Good Games, the return! (Now with subtitles!)

git ta work

ggs with all my p2p buddies :D.

GGs to Special. He’s got a nice urien, and pretty quick Ryu.

Also good set to “Ken User” nice fellow.

GG to piou

Good games to my amigos xsonicc, scherz0, and the usual :arazz: to Rocklee for beasting with Urien too much.

its always ggs with suleman. solid player! :smiley:

Likewise with you Mag.

GGs loll3r5k4t35

And GGs to Chase Lewis, he has an insane Makoto, seemless timing and speed.

GG to knarxed

After 2+ months of Dungeon Siege 2 leave, I’m back on Kaillera for 3S


I suck :rofl:

And you guys got better. :tup:

So I hope I get better again.

ggs with SiN. awesome yun.

btw is it the SiN that plays on kaillera?

ggs to Sanjuro the Ronin in ST. Sorry mame64 crashed and we had to abort our games prematurely.

European players: If you aren’t already, I suggest you be on the lookout for the player AQH from Holland. Bar NONE the best Yun and Ken I’ve seen on the Reps server. I had a phenomenal P2P set with him the other day, and it was one of the best i’ve ever had online. Extremely competent player; excellent execution and kara techniques, and and very potent mindgames. Very good stuff man. Hit me up on MSN tomorrow for more games if you’re not too busy :tup:

Ggs Spriggan

No problem, GGs man. Nice Sagat you got there.

I’ll return with some GGs when I get used to this Tekken stick. Fuck parries too, just gonna decide to stop trying to parry online forever, just not worth it.


I play Kaillera under the same name…

GGs [COLOR=“Cyan”]The System & Juelz…

<juelz> F*CK TWELVE
<Yeah Dood 120%> (-_-")… sounds about right…

:rofl: Story of my life… dood.

GGs Ibuki[SRK] & xXxDaRaGexXx. Snap, Rage, it D*SYNC’d just in time. I got to go see I am Legend at 4:30 and just say the time is, 3:43. I’ll try to get back with you when I get back if you’re still around. :tup: Nice Dudley as always… dood![/COLOR]

GG’s yeah dood sorry about lagging out like that. It seems to be happening alot more now.

BTW nice 12!. I think he might be better then your hugo. Invisible mix ups FTW

edit 2:
gg’s blaq and shodokan

GGs in ST/hsf2 to Sana, R-Jive & Critical King lately.

Impreza so it seems that you have blocked me from msn? :lol: funny cause you were the one that came with a lame attitude at first which i disliked then you block me? >.> btw, there are alot of better players than IQH aka AQH, no offence to him, i even know the guy, he’s cool guy and all.

chris i demand we play more =P

ggs to gaijinblaze (sry, my net sux)
ggs to chris
ggs to scrubs i beasted on