Goodbye Tsuji Demon, Hello Tsujinrai Demon!


This is essentially a Raging Demon with roughly the range of Zangief’s Jab SPD. You have to do it very quickly, much like the Tsuji Demon, for the Roundhouse not to hit. Point-blank you have a 2 frame window of error (close roundhouse startup is 6 frames) and a 3 frame window of error from further away (far roundhouse startup is 7 frames).

Motion: (Jab+Roundhouse)~Strong, B+Short+Fierce.

If you did it properly, the Training Mode Input Display will look like this:


Enjoy your new karademon that puts 3S’s to shame!

Ima walk into ctf, pick Akuma, be like


Video of hands for reference?

Useful for ultra version?

Is this completely unavoidable?

Great stuff, can’t wait to see this in matches.

EDIT: Do you mean forward, not back? You’re getting super, not ultra. Also, why didn’t you do this on the side with the inputs showing? You turn on inputs, but then use the 2P side so nothing shows. :sad:

The only way a point blank demon is avoidable is if you jump before the flash

This thing has A LOT of range, if you master the execution 100%, you’re pretty much guaranteed a demon every match

SWEET. I’m going to give this a try when I get home. Theoretically, since Ryu’s fireball has 13 frames start-up, when you have an Ultra meter it’s basically a Hadouken lockdown (from mid-close distance).

if this catches on, im sure we’re gonna see a lot more akuma players…

Infil, I edited the first post. It can be used with super and ultra, but only the super is unavoidable.

Too fucking sick…

is there anything u can think of that would be punishable with the ultra demon using this method that wouldnt be normally? say a blocked normal or something that usually recovered in a way which allowed for jump out due to range?
im not aware of the frame data thats why i ask.
also do u think it is worthwhile to go for the kara super with respect to the meter use and damage?:china:

holy crap, crazy find :tup:

This is really cool…but…damage is kind of shitty for a full meter. I mean, look at how much damage it does. Now think of it this way: It does that much…on Akuma. Might want to save the meter for EX/FADCs.

so sick

Does this work with ultra or just super?

i just finally mastered the raging dragon, to get it 100% i imput, so i might try this later, but is there any conformation that its 100% garented?

super demon is guaranteed at point blank range if the opponent doesn’t jump before startup. this kara gets you into that range. ultra can always be jumped out of if they haven’t started a move.

the normal distance for his super demon’s to land (un-jumpable) is a distance at which you foot starts to overlap the opponents. This kara has the longest “bullshit glitch ;P” distance to it for akuma so far, which allows you to be at a pretty nice little distance away and still hit 100% guaranteed.

Playing on my friends stick yesterday earlier today this looks pretty promising. If anyone finds a good wake-up set-up for this to land consistently than this looks like possible good use of 4 bars. Generally speaking though I don’t know how often I have a full super bar (unless I’m in a fireball war with someone for a long time …) unless I’m keeping it to scare away a blanka ball spammer or someone like that.

That being said I hate my xbox controller… but this is a good find

For those still wondering if it’s guaranteed, I set the video up with a recorded Akuma doing the karademon and the human Akuma starting to hold up during the freeze. You’ll notice that I turned Input Display on so that you can see me trying to jump.

Yes, the damage is low for a super and it costs 4 ex bars, but you’re still giving Akuma a jab SPD. There are endless possibilities for setups and ticks, and there may possibly be viable applications for the ultra version.

All this, and I don’t even use Akuma.

Something I forgot to mention: you can buffer an easy mode karademon (I’m not calling that Tsujinrai since there’s no plinking involved) out of a move/blockstun/whatever with this motion:

Jab, Jab, Toward (or Back for Ultra), KKK (or Short+Roundhouse), Fierce. If you press the Fierce too quickly, you won’t get the maximum range out of it. Delay it slightly.

I don’t get what is so great about this?

It looks like you just Kara’d a super?

Obviously I’m missing something here…

Edit: Nevermind, I noticed that he moves forward a bit right before it comes out. Nice!

Hmm I’d really like to see this being used in matches to get a better idea of it…

By carefully editing two videos and counting the frames, a plain ultra demon will grab 0-2 frames faster than a Tsujinrai (or easy mode kara) ultra demon when both Akumas begin from the exact same distance. The ultra demon travels so fast that the fact that the non-kara version activates sooner makes up for the range lost by not karacancelling.

In other words, there is no difference between using a Tsuji and Tsujinrai ultra demon except maybe for delaying any possible invincibility window, but there IS a difference with the super demon because of its unjumpable property and the fact that the normal demon travels much more slowly than the ultra demon.