Gouken SF4 Ultra Updates

From the Japanese comment log (http://www20.atwiki.jp/ssf4/pages/4034.html), it says LP Palm has forward movement and EX Tatsu has bigger hitbox (hits crouching Vega). I’m not sure if EX Tatsu will connect on all crouchers.

He’s just forgetting that that is a chain combo and special cancel won’t work then.

And st.lk is 6fr startup. The only way to link it currently (excluding CH) is after cl.mp.

So far there still is no hit-confirm BNB of quick jabs. This cancelable feature will give us an excellent footsie/spacing tool like Sagat in Vanilla.

I felt excitement when reading all the changes.

Then I reached Gouken’s.

And then I felt like reading a bug fix list.

I can’t call those changes “buffs”.


Am I wrong in thinking that Gouken can now cr. mp xx fireball FADC into more yumminess? That gives me a chubby. Even still the Ex Tatsu hitting ground is great. Now I can save stock for save jumpers.

it depends on how they added the 2 frames. If they added hitstun, then we’ll be getting a pointblank cr.mp x lp.fb.
But they might have removed recovery frames, which would just give us a frametrap.

This is really disappointing :confused:

I don’t think Gouken is ever going to be a competitive character at high levels without some kind of hit-confirm from light attacks, his current play pattern is just not compatible with how the game is played. He’ll always have his niche match-ups and Infiltration will always pick him to beat characters who suck against his fireballs but it’s not enough.

I don’t really agree. EX Tatus is now -really good- anti-air. It does huge amount of damage. Come out fairly fast, and have amazing range that pretty much any forward jump from your opponent will land a hit long if you dash forward. For a FB zoning character EX tatus is exactly what Gouken needs.

To make him good verse knock down pressure, we still kinda need a parry buff. But this is promising still.

actually goukens buffs sound really good, if they turn out to function like they read…

can not wait to get my hands on this new gouken…

He’s still going to get thrown all the time. That’s still a thing.
Makoto’s Ultra 2 got a “Fuck you Gouken” buff too.

There HAS to be more or else Gouken isn’t moving up at all. In fact, I’d say he’s trending downward!

I think gouken has 3 major weaknesses, no hit-confirms off light attacks, blown up by Focus attacks and ex tatsu not hitting low. One is fixed for sure, and the other is potentially fixed with lk or maybe cr.lk more consistently getting into lp palm and blowing up people mindlessly focusing in.

Personally, I don’t think gouken needs the hit-confirms off lights. He should be zoning most people out in the first place, and then spacing them out with pokes. I mean, Abel is a rush down character and has no hit-confirms off lights yet can still do work.

^ Abel has a command grab… and b/c his roll on your wake set ups, he won’t really be affected by delayed wake up too much.

Gouken is a hybrid character… he’s a good zoner but it’s incomplete without a 2 hit fireball and he does massive damage but that’s incomplete b/c you can’t hit confirm into it except from st. mp.

The problem with his zoning is, people eventually figure out that they just need to walk in on him and focus absorb his 1 hit fireball instead of jumping and getting sniped out the air. When you have those fast characters who can bully around fireballs… it puts Gouken in a situation where he can be on the defensive for a lot of the match, especially when he doesn’t have meter.

You can simply base your game plan around grabbing Gouken and discourage him to do something else beside kongo. And if he can’t hit low with EX Tatsu or EX Tatsu FADC… it’s a gamble for him to try to reversal you… You can’t do with Abel or you’ll just get snatched up and the tables will be turned quickly.

Aside from SIM which can teleport… there aren’t a bunch of characters that you just don’t give a shit about and will just grab them b/c your aren’t afraid of them going on the offense. This is the most BS aspect of his design.

Other characters have command grabs, teleports, or reversals to deal with this… Gouken has… … … … … … … … … … we are still waiting for it.


KingBlackToof posted a mod for the PC version that allows you to mess around with the new Gouken changes

I just downloaded and messed around with this. I’m no execution king or lab monster but if it works like this mod, this is a pretty delicious buff for Gouken. The MP button is going to become Gouken’s sriracha. Put that shit on EERRYTHANG.

jump mk, cls. mp, far mp, crouch mp~LP hado works full screen.
you can link into ex palm from crouch mp. Not from a combo though.
cls. mp, far lk into MK/EX tatsu or LP palm

This was just from me messing around for ten minutes.

does cR.mp>cl.St.hk>cl.MP work…?

I would doubt counter hit c.MP would leave you close enough for a cl.HK, but certainly not to get a cl.MP after that even without the c.MP.

I can only assume he meant cl.mp > clst.hk > cr.mp x lp.fb

as far as I know, bison is the only one who you can somewhat reliably get another close hit after cl.mp.
sometimes ryu and sometimes gief.

that said, that’s an interesting idea.

against bison, you could try cl.mp > hk. If you get the close version, it might link to cr.mp x lp.fb
if you get the far version, it’ll be a frame trap that leaves you +3, which i suppose would be enough for a link to super.

i dunno if you wanna do that after a cl.mp hit tho, seems to me you’d wanna just do a bnb.

was supposed to be crouch MP> close MP> …no Counterhit …
CH MP has way too much push back as it is…

currently close MP>cl.St.hk is char spec , to include most shotos save akuma of course

if the new CR.MP>Cl.St.mp then maybe cr.mp>Cl.St.hk following can include more of the cast

Curious if : Cl.hk>Cl.St.lk now with the update?

inside game most vicious with even Cl.lk>tatsus, we already get up to about 6-7 ht combos from DJ.MP>lp>CR.LP>CR.LP…etc…to add 3-5 more on top is nice for a change

I can’t wit to get this into the labskie

I will begin treating it like crouching blanka and tatsus…just hoping everyone is similar

waiting to inhale… lol


After using gouken for years I like the changes. Sf4 was made to bring all kinds of styles together and I come from the super turbo and third strike world. I don’t want the jab chain combos because if capcom did add this they would have to reduce goukens damage out put on combos and probably get rid of his throw ultra to make it fair. Also make his sweep a traditional shoot sweep with recovery to keep him balance.

Gouken is old school so his game is about landing that knockdown which leads to mind games with frame traps and the fear of the throw ultra as this can force a mistake that will lead to another knockdown…

The reduced stun on df throw I can live with since the damage is still good.

Lp palm I only use vs certain matchups.

Low mp is better but only if it hits

Ex tat now this completes gouken… C.lk x ex tat FADC Denjin footsie :smiley: