GGXX top tiers?

I just got the game yesterday and usually I would experiment with everyone for a while before I go to the arcades, but this time I want to pick up one good character so I can get some experience faster. I’m just wondering who the top tiers are in this game because it’ll probably help me make a decision on who to learn first… thanks:D

1- eddie

2- Bridget, Slayer, Baiken, Millia

thats the top in japan here its alot diff because we cant play like them and by that i mean theres no comp yet because there are no arcades with ggxx in them and if there are only the small amount of ppl in the area can play them while in japan they have been playing non-stop for over 6 months

You forgot Axl…

I’m going to sound like a big walking Cliche’ with this, but don’t pick your character based on tiers. This game is pretty well balanced. Play who you like. Of course Eddie and Faust are a lot of fun to play :smiley:

Might Sol work his way up here any time soon?
What do I know…I play Ky.
and Faust when i feel like a nut :slight_smile: . But I think Iceman’s right, this game’s got balance up the bunghole, you can easily get away wit usin anyone.

I think it’s safe to say that these are the US tiers, from my impressions, anyway:

Top Tier(no order):

Top Mid(no order):
5- Sol
6- Faust

Mid Tier(no order):
18- Potemkin

Bottom Mid(no order):
19- Zappa

the first tier listin is pretty accurate, u shouldnt try to tier the chars after top, not a good idea… sol is top mid though from whati hear people say ino was sayin although when japan came here sol own the ggxx tourney in Ncubed and slayer got 2nd…

iceman is right.
The game is very balance.
But after playing 5-6 months in Hong Kong.
There aren’t really any tiers here.
Every characters in here are the same.
Every characters have a GOOD player.
But if i am force to pick.
From the tournament here.
Testament rank #1,Faust #2, May #3
but i think…Eddie,Johnny,Faust,May,Testament will be top .

coo…:smiley: I usually don’t pick characters using top tiers, but I want to get into the game and be able to hold my own. I think I’ll pick up Venom cuz he seems like a pretty fun characters, but I’ll keep Eddie, Slayer, and Johnny in mind when I’m learning (it’s also good to know the top tier so I know what I’m up against = P). So I guess Johnny is still top tier in this game… Neways, thanks for the help:D

Im very new to the game but where does Dizzy stand in all of this.
I like eddie B/C be can keep you away as well as rush that SHIT down. So if i could have a better explaination on the characters choosen.


I play as Potemkin and Faust. Potemkin is by very best and i can mess u up horribly, tonight i left someone with ___ that much life left after one super combo. it was against Anji. Potemkin seems like a turtle character but he is best when used with a rush down, and the new fake out added to the falling hammer is the best because u jus grab them.

top tiers mean NOTHING its jus people who got damn good with that guy then others want to do that and pick that same charater up.

i say use Potemkin because he is strong as hell and a combo against him means nothing almost.

From what I hear all over the place, these are the top ten:

Maybe you have heard this already,but first of all dont rely on tiers to make ur choice,find the character that suits best ur style of play.

On second base, top tiers means nothing now,wait another 6 months after the game release,things will have develop and people will have a more accurate knowledge on the characters now.

Peace dudes

P.S: Its all about Mr.Faust

For me it’s all about Axl, Faust, Potemkin, and Venom.
Axl can dash around just like everyone else AND has that long of a reach…no contest.

Faust…awesome mixups and reach (plus the cool factor of playin w/ a huge scalpel)

Potemkin…I just have a soft spot for the big guys in most fighting games.

Venom…a poor mans spiral w/ all those damn pool balls.

Is it me or is Ky really cheesy in this game?.. :lol: I can win using like 4 moves; the overhead, the sliding kick, the uppercut, and the fireball:p Is there any way around this?..

as good as ky is, his damage is rather weak and he can get rather predictable

seriously, ky is in no way “cheesy” when compared to others in the cast

I like Chipp Zanuff a lot, but I don’t classify him as top tier, but this game just seems to be balanced because everybody can throw shit down rather well. One thing is that his 2QCF+K super hardly does any damage. However, he plays a lot like Strider w/o Orbs. Teleports, triple jump…

i refuse to lisisn to tires on srk for this game…

Chipp’s pretty good; too bad you can’t combo HS into gamma blade… I rarely use the qcfX2+k super; the other one is much better…

Yeah, I guess I just have to get used to GGX/GGXX; I haven’t touched GGX since CvS2 came out… I didn’t really like the engine before, but once you get used to it it’s pretty fun:p I guess I didn’t necessarily mean to say Ky was cheesy; it’s more like he’s really easy to use/win with for a newby like me = P…