GodsGarden! - KSK's SF4 event f. TONS of INT'L TOP Players (STREAM UP NOW! SEE OP)



Taken from my site here: http://www.versuscity.net/2009/07/27/ksks-gods-garden-tournament/ (plz visit for Youtube interviews of Daigo, Nuki and Tokido)

Just FYI, the voting results so far are…

  1. Daigo
  2. Nemo
  3. Tokido
  4. Iyo
  5. Nuki
  6. Mago
  7. Shiro
  8. Itabashi Zangief
  9. Kindevu
  10. Momochi
  11. Uryo
  12. Fuudo

I know haunts, magus, pherai and some other SRK people are gonna be in Tokyo VERY soon… YOU GUYS GOTTA GO. I wish I could go but I’m heading to Tokyo the weekend after this event for SBO and I can’t afford two trips there. :confused:

If anyone is interested in going lemme know… I’ve been to Tokyo Game Night before so I’m pretty familiar with how to get there. It’s also VERY fun and there are always a lot of people playing.

Why is the chillest guy ever, Mago, so low? The Japanese just don’t know.

And that dude can dance.

And loves magic.

Could we get a translation of Daigo, Nuki, and Tokido Youtube video?

Seems that the Sagat players are not too popular in the voting.

Me and my Singapore homies will be there!

Edit: Shit, is there any way to vote for Tetsu/TKD? I can’t understand Japanese. =(

TKD was at 27 the last time I checked.

Vote here:

Awesome news.

Can’t wait for the stream.

Gonna vote for Eita.

Thanks, just voted. =)

i hope the stream is decent (not some stickam.jp crap)

Where’s the vote for Songo[KthX]? Everyone please write in e-mail votes for me. See if we can get me there!

Where is the Inoue vote?

Wheres Daigos name?

Can’t wait to see the wacky audience voted matchups. Daigo v Mago using Dan v Rose :stuck_out_tongue:


Daigo says:
-He suggests extra rule for godsgarden-

-call and refuse
At first of the stage, a player who wins lot get a “right to call”.
It is a right to choose a player to match.
Then called player has a “right to refuse”.
He can refuse the call once in a stage.
If one’s call had refused, the one who used a right to call loses his right to refuse.

It means that when the one did too cheap call?(e.g. Zangief to Abel, Sagat to Zangief), probably he will be refused and will be at a disadvantage that he can’t refuse the call from other player he hardly deal.
On the other hand, the one rashly refuse the call will be at same disadvantage .

<<I’m not good at English, so this translation might be strange I afraid…>>

Nuki said
"Excepting casual match, I have confidence."
“I’ll be twice skilled until that day.”

Tokido said
"I know much combos and tacs you don’t know."
“When I show you all, I’d be a winner”

New vids (Daigo and Mago) will be up tomorrow.

Ok it s official,I m going there^^

who is going there?

Looks like it s gona be really fun, plus with tougeki coming lately people are playing at there best without any pity.

voting results at 7/29 2 a.m. (JST)

We’re waiting for YOUR vote !

Upper 5 fields : For the spaces to write your favorite player’s name
Under 5 fields : If you find the player who is out of place, write his name here

<<voting results 7/29 2 a.m. >>

01: Daigo(Ryu) / ???
02: Tokido(Akuma) / ???
03: Iyo(Dharsim) / ???
04: Nuki(Chun-Li) / ???
05: Shiro(Abel) / ???
06: Mago(Sagat) / ???
07: Nemo(Chin-Li) / ???
08: Itabashi-Zangief(Zangief) / ???
09: Kindev(Rufus) / ???
10: Momochi(Akuma) / ???
11: Uryo(C.Viper) / ???C.???
12: Vooh-Tetsu-saan(El Fuerte) / ???

13: Ojisan Boy(Sagat) / ???
14: Dragon Boy(Ken) / ???
15: Fu-do(RYU) / ???
16: Akimo(E.Honda) / ???E.???
17: Yoshiwo(Guile) / ???
18: Emilio(Ken) / ???
19: Bouya(Zangief) / ???
20: Dashio(C.Viper) / ???C.???
21: Inoue(Ken) / ???
22: Yazu(Guile) / ???
23: wao(Ken) / ???
24: Ichi(Ken) / ???
25: Ameriken(Sagat) / ???
26: Chu-Ashi-Zessho-TKD(El Fuerte) / ???
27: .cab(Balrog) / .???
28: Kuma(M.Bison) / ???
29: FAX-Gimoto(Blanca) / ???
30: Mizoteru(Blanka) / ???

We provide blogparts for voting.


Fill the field with your favorite player’s name and click “??”(generate) ,
you can get source-chord(javascript) for voting blogparts.

thanks for translating :tup:

Ditto. Thanks for translating.

Thanks for the heads up Reno! This sounds sweet, we’ll definitaly make it. Did you have to sign up somewhere to watch? Or is it free

Street Fighter IV all-star game. It’s so great. Right before SBO to get the juices flowing.

I really hope the stream is nice and clear. Actually, I would not mind paying to see this event later in high quality.

ichi made it in there? Hopefully he doesn’t dick around in this event.

cab over aojiru (boxer) ?

The rest of the roster looks perfect…can’t wait for vids if they come out.