Giga vs. NKI

Comment for the video at [url=]

“Nki, i don’t know you and i would like to keep it that way but stick to Chun mate, skill is not your thing m/p throw is, leave Bison for the experts, every time you tried to stomp he got you with jumping m/p just flame him lol but it shows you have no clue…” – GIGAMSX1974

As most or all of us know (or should know), Giga (who I think is also atolanism on XBL) plays a world class Dictator, and definitely knows his sh!t in Super Turbo.

I wonder what NKI would have to say in response. I want to see these two in a match.

“just flame him lol”

Is he suggesting to just do a full screen psycho crusher again John Choi playing Ryu? The only other thing I can think of with flames is a devil reverse, and I don’t really see that as being a much better idea.

But whatever. NKI is a cool dude and Giga is a fool for saying something like that.

Maybe it’s just because Giga is a hilarious and prevalent YouTube commentator…he’s offered his opinions on Dictator matches before, just scroll down on [media=youtube]G7LMkf-4KlQ"]this video and find his [on Sirlin.

“This Bison is out of date,he had no clue whats going on,i know who he is and i heard allot about him,vega had him just right,better luck next time”.

Also, [URL=""]this]("[/media).

I checked out his YouTube…he’s 34 and still talking trash online? What a retard.

Normally, I’d agree with you and leave it at that, but GigaMSX/atonalism plays a world class Dictator, which is the only reason I’m giving this smack-down any attention.

I’ve seen this guy go toe-to-toe with Alex Valle, and his O.Sagat has even given Daigo Umehara a run for his money. ([url=] He’s long been known as one of the best players online, and has topped the XBL rankings a number of times.

Point is, if Giga says that your Dictator sucks, you don’t just brush him off, no matter how much you may not like his way of saying so.

(1) For the record. Atolanism IS NOT Giga. Adrian, is Atolanism. You’d know if you played Giga… I have played them both for hours IRL, Giga is formidably better than Adrian, and Adrian is a Demi-God. I know them both in real life. I was in AZ last November playing ST, and I had the pleasure of playing both of them on Cigar Bob’s Cab for hours. I fly out to AZ twice a year to play to play with those guys. There are tons vids of Giga beasting TONS of pros on GGPO. People respect and fear Giga, he is always colorful with his language, but he means no trouble by it.

(2) I love you Milo. But what the F*ck are you doing? Why would you start this type of thread in the forums? If NKI wants to say something or address Giga’s comments, give him enough respect to let him make the choice to talk to Joe and address it on his own terms. Don’t force it out there, don’t kick up dirt.

This thread is a mistake, in the long run nothing good will come from it.


This thread is pathetic.

out of curiosity, who is considered top 5 in ggpo st? among those that play regularly

Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, and Dylon.

I don’t care how skillful the person saying it–that brand of trash talk is pointlessly inflammatory and childish.

yeah basically, should have left it at youtube man

[quote=“je110, post:10, topic:72213”]

I don’t care how skillful the person saying it–that brand of trash talk is pointlessly inflammatory and childish.[/QUOTE

2nd that and, Third it as well

Thanks for clearing that up for me, man.

Because it’s interesting (and uncommon) when a high-profile player comments on specific aspects of another high-profile player’s game.

If the thread is no good, then an admin can (and presumably will) kill it. No big deal.

it’s all fun and games until he picks boxer…

Fatboy might be right but seeing 2 top dictators going at it would be cool.

At least it’s not as bad as the Marvel community. >> <<

Agreed, my Dictator is pretty awful.

Giga, if you’d like to play a race to 10 against my real character, we can make a gentleman’s wager out of it.

That mirror match is actually quite lame.

So have you switched back to Chun now?

I’m sticking with Dic in Remix. He is a much better character, so I feel that even though I can’t play him very well, I’d still do better than I would with weak-sauce Chun.

I personally think you’d do better with Chun in HDR. Sure, stuff got nerfed, but was it really that bad?