Got two questions about blocking / unblockables

  1. you know when magneto does his hp throw, and person thrown auto blocks upon escape? what happens if they were hit by an unblockable right out of that? eg, say you’re using combofiend with drones… throw in the air, call drones, dhc to proton cannon (assuming you DHC at the exact same time they break out and in auto block mode, and the frame before the drones hit)

  2. i’ve noticed that normal unblockables wont work if there’s something close to the opponent on the screen. eg, if you call magneto assist + spit at the same time, it’s typically blocked…

so my question… if i were to do a tempest, and DHC into proton cannon right before the shard was to hit, is it unblockable, because there are other things on the screen? (just as an example, not as something literal.

i think your perception of unblockables is different, but Magnetro could better explain.

my understanding is that only certain moves allow unblockable (dhc’s that don’t require you to go to block animation). tempest isn’t one of them.

sim’s qcf+kk is. I’d imagine if you did mag-a + sim’s qcf+kk, the mag-a now allows them to go into block animation (that the qcf+kk didn’t), thus removing the ‘unblockable’ status.

sent unblockable is different on its own. not sure anything else really fits into that category.

I’m not sure, but isn’t Darkness Illusion part of the category you speak of? I’m not sure but I think I remembered someone saying that somewhere…I should just test it.

It would be a great assist to my “Team Sacrilege” composed of Ruby, Akuma and Morrigan.

darkness illusion, strider’s ragnarok, storm’s LA, etc, aren’t those all crossups?

The unblockable DHCs that I’m talking about…

if you DHC the frame before a projectile hits, it’s unblockable… regardless of scenario.

at :50 seconds, watch what happens. sent calls drones, does plasma super, sent comes in and goes into block animation, DHC into hail right before the drones hit… sent can’t block the drones.

Now, does the same thing apply with all projectiles. that’s what my second question was asking? In other words, DHCing at the right time during a tempest, would that cause an unblockable scenario?

As for the first question, I meant, when the opponent goes into an auto block situation (like coming out of Magneto’s HP throw), and gets hit with an unblockable at the same time, like the projectile unblockable situation that i mentioned before with the sent drones, and as seen in the video, what happens? auto block + unblockable = what?

well proton cannon isn’t “unblockable” (like sen’ts c.hp) it just hits before u get a chance to block, so if u are already blocking, i would assume that u would block the proton cannon.

and, i didn’t know that u go into auto block after u get hp trown with magneto, but i know u get invincibility from assist hits if are in the midst of trowing someone.

i remember so many times that i call drones, and someone trows me, then like 2 drones go through them, but the last one hits them and then i combo off of it lol

and for ur 2nd question, it is probably becuz the game recognizes the other attack on the screen, so your opponent ends up be able to do the blocking animation.

the only reason unblockables work is becuz the game system doesn’t recognize an attack.

but if something else is on the screen then unblockables are n/a


you’re still missing the point

if you DHC the moment before a projectile hits you, the projectile becomes unblockable.

watch the video and see what i mean. the drones are completely unblockable in that scenario. I’ve seen bill do it last week in chinatown

shit, i just seen that

i dont know what is going on

it could very well be a guardbreak, u gotta ask djb13

i think it would help to ask if sent DHC’ed into something that didn’t hit, like let’s say , doom’s Hyper combo where he just shoots a blast upwards, would the drones still hit or would they be blocked.

ok, it’s NOT a guardbreak. it’s an unblockable.

need i type it again and again to drill it into your head?

EM disruptor lets you block i’m assuming?

i.e. waking up into mouthbeam = waking up with nothing TOO block since the 2nd hit doesn’t let you. disruptor puts something on the screen which allows you to block

but then again, if you do the corner OTG setup (which has flying screen), this wouldn’t make sense because the disruptor would come out later then the mouthbeam

unless you’re talking about unfly setups, like launch whatever whatever xx unfly hp, land, unblockable?

man fuck this confusing broken ass game

Yea. Question for your question though: when have you seen a human opponent auto-block upon escape of the HP throw? I’ve only seen this occur with the cpu dummy in training mode and rarely w/ the cpu in arcade. Most players mash to escape Mag’s HP throw (the capture after-effect, not the tech), so will be escaping DOING something, not auto-blocking…that makes them vulnerable to a hit in itself…

You want to attempt an unblockable on an auto-blocking opponent? You would have to first find out what causes them to auto-block in the first place…

You just made it interesting. I’m pretty sure, iirc, when thrown with Mag’s AIR HP throw, the victim will bounce after hitting the ground and will then return to the ground paralyzed, if I may. So, you have just entered a new factor into the equation. You have auto-block grounded, and auto-block bounce. Your initial question deals with auto-block grounded, so, again, you have to figure out what causes them to auto-block in the first place.

Auto-block bounce is interesting, though. Say your opponent escapes from Mag’s AIR HP throw during the peak of their bounce (would have to find out how soon player could escape to be sure if it’s possible). During the interim they are falling, are they in NJ or SJ mode? Given NJ, if Mag’s uf+hp or his ad/df are fast enough to tick them before they land and he DHCs into someone who can pursue ideally, you have a GB situation. Lot of ifs and experimenting though. Then again, if your opponent mashed out of an AIR HP throw and attacks at the peak of their bounce, given they are in NJ mode, they can’t block again until landing anyway.

Highly specific, but interesting.

Your example though doesn’t quite fit your situation well. You want to AIR HP throw them with Mag…then land…then call Sent…then wait for drones to get about 4-5 frames away from opponent…then DHC and have the in-coming HC hit just as the drones are within 1 frame of your opponent. I could see your opponent having escaped by then…

Maybe if you play around with it a bit (after experimenting to find out what causes them to auto-block in the first place), you could do a little something. You could call drones faster to allow less escape time:

after AIR HP throw, ad/d sj.hp/hk (sure you’ve noticed how Mag uses his momentum to land slightly faster than w/o a fierce/roundhouse), then call drones, sj. ad/f and over your opponent to move the screen and force them closer to the drones, then proceed to test your set-up…

after AIR HP throw, fly, then proceed to do your set-up…

How can you be sure, mang? You gotta wonder if in the time you called your assist, did it screw up your timing on the unblockable? Did the assist hit before your spit, thus messing up your hitbox? Something to think about…

This is very similar to the drones situation, so it seems plausible. Much more specific, but plausible. Also, considering that the shards have a random factor as to where they travel and how many there are, you would have to have eagle eyes and surgical precision.

Yeah, all the things I’m asking don’t necessarily have a practical value. I just want to know what happens to an unblockable in any auto blocking situation.

as for the human auto blocking, if you mash out and don’t move, you auto block. my buddy does it all the time because he believes in not abusing the stick… he’ll never mash more than he has to. hes’ yet to beat me though, and i suck.

i wanna say you block the unblockable. yeah sounds weird. but when you auto block it will then recognize the drones on the screen but with PC being a frame kill DHC it would just appear on the screen and keep them blocking. i think the reason the drones are unblockable in the vid is because of the delay after the DHC with hailstorm. i have to test that scenario just to be sure though.

:rofl: look at the join date ur getting responses from

So why didn’t you respond? :china: No pressure…just curious.

because i dont know the answer either :sad:

why is it that the only responses that i’ve gotten that weren’t hypothetical asshat responses so far are from #reload, who really didn’t have anything to do with my question, and xero?

anyway, xero, you’re thinking what i was thinking.

supposedly, the reason that the drones are unblockable is the same reason sent’s spit is. for whatever reason, certain things get two hits (like his spit)… well, remember when you do a ffly combo and DHC at the right time during commando’s spark? it hits twice… same principle.

^B/c you posed a ‘hypothetical, asshat’ question. No practical value…as you mentioned. You ask a question that requires a bit of thought in understanding exactly how the situation would work. In your question, you pose a factor of something highly impractical happening that hasn’t yet been understood, and you diss the brainstorming you get from those who post in your thread. Nice. Have fun with that.

or the fact that almost all the answers that i got were from people who didn’t even know about the projectile unblockable crap that i was talking about and first insulted me as thoguh i don’t know what an unblockable is. You have fun with that.