Giving up on Ranked matches

Everyone just D/C on you whenever they feel like it

Its total Bull

They pick Gief and do Lariat all day and jump in 720 the whole day and when you have them almost done for, they D/C

When this Viper was about to lose, he did her Ultra and in the midst of it he D/C

I’m just utterly sick and tired of this insane bullshit

I have been D/C on so many times that it just makes it really no fun and infuriating

It is driving me nuts

I wanna just join some games right now and pick Dan and fucking D/C on some people

/rant off

It happens.

Some people think their win percentage makes them a better person in life.

We are all in the same boat. I’ve got about 40 d/c and counting. It’s better to play people on SRK. I’ve stopped playing ranked recently to engage in the single player mode. BP means nothing, I don’t wanna hate but putting BP on your sig doesn’t show anything. I feel ya when it comes to the fustration. It took me a while to get the 10 ranked trophy because of all the D/C. If you already have the trophy just play with SRK cats. Enjoy SF4 :wonder:

Just beat them really really fast before they can reach the ethernet cord!


But honestly, I play ranked for practice and meeting new people, I play Player Matches more seriously, because bragging rights are far better than battle points =p.

I hope they are just doing it for the 10 win trophy and will stop after that.

I’ve had lots of games that supposedly have a good solid connection, and then I stutter the whole time I am trying to fight. Still haven’t quite figured out the connection quality, sometimes there are no bars showing and its perfectly fine.

I have about a 30% DC rate, which is actually REALLY, REALLY good. If you see a lame looking title/icon, they’re most likely a pad scrub or something, so you know they like to DC (usually).

I usually host my games, and let people join them, I usually get better players that way, or at least the non-DCers. Try that.

It seems I’ve had a pretty good experience so far. Out of >50 matches I’ve had 2 disconnects. And one of them wasn’t a ragequit (he sent me a message afterwards apologizing because his internet died). The other as a complete akuma scrub who, after missing 2 ultra demons and 1 demon super (because he was spamming them from full screen away), ragequitted. I wasn’t mad because I was laughing too hard.

i lol all the time when some one ragequits or DC on me. I play boxer because i see nothing but shotos 2 giefs and maybe a sagat player that think that rank is life or death. i get more piss when they lag or standby just to throw my timing off and win

:rofl: :rofl: @ your avatar…it’s like…

Oooh…is that Elena? squints wait…w-w-w-wait…oooh, oh no, oh dear, oh my my…:shake::shake:

I am not even that good at the game and people keep quitting on me… WHAT GIVES?

I got 1050 BPs and just stopped. I saw it for what it is, or the players rather. That’s why I’m sticking with player matches for some good honest games. I also tend to play against more then just Ken in player matches, which is always nice.

That’s exactly what I do usually.

Even with both places full of the usual “scrubs” (not in an offensive way), I find the level of play better on the ladder honestly. Though, I’m on the ladder way more than Player Match system…when I wanna test Viper :bgrin:

I never started rank just cause :slight_smile:

30% dc rate? :wow: Are other folks experiencing similar numbers? I’ve played around 260 games and have only had about 6 dcs, and even then at least they did so at the start of the final round. Then again, the vast majority of my matches have been played with claw so it’s pretty sad when anyone dcs on me.

I even got my first negative message on PSN (since nobody ever criticized my STHD play) from a player who was frustrated by my wall dives yet didn’t drop. But hey, claw doesn’t have much to go on anyway. And under 3 bars of connectivity, wall dives are pretty much unusable because you have to time them long before normal.


Once you hit 3000 bp and above ranking matches are a huge time sink – most of the time will be spent trying to get into a suitable match. You receive like 1 bp point for beating anyone with under 1000 (there are a ton of them and it doesn’t help that you can’t see bp till after the match is over). Only option is to custom search using “more skilled” as criteria, but there aren’t too many of them and the few there are get picked up real fast or they’re two bars or under.

You could just create a room and sit back but most of the ppl joining would be under 1k bp and not worth the time. I also noticed there are quite a number of folks with above 3k bp and they’re pretty horrible; these guys also tend to be the very ones that dc way more than people with 1000 or under. After all if you got only 300 bp you got nothing to lose anyway.

Well SF4 CE will take care of that…
also Solidfox is rite, just stick with SRK players. battle points R so overrated…nah i like BP, makes me feel like im sombody. just a little, well…hell whatever…DOnt Judge ME A-Holes!:looney:

Mang, I’m at 4.2k BP and I’m going NOWHERE.

My friend got to 4.8k BP in one night from 4k BP, so that’s kind of inspiration for me.

Ganelon - I’ll add you later, I need to buy HD remix lol.

I tried ranked for one night. I ended up with about 500 BP, and stopped because of disconnects. I got three in a row and just said fuck it.

I knew it was going to happen, though: the same shit happened on HD Remix and Soul Calibur 4, so it’s not like I was surprised.

Player matches through arcade battle request with priority set to stability has solved a lot of those problems.