Gouken Videos Vol. 2 - (with op updates!)

Going through the original video thread, you have to search page by page and the OP hasn’t been online since last year to update. I want to make it easier for the use of vids by updating the OP often. Can we start with a new collection? Let’s start fresh.

Start off with some older and more recent vids i’ve seen.

925 stun/518 damage gouken combo

Street Fighter 4 - Ernest (Zangief) vs Siyko (Gouken) (pt 1)

Street Fighter 4 - Ernest (Zangief) vs Siyko (Gouken) (pt 2)

Street Fighter 4 - Furious Roy (Boxer) vs Siyko (Gouken)

MirrorR(Gouken) New Collection #07

MirrorR(Gouken) New Collection #06

Street Fighter IV Advanced Play Chapter~5 Gouken (Part 1)



Gouken Vs Gouki (kraiden3)

Saisyu Kusanagi(SRK.com) vs Xbox Live SF4 Match 25

Saisyu Kusanagi(SRK.com) vs Xbox Live SF4 Match 14

Saisyu Kusanagi(SRK.com) vs Xbox Live SF4 Match 15

Also have a channel selection.


Thank you for this, I always wondered why they opted to sticky threads where the OP doesn’t really contribute.

Just a suggestion to link entire accounts where the user frequently uploads Gouken videos at the top if possible. Maybe like desora’s youtube account. http://www.youtube.com/user/desora24

Ya, we can do that too. I will work on making a channel section too, in the OP that is.

is MirroR a PS3 player or xbox? I’m asking cause I would love to try his Gouken against my Gouki…I have a Xbox…

theres this. Nice things here.


Also, nice vids on that link mIRC.

Since we’re doing this fresh, I may as well throw this in here as well. This is my YouTube channel with a handful of Gouken matches against my friends. These aren’t anything spectacular mind you, but I hope they can be of some use.


Seems that Valle was messing w/ Gouken . . . .



me vs gouki

Nice to see Alex Valle playing Gouken. It’d be really cool if he ended up using him for some tournament play.

Another Valle vs Jr vid


The East Cost finest Gouken…SaiSyu.

:confused: who told you that?

Would you like to try my skill online?

Do you play ps3 by any chance? I think your Gouken looks solid, not terribly impressive, but that’s not saying a lot as I only have one match to go on. I’m sure if I had a bunch of your fights to go off of then maybe I’d think otherwise. I think the most impressive Gouken on here from east coast is dirty bodega, but that could be attributed to him being a great player and me seeing a grip of his videos.

I would but you’re on xbox live, oh well.

Here’s my noob ass.


First video is around 2-3 months older than the 2nd, and the 2nd is around 2-3 months older than now. So i guess I got a bit better, meh.

My friend has a PSN account, when would you like to fight so I can show you “That you must defeat Shen-Long to stand a chance”.

It will not be easy…

And you will come close, but if you do not finsh I will kiil you…


This defeats your opponent (1023 damage).

It takes only 2 ex bars. No ultra or anything. And no exploits.

That is nice but the grab did not combo.

But I will put it in my arsenal. Thanks. Good stuff.

The grab is a reset/mix-up/whatever, not a combo. It just hits them so fast that unless they are waiting for it, it will almost always connect.

Nice vids. The times im on fluctuate. Just add me sometime and if Im on I’ll accept a fight.