This thread is now about gorillas. Mighty, majestic animals.


Post your favorite gorilla facts, please.

Is this real?

Looked it up…nope.

This sounds like one of those forwards that white women put on facebook.

yall are gonna make me shoot anybody who approaches the front door.

This man bought a uniform.

Man FUCK y’all niggas. I hear about some shit and try to spread the word, and this is the thanks I get? :mad:

I hope y’all get your tires slashed and your tea/coffee pissed in :mad:

@RockBogart I hope your next Uber passenger smacks the shit out your jug-ass head as he or she leaves your dinky car :mad:

Beta, GO TO SLEEP, those brown uniforms are just your fellow brethren

Edit: don’t change the thread, take the L… you animorph

link …

Thanks for thinking of us, Beta, if any Nigerian Princes hit you up with any crazy offers keep me in mind. I could use some spending money.

Oh my god! Terrorists!

Is this thread about that band with the guy from Blur?

What do I do of I see a gorilla wearing a UPS uniform?

Better tip that nigga well if you know what’s good for you :coffee:

Gorilla VGM:


Plays white women games, makes threads that look like basic white bitch retweets…

SWBeta gets baited, and recuperates by posting pictures from the family photo album?


I’m saddened, i could not see the blunder of what the true OP was for this thread.

He said the terrorizers bought UPS suits and will break into your house and rob you.
Little did he know, we are already prepared…


I only like monkeys… Drunk monkeys