Got caught going 24 over the limit

I was driving back from a casino, i was going 79 in a 55 zone. It wasn’t my car, it was some girl’s car. She was in the car with me. I gave the cop my license and she gave him her registration. He gave me a citation for $169 but I didn’t see any points on the ticket.

I have asked people at work and friends, they said I probably got points.

My question is, how do I get rid of the points asap? My bro said go to court even if they caught you red handed. If you go to court, they will not give you points. In my mind, I don’t think it’s that easy. If it was, everbody would just speed and go to court. Also, will my insurance go up or her’s, since it wasn’t my car. Any advice guys? Thanks.

Pay a lawyer. No more points. Good day, sir.

I’m guessing that her insurance will go up since it’s her car that’s insured, and she’s responsible for her car, regardless of who’s driving it. If she was in the car with you, she needed to be mindful of the speed limit.

Lol. It doesn’t always work that way, really. Yes, a lawyer will undoubtedly help you removing the points on your license, but it’s not foolproof. It won’t go on her license, as she wasn’t the one driving. It will go on your own. 24 MPH over the speed limit isn’t going to be the easiest thing to convince a judge not to penalize you with some points on your system. 5-10 MPH is a different story…

If you’re adamant about getting the points removed (if you do, in fact, end up with any), then you may want to sign up for safe driving/accident prevention course. I think in some states, it removes up to 4 points (but it can only be done so many times within a certain number of years). If this is your first offence though, you may be able to weasel your way out with a lawyer and pleading your case in court. Just don’t try to bullshit the judge with the “I didn’t realise how fast I was going” shit.

Getting a lawyer is always worth a try when it comes to trying to get points taken off your license.

You can’t take a safety driving course?

How about you don’t got 79 in a 55 zone… or if you do: Don’t cry afterwards but repent.

I’ve gotten multiple speeding tickets, and caused a wreck which totaled my car. Paid a lawyer each time, never had to go to court, no points on my license.

Pay a lawyer? What if I pay for a lawyer, and my my points still on my record? Or is there a policy where if a lawyer doesn’t win my case, then he doesn’t get paid? I have never hire a lawyer in my life, cuz I never needed it. Can’t I go to court myself? I know I’ll be the one talking but w/e.

It was like 4 am in the morning, there were no fucking cars. Not to mention I know all the spots they hide, except this time, they hid up on this one hill where you have to drive up to see…

I’ll probably take the safety driving course. Do you guys know where I can apply? Should I sign the “I plead guilty” or “I plead not guilty and would like a trial”. They said I have 10 days. This happened on Friday btw.

God damn, HAHAHAH. My friend got like $1000 ticket total, but no point. I dont understand!! How much was the lawyer and how did u find one man? If worst come to worst, I’ll cough out some dough.

WTF is points? Just drive, niggas.

LMAO. That shit made me ROFL.

Well, i’ll be back on later to check what the high and mighty srkers gotta say about my situation, hopefully some TOP TIER advice. I’m out to the casino.

Don’t total your current one… it’s hella nice! :tup:

I don’t plan on it! My last car was a turd, so who cares?

You pay a lawyer to make sure points don’t go on your record. I had a friend refer me to a guy, but you could probably find one in the phone book. Or, if these are your first points, stfu and don’t sweat it.

What the fuck you in such a hurry for? Slow the fuck down you motherfucker!

Don’t drive so fucking fast for 2 years and it’ll go away.

they don’t write on your ticket “you have X points”, on the back of the ticket there should be a little guide that tells how many points each offense is worth.

as far as getting them off, it depends on the prosecutor and the state. i know people that have plead guilty, paid their fine and gotten no points when they were going 95 on the turnpike…and then others who plead out and still got 1 or 2 points for running a light.

This is fucked, why do laws even exist?

where are you from? it’s weird they tell you how much the ticket is right there. in california they will send you a courtesy notice with the amount because first they have to check if you have priors and whatnot. 169 for 24 mph over is CHEAP. i think it’s about 300 in california where i live (bay area). i actually just got a ticket for 25 mph over but i’m going to fight it though. i work for a court system so i kinda know how they work. i’m going to flood the richmond pd with discovery requests for the lidar calibration, traffic surveys, etc etc. hopefully they’re lazy and don’t do it so i can make a motion for dismissal on the day of trial. there’s also the possibility that the cop doesn’t show up as well.

if you are found guilty you can take traffic school to have the point removed so it’s no big deal. you just gotta be careful for the next 18 months.

wher the fuck do you live that 24 over is only 169!!! here in cali my wife was 5 miles over towing our boat and it was 690!!!