Gouken SF4 Ultra Updates

  • Standing Far Light Kick is now cancelable.

  • Close Standing Light Kick might be cancelable (waiting on translation clarification.)

  • Crouching Light Punch now 3 frames

  • Can confirm jabs into LP. Palm (untested)

  • EX.Tatsu now 5 frame start up and invincible for 6 frames instead of 8

  • Demon Flip Throw stun down to 100

  • Crouching Medium Punch now +3 on hit (was +1).

  • Counter Attack will now longer activate with DF, F, DF motion.

SRK has a few more listed, I mentioned it in the loctest questions thread but here it is again:


(via LiNGo164)

Far standing LK is now cancellable
Crouching MP now +3 on hit (from +1)
Kongoshin will no longer activate with DF, F, DF motion
Hyakki Gosai (Demon Flip throw) stun reduced from 200 to 160
LP Senkugoshoha has slightly expanded hitbox
EX Tatsumaki Gorasen has expanded hitbox (hits crouchers)

Yeah, I didn’t notice the other thread.
I’ll keep this one updated anyway.

oh screw you, capcom.


What The Fuck

i’m reading thru this list and it’s like… all the characters that needed it got great stuff while gouken gets bug fixes and what seem like pretty arbitrary changes.

Poor Gief :frowning:

There HAS to be more. Did you SEE elf’s BUFF list?!

I’m going to be suuuper salty if that’s all Gouken gets.

It has been noted that this is the initial build change list and far from being set in stone.

It should also be noted this is only a few people testing it. There could be more these people haven’t discovered.

also, what good is it to have cr.mp’s frame advantage increase by 2f on hit?

frame traps with other normals? I think it still won’t get us cr.mp xx fb.

Sup, it’s Santa Claus Jr from AE PC… And fuck yeah to that change :smiley:

Anyways, I think the far lk change might be a very good buff, if it combos into lp.palm. You could potentially use it as a safe buffer in footsies to fuck up people who just try to mindlessly focus into gouken’s range (which is a bit frustrating).

does not sound bad, seemingly:
kongo bug
extatsu hits crouch
cr.mp x hado combo (recovery 14 + adv 3 = 17 = hado start up)
more range on lp rush punch

  • new possibilities with cancelable far.lk

sounds promising for me!

This is a lot of good stuff … there is also a demon flip grap nerf … but maybe they changed recovery after the KD !?

When cr.mp X hado is now a combo and EX Tatsu hit crouchers … this is hughe !!!

I like this … and trust me … I main Adon & Bison … this two guys were fu… up hard !!!

Say hello Gouken … or maybe Guile … he got soooo much buffs … it is crazy !!!

@Mic Witt
Ready for Rumble ?

sure, see u there…

I have full list of changes from capcom.

This is pretty much all we get except for the reduction of the recovery on the DF flip throw to allow for more follow ups.

Honestly, I think this is enough.

Gouken can now combo from jabs, combo cr. mp into hadou, ex tatsu hits crouching.

Just the fact that we can link shin sho from a jab with two bars now is crazy (cr. lp, cr.lp, st. lk xx lk tatsu fadc ultra).

Not to mention having a real wake up move.

This are few, but HUGE buffs.

what? where do you read the hit confirm in far.lk in lk tatsu ?

I guess because it’s cancelable?

Then again lk tatsu will still miss crouchers so you don’t really want to do that.


Just to clarifies. Far.lk cancellable does NOT mean you can hit confirm. Chain combo are all non-cancellabe. For example, Ken / Ryu’s jab jab -> SRK is not a cancel but a 2 frame link.

Far.lk cancellable does lead to better footise since we can occasionally cancel it into FB or lp.palm especially if lp palm hitbox have been improved. Could do some OS hit confirm possibly, Nowhere near as good as other character’s hit confirm (like Sakura’s c.mk -> SRK) but still better then nothing.

Overall the change seem promising but nothing particularly strong compare to the other character’s buffs. EX hitting croucher just mean that we have a reversal that almost every other fireball character have. It improve Gouken to keep him still in line with the rest of the cast but nothing amazing.