Glitch gave me all locked on disc content!?

Hello guys,

The weirdest thing happened to me this morning! I was playing arcade mode on ultra hard with Kuma and Panda. When i finally defeated Unknown, it toke me more than 2 hours on her alone, the game froze. I got mad as hell, spending all that time to defeat her just to freeze up the game!

After i calmed down, fixed the hole in the wall and rebooted my Xbox fearing the worst, i was shocked!
For some reason i had unlocked all the on disc dlc characters and stages! What the hell!
Unknown, Dr. Boskonovitch, Ogre, Sebastian, Slim Bob. They are all there and playable!

Can someone please explain what happened and what my options are? I am afraid to play on XBL in fear of being banned.

You were blessed by Angel.

Seems legit.

Don’t go around making it a known issue, that’s how good exploits like this get patched within a few days or less. Happened all the time back when I would play Left For Dead 2.

Just enjoy the content, yo.

Well, I figured it was a matter of time before someone finally made a topic about this. I’m in almost the exact same situation. After having some problems with my game, the solution I arrived to ended up giving me access to all of the DLC characters. I don’t know if I have the stages or not, since I don’t actually know what they are. There’re two greyed-out options in stage select though. I don’t know what those are about.

I’ve tried out some of the DLC online and so far everything seems fine. I didn’t do anything illegal, so I’m not really afraid of getting banned. If they do come down on you, I’m pretty sure you can explain your situation and get everything worked out. I have a good idea as to why I ended up with the DLC, and I have a good amount of evidence to back up my theory. I’ve even replicated the results. If I could figure it out (and I’m by no means a hacker), I’m pretty sure Namco knows how much they screwed up. It’d be pretty terrible of them to punish innocent players for their mistakes.

I think you should contact the proper authorities about this and let them handle it from here.

And by proper authorities I mean people who can figure out how to do it again.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Well, I know how to do it consistently, but I don’t know SRK’s stance on this kind of thing. Is the DLC supposed to be paid? Or is it just delayed content for…some reason? I guess if the mods decide it’s okay, I could reveal the details?

I’m not a mod, but it’s just delayed content, Harada has confirmed all pre-order dlc will be free later.

Correct. The DLC characters that are currently out are timed “exclusives” to those who pre-ordered. They will be free later on along with the above mentioned characters like Unknown, Slim Bob, Sebastian, etc. When they will release them is anyone’s guess though.

All I know is, I can’t wait til I can use Kunimitsu. Damn Amazon… should have pre-ordered from GameStop

According to the recent post on the SRK frontpage, they’re going to start rolling them out on October 9th, but no one knows with what frequency, or what order, or if they’ll be released in pairs or not. I don’t understand the purpose of drawing it out, really. I guess it’s an attempt to keep the game fresh by stretching out content releases? Similar to what they did with SCV (which actually seemed to work, I guess?). And yes, it does say that they’ll be rolling out for free, including the non-preorder ones. I don’t understand that either, but I suppose the SCV example applies there as well.

My guess is that this is something revolving around save data, maybe Solidcake’s was corrupted in a weird way and I’m guessing you may have replaced some corrupted save data Y2Ryoko.

Perhaps if the save data has records of the “dlc” character’s being used the game unlocks them.

Might have to try turning off my ps3 during saving on a dummy account to test this without risking having to go through the item unlocking nightmare of “lol you want gold borded ghost of your main, have more Bruce lol” again.

My uncle works at Nintendo and he says

You nailed it. I replaced my bad data with a file I found online. The process I used to transfer it either removed the DLC lock, or the save had it unlocked already. I can think of a bunch of reasons for why Namco decided to lock content via save data, but they all seem pretty sloppy. I mean, the six non-preorder characters aren’t available any other way, and they’re supposed to be released for free later. The mind boggles. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Wii U version, since it has extra gameplay modes and an online infrastructure so mysterious that even Harada has no idea how TTT2 is going to play on it.

In any case, this is clearly on Namco and is no fault of the player. As such, I have no problem helping people get access to this stuff if the mods’ll allow it. Also, I’ve been playing on 360. I have no idea how this works on PS3. Sorry.

Thanks, it was probably just done like that since once the game is released, the sales from the pre-order deals have already been made and since the DLC will be free anyway there’s no point in having the content locked down like fort knox, it’d just take time and effort for absolutely no benifit on anyone’s end.

Hmm, this is a very grey area.

If anyone has questions for Y2Ryoko, take it to PM. Otherwise, I’m going to err on the side of caution and *not *allow discussion on this. Better to be safe than sorry.

I need the glitch that permanently grants me skill to beat people here in NYC offline.

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I’m kidding lol, but man I wish I was better at tekken too :frowning:

pics or it didnt happen