Gouken Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

Make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has.

I’ll update this first post so once thing are found etc, no one has to read thru xx amount of pages.

Combo vid by Mirror: [media=youtube]ZVfdOq8rAbQ"[/media]

All combos can be done after a dive kick, jump in, focus, or cross up
Normal Combos:
(damage values later)

  1. s.fp xx dp+mp
  2. s.fp xx qcb+hk
  3. s.fp xx qcf+p
  4. s.mp, c.lp xx hk hurricane (opponent must be standing)
  5. Anti-air lk hurricane (trades), lk hurricane
  6. Anti-air lk hurricane (trades), dp+lp
  7. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, dash, hk hurricane

EX combos:

  1. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, dp+hp
  2. s.fp xx ex hurricane
  3. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, lp gohadouken juggle

Corner combos:

  1. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, mp gohadouken, lp gohadouken, s.fp reset
  2. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, ex hadouken, Shin Shoryuken
  3. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, mp gohadouken, lp gohadouken, ex hurricane
  4. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, hp gohadouken, ex gohadouken, ex hurricane
  5. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, hp gohadouken, mp gohadouken, ex hurricane
  6. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, hp gohadouken, mp gohadouken, Shin Shoryuken
  7. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, ex gohadouken, ex gohadouken, ex gohadouken, Shin Shoryuken.
  8. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, hp gohadouken, lp gohadouken, sweep

Super/Ultra Combos:

  1. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, ex hadouken, Shin Shoryuken (corner)
  2. back throw, Shin Shoryuken
  3. back throw, dp+hp xx True Shoryuken
  4. Air-to-air j.mp, Shin Shoryuken (You cannot get the first hit version of his ultra, not even all the multi-hits, Ive got 6 hits max)
  5. Air-to-air j.mp, True Shoryuken
  6. s.hp xx dp+mp xx True Shoryuken
  7. Anti-air hurricane xx true shoryuken
  8. Anti-air hurricane (trades), Shin Shoryuken
  9. s.fp xx ex dp+pp, fp gohadouken, Shin Shoryuken
    10 Counter xx True Shoryuken

FADC Combo:

These are much easier when countering a jump in, still not too bad if they are grounded.

-Near Corner-

  1. Counter xx FADC, shin shoryuken (corner) (594 with Ultra at MAX)
  2. Counter xx FADC, hk hurricane (365)
  3. Counter xx FADC, ex gohadouken, s.hp (404)
  4. Counter xx FADC, ex gohadouken, ex hurricane (480)
  5. Counter xx FADC, Shin Shoryuken (677 with Ultra at MAX)
  6. s.fp xx lp gohadouken xx FADC, c.fp xx gohadouken xx FADC, c.fp xx dp+mp


  1. s.fp xx ex dp+pp xx FADC, Shin Shoryuken
  2. s.fp xx ex dp+pp xx FADC, fp gohdouken, dp+lp
  3. s.fp xx ex dp+pp xx FADC, hk hurricane
  4. s.fp xx ex dp+pp xx FADC, hp gohadouken, dp+lp
  5. s.hp xx lk hurricane (1-hit) xx FADC, Shin Shoryuken
  6. s.hp xx lp gohadouken xx FADC xx c.fp xx ex palm, dash forward hk hurricane
  7. s.hp xx lp gohadouken xx FADC xx c.mp xx hk huricane (opponent must be standing)

Back throw combos:

  1. dp+hp xx True Shoryuken
  2. j.mp (1-hit), Shin Shoryuken
  3. j.mp (1-hit), EX Tatsu
  4. j.mp (1-hit), s.fp
  5. j.mp (1-hit), sweep

In the Corner: focus->s.hp(or s.mp possible)->ex palm slide move->juggle with hurricane kicks

back throw->ultra

from [media=youtube]T6TlvT0qKaM[/media]

in corner:

close s.hp->ex palm move->juggle 2 hits with EX fireball->ultra

worked on Zangief

From my account on Capcom-Unity. (SpawN)

Gosai Combo

To cornertrapped opponent.

Combo: - J.HK - S.HP - EX Senkugoshoha - HP Hadouken - EX Hadouken - LP Hadouken - C.MK (Damage 528!) - LK Hyakkishuu - Hyakki Gousai (Damage 678!!)

NOTE: Hyakkishuu - Hyakki Gousai doesn’t add to the combo. Why Hyakki Gosai is there is because of follow up.

Hits, Stun & Total Damage (Training Mode)

Hits: 9 (“11” with Hyakki Gousai.) - Stun: 1018(!!) Opponent stunned. - Damage: 528 (!!) 678 with Hyakki Gousai(!!)

EX Left: 2(!!) - Revenge left: FULL

Difficulty: Hard


In order to connect the EX Hadouken, take note to when Dan changes position in mid-air from the EX Senkugoshoha. He should do it when at the peak of the fall. That is your cue to throw away the HP Hadouken. As soon as the HP Hadouken hits and Gouken returns to standing position, immediately throw away the EX Hadouken, it will now connect. Quickly follow up with LP Hadouken, then crouching MK. After that, cancel out c.MK to Hyakki Shuu - Hyakki Gousai. Tada! 678 damage, a dizzy Dan and a FULL Ultra meter.

You COULD start the combo over again, however Dan won’t get dizzy because of the stun meter increasing by +200 pts.

Rasen - Shin Shoryuken Combo (Works everywhere.)

This basically is a Tatsumaki Gou Rasen S/FADC’d into Shin Shoryuken using reverse command input.

Tips: In order to throw out the Shin Shoryuken, you need to do something I call reverse command input, this is how to do it:

  1. Start off with a Tatsu, S/FADC it and Gouken will change sides, dashing under the opponent.

  2. As he is dashing under, input:

D, DF, F, D, DB, B + PPP.

Difficulty: Very Hard

I put this as a difficulty of Very Hard because of the extreme timing this requires with the execution of the Shin Shoryuken. Do it too slowly and it will whiff, do it too fast and the opponent will fall over you. Practice and memorize this and it will be a deadly cross-up if you manage to master it.

Hits, Stun & Total Damage (Training Mode)

Hits: 4 - Stun: 100 - Damage: 474-489 depending on which strength of Tatsumaki you choose.

EX Left: 2 (Unless you EX Tatsumaki.(1)) - Revenge Left: None

is 5 five possible? sounds like deadly combo if timed well. Might make him OP. anyhow judging my that early release video of Gouken, he seems very formidable. i’m sure he takes a lot of damage.

WTF at those combos?

Until there is visible proof of those…those sound bogus as fuck.

wtf this aint a theory your combo thread. i call bogus too

Exactly, I am also very sceptical, but hey, won’t hurt to find out if they work or not. :lovin:

Wish I could try them, unfortunately, SFIV won’t come anywhere near me until the 20:th. If they don’t work, then i’ll delete of course.

Every gouken player (and wannabe gouken player) should learn back throw, ultra.

With this, gouken has probably the easiest way to land ultra in the entire game. Not only that, it works ANYWHERE on screen.

The timing is to perform ultra pretty early after the animation for the throw ends (be careful as it is possible to perform the ultra too early and just get the multi-hitting dragon punch).
You’ll know if you done it right because in the ultra startup frame you shouldn’t be able to see the opponents body. If you see the body, you have done it too late.

How it work is that unlike ryu’s version in 3s, gouken’s shin-sho is not a 1-frame executing move. The opponent has to literally fall into the active hit frames so bear this in mind when trying to do this combo (or even anti-air with it).

What’s up with theory fighter?

ban this fool.

Im not updating this until the game is in my hands to test it. Btw, I think those directional shit is dumb. qcf+p is better than 8 billion arrows and a big circle with hp in it.

Forgive the misunderstanding, but are you referring to me with this post?

[edit] I guess I should’ve known better than post up stuff without supplying proof that I have actually performed the stuff I’ve mentioned. I know that this is srk/internet/sf4 forum so I understand if you guys think what I’m saying is bullshit.

And most of ???'s combos don’t work.

Easy to perform works everywhere and does 780 stun and good damage

jumping in HK - Standing HP xx EX palm JUGGLE HP PALM (no corner needet)

in a real fight this should be a dizzy combo since when you can land it you hafe done some damage to match the 850-1200 dizzy

No, I meant ban ??? and his dumbshit imaginary combos. I don’t have any issue with what you said.

Oh ok, nvm then :wonder:

Well if any of you haven’t seen Gouken’s trial mode yet-
Make sure you have a big supply of underwear before watching.
Gouken THE REAL shoto MASTER.

here is gouken challenge mode [media=youtube]vpjhu8k9MPc&feature=channel_page[/media]

^Check the post before yours :V

That was an EPIC challenge mode. Everything he does seems so brutal it just makes me even more glad that I’m maining him. Some of those combos is just total WTF, though compared to the damage of some of Gouken’s previous combos, that very last one at the end seemed a little superfluous for how little bar it took off. Awesome video! I’d rep you for it if I could :wgrin: