Got two questions about blocking / unblockables

back to the question at hand. maybe its not even an unblockable maybe its more of a guard break usin the freeze frames oh dhc’s. i dont have a certain answer but thats another theory i came up with.

i say this because sentinel comes in blocking drones before plasma starts then storm comes out and hailstorms. inbetween that small gap sents block is broken and he gets hit with drones right before hailstorm. :wonder: marvels crazy but until i know for sure thats my theory. and like i said in my first post it wouldnt happen in the said incident since they would already be blocking from the unblock and iron mans dhc is instant as compared to storms who has a slight delay before the hits.

i could see that…

if you find a better answer than that let me know.

Is there a sure fire way too setup for the unblockable with sent or cable just had too ask also great thread thanks for the info peace.

sent only can guarantee it with meaties and against characters with no air control.

examples of air control >
air dashing (except when coming in, such as in magneto’s case)
double / triple jumping (except when coming in, such as psylocke’s case)
floaters (storm, i think might be the only one)
advanced falling techniques (eg, if you stomp with sentinel, you’ll automatically get hit, but you’ll fall fast enough to recover)
character specific moves that let you float (eg. cable)

meaties will always hit as long as they’re timed properly. Cable’s meaty wont work on most of the cast as they’re duckable.

i think that’s a guard break but i’m not so sure because you can’t really see it properly cause of the poor quality of the vid. i tried searching at preppy’s site for that vid but found none. i’ll try to pm him later if he has that vid to see if that really is a guard break or a unblockable.

but if someone could contact dj-b13, that would be much better.

just finished watching the vid, and i’m pretty sure that’s a guardbreak because it’s the same thing around 1:56mark where he used it against storm. it only seems to be an unblockable because of the delay of the DHC.

the thing is that when you do certain, if not all supers, there’s a frame delay (hence why HG xx temp works at the end of an air combo) the projectiles move a frame or more? and auto attach.

the game is registering the character in block animation, BUT, the game is also registering the projectile already being in their hitbox.

if you’re asking if it’s a guardbreak, it can’t be, because the character isn’t ever blocking, just goes into the block animation.

you could also be right.

why don’t you just pm dj-b13 to clear things up and share it up if ever.

beacuse that’s not what my question was about.

i’m asking what happens when an unblockable situation occurs in an autoblocking situation.

can you set up cables unblockable bullet with something like call drones first nj hp then s.hp x4? not sure since im not a cable player really. just thinking about things.

anywho if they auto block theyll continue to block im sure. something like sents beam would be an example i guess. they are in the air coming down you call lets say blackhearts assist and they block if they land on the “unblockable” hit they still block it since they were already blocking. so in this situation im sure its about the same.

i meant auto blocking like int eh case of coming out of magneto’s throw. not when the player actualy goes to block.

sups MIXAHH!

seems most ppl arent understanding.

#1. i think auto block can be broken but gotta try it out. forget throw in the air just do it on ground.

mag calls drones on ground + grab, opponent gets out and auto block occurs, proton cannon before drones hit.

#2 Ya i think this is correct u cannot unblockable + assist at same time. But, i have seen unblockable then calling assist after. I think everyone knows this.

just dont press c.hp + assist, press it after and it will work.

another unblockable scenerio: say you kill cable the same time he pressed his drone assist. cable is in dead state and drones coming after you, drones are unblockable. dunno why though.

wtf to that cable scenario!?

The auto block situation in number 1: that makes sense. Just, I don’t have access to a second person who has the capability to test these things out with me.

2, that’s what i was thinking. the other thing about that question though, is projectiles like tempest > dhc… is it possiblet o cause the same type of unblockable situation that the drones / dhc thing causes?

Just leaving doing some Cable BnBs from training mode, and a possible way to test out your unblockable vs autoblocking opponent would be to put cpu on autoblock, launch with sent and attempt to get the 2nd hit of the spit to hit on their way down. Trial and error…that or use an assist (e.g., Cyclops) that hits them up and away for spacing. This way you can test to see if it is even possible to get the hit off on autoblock target before getting too far in this. Good luck.

cpu autoblocks unblockables.

the cpu is cheap/GDLK!

I was using cable as an example but it happens with all characters. When you kill a character and their assists move is coming at you it is unblockable.

I killed someone and the drones were coming after me and I couldnt block it. I’m not sure if it happens with other assists(typhoon, doom rocks, ect.) but i primarily remember sentinel drones.


when chunksta comes back i will be sure to test #1 out.

hmm hot