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I saw this is the Akuma forum and liked it, so I’m bringing it here.

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I like this thread too, but this is a little dry with nobody posting.

Let me ask something:

In your opinion, What is the best way to follows up after a c.rh / c.hk knock down?

Great thread idea…I was just about to make a random thread to get flamed in…lol. Good thing I backed out and actually read a few thread titles. Anyway, I’ve been trolling these threads for a while because I picked up Gouken a couple weeks ago hoping to add a new character to my roster. I started with Guile to learn defense and anti airs properties, picked up Ibuki to learn timing and vortex, then picked up Adon to learn the intricacies of links (jab links for the win) and the complicated nature of his general play. Out of all the characters my win percentage is highest with Adon (around 73%) but I tired of playing 100% just to beat scrubby opponents so I wanted to progress to a more challenging yet rewarding character… ENTER Gouken.

I really like gouken, I literally spent 30+ hours in practice mode and online learning different playstyles before I even jumped into an online game (as per my habit) I learned a lot from Bullcat, Desora, and the guys on here that post videos so when creating my own strategy I took a lot of what works and mixed it with what I believe I could improve upon. I put in about a 100 games last night in endless and I maybe MAYBE lost 9. Gouken is quite an amazing character and I’ve been wondering why I don’t see higher level players use more demon flip after untechable kd? I’ve noticed that he has different timing for almost ever matchup but when it works it really works, they can’t mashout, they are forced to block, and if they don’t meter or high invincibility attacks they are basically stuck in it. Gouken block strings are quite impressive as well basically forcing the opponent to mash out (n.mk, lp. hado can loop for quite some time.) All thats needed is a forward throw or sweep. Seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me. Is there something I’m missing? I don’t see it used all that much and its been bothering me for quite sometime.

Also, I can’t seem to continuously land corner reset to demon flip throw. I’ve even set my stick to have a throw button and it will give me air counter or the throw will whiff. I land it maybe 3 outta 10 attempts. Is there something I’m missing?

Lastly whats the general strategy for Gen? I’ve been trying to keep him full screen with fireball spam. His weird jump ark and amazing crossup allow for anti airs to be near ineffective. I don’t want to throw out kongo recklessly because of its massive recovery. Whats the general idea on this matchup? Should i play it closer and trying to limit his options with strong block strings and okizeme or is this a matchup of yomi? Full screen really does come down to luck with goukens fireball and by throwing more air hados its conditioning opponents to not jump but Gen is a different story, I’ve had Gen jump thru ex-hado…lol. Right between them. Its quite amazing. How is this matchup played?


Are you sure about getting a parry, when you press the throw button? I mean, you have a button configured to LP+LK, and you still get parry from the Gouken-flip?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s one of Gouken’s weird handicaps. After all, he is the master, and should be difficult to master :lol:

Concerning Gen, I throw a lot of diagonal fireballs to catch his wall-dive. Against his wall-dive where he thrusts towards you and not over, you can jump straight up and land with HP. Best normal anti-air is crouching MK as crouching HP gets beaten easily by Gen.

yeah it registers punch, then punch+kick so its giving me parry instead. I put in about an hour of work with it and I seem to get it with about an 80% success rate now. It works better if I just use my the buttons instead of setting a throw button. Also I’m running sets against Gen right now, going on about 50 str8 games, anti airing isn’t really an option because of the jump ark that Gen has. I’ve got him figured though. All I need is one sweep…lol.

Good thread

If you can safe jump them, then your mix ups should be based mainly off of the safe jump. If you can’t safe jump them, all your follow ups should be to attack their reversal window or to do some type of bait to make them do something punishable.

You can also mix up walking up and throwing with walking up and frame trapping their wake up with cl. st. hp. The only thing that can save them from the frame trap aside from blocking is a reversal, so that would be your way to bait that shit. If you think they will reverse, you either block or use EX GF at point blank range to avoid it and punish them on the way down.

You can also opt to use cross up mix ups to keep them off balance.

The safe jump part is what I’m having problem with. I can usually safe jump them, but they usually either attack back, which I stuffs, or throw, which I still have problem doing. I’m not sure if I am safe jumping correctly because if they block, my air jump in is not hitting sometime.

The only one I know of is mid screen forward throw -> forward dash -> mk gouken Fall and press kick as soon as possible. It usually safe jump them very well. But I know of no other timing that seem reliable. So, my question is: For Gouken, is safe jump a strictly timing thing or is there something you can do to calculate the timing?

^ If you untech them and your jump in attack is whiffing then it’s too early and you are doing it wrong. The only group you want to show an early safe jump (fake safe jump) is on Shoto’s.

Look in the Match Up thread and check “General Info” on the first page and there should be some safe jump videos and a safe jump guide, you should be able to get a gauge on the timing from that. Your dive kick should always hit, make them block, or reverse if that is not happening then you aren’t doing a true safe jump.

The timing windows for each character type that you can safe jump can vary. Guile, Dee Jay, Cammy, and Chun Li with EX are the hardest to safe jump; And then you have Makoto and Dhalsim being the easiest to safe jump.

The timing for the first group is pretty much the same except Cammy, on her you have to delay 1 frame to make sure the dive kick hits/makes opp. block/reverses (if I remember correctly). Once you get the first group I mentioned down pat, every one else will be a piece of cake.

I will tell you after cr. roundhouse you have to immediately put the GF input in to do it correclty. I use the piano technique (I enter my motion immediately after cr. roundhouse and start pressing the desired k button like crazy).

I don’t know of anyone who’ve mastered the art of safe jumping without practicing the hell out of it, so I wish you well during your extended hours in training mode to unlock the secrets of the Gouken Flip.

Any tips on getting the timing of j.mp off a backthrow down? I’d like to be able to consistently do the 1 or 2 hit version on a whim depending if I got Super or not).

Beside practice, there really isn’t much you can do. A few things is to remember that timing is hard to grasp for this because there are always waiting time. I do it by holding back / up durning the throwing animation, so Gouken pretty much instantly jump back. Then simply press j.mp when gouken’s head reaches certain spot of the screen. I can do the single hit about 7 out of 10 times after some practice and double hit lands about 6 out of ten times. Problem with it is that the different hit box of each character make this slightly different.

beware as well lag times online youll want to not rely on it>it can be done however> my advice is to start with our most difficult character first>>>and always

I hear plenty about how cr. HP is a damn good anti-air, but I’ve been having trouble using it as such.

Where and when exactly do I want it to hit?

Experiment. You’ll quickly see it’s pretty good for incoming jump-ins around 30 to 60 degrees of an angle of attack.

I want to add: Develop a reaction time to decide between cr.mk, st.mk, kongo (good for crossups (but don’t abuse it or you will see a lot of empty jumps), and after a low hado jump-in bait).

Using the tatsu as anti-air may land you an ultra trade (or you can FADC out of it into the ultra).

And of course, for those with a floaty jump you can land a raw super or ultra as an anti-air.

Got another quick question:

Why do I see a lot of Gouken’s OS teching throws with db.lp+lk+mk?

because c.mk comes out in 4 frames and stuffs dive kick shenans.

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here.

Im a king of fighters/tekken player but recently picked up SSF4 (my first street fighter title) in mid august and have been trying to main gouken.

according to this link here
Gouken (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

the startup frames on goukens fireball are 17[7] and recovery is 41[31]

my question is, what do the numbers in the brackets mean? i know numbers in () mean if the later part of the hit connects but what are brackets for?

Hi, could somebody please answer my above question? thank you

Without the actual link to your info it is hard to confirm. Can you post the actual link?

Gouken (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

sorry, i had tried posting it the first time… not sure why it didnt work

It would seem no ones knows, b/c I sure as hell don’t.

Maybe the the number in the bracket indicates another frame the move is active for hit again. I know palm can fire in the beginning and the end. I just said to hell with the numbers in the bracket a long time ago.