It has been rumored that it is for the replay features that GT5 has.

As for gt5p, the game give specific challenges. This one was to start from last on the suzuki race track and pass 15 cars before the finish line. Yeah they give you a F40, but I could never get higher than 4th.

I’m hyped. Plan on getting a racing wheel, can’t wait to ditch the pad for some real simulated racing. Those cockpits look tight.

Their website is full on stuff. I thought I might be getting an FPS this holiday season, but hell no. Racing is in truly in full swing.

btw there is a team director mode ala “Racing RPG.” I will play the crap out of that. Team director hell yes! Swipe car 83! he’s a jackass!

Yeah, I’m definitely picking this up, but looking around at wheels right now. The G27 is expensive, but I like that it doesn’t seem to make much noise when you turn it. The noice I hear in Driving Force GT videos on Youtube seems like it’d annoy the hell out of me.

ill stick with my pad, ive gotten accustomed to it since gt2 lol
here is my plan…

  1. buy some shit 88’ rx-7
  2. grind the first few tracks
  3. gain enough cash for a zr-1
  4. ???
  5. profit

I have a DFGT, you’re thinking of the DFP. The DFGT right now is the quietest wheel on the market, much less noise than the G27.

That said I already built a wheelstand for GT5P, pre-ordered the $100 collectors edition too. That GT-R model and keychain are gonna be baller!

Really? G27 seems pretty damn quiet in this video:

And for comparison, here’s a video of someone with a DFGT:

Like I said you are confusing it with the Driving Force Pro, even in the video that said it was a DFP. A Driving Force GT is a completely different wheel than the DFP.

edit: didnt see the second video. I’ve used a G25 and the DFGT is quieter, the G27 and G25 still use the same motor and internals so they should sound the same.