GGXX#Reload Impracticle Combos

i get really bored when i have no one to play against so i usually go into training and just try and learn new combos. or crank to pressure guage and try to learn instant death combos. post any combo you like as long as:

  1. it can actually be done
  2. it doesnt use more than 100% tension
  3. cpu recovery is on

i’ll start off with some testament combos:
(vs Dizzy, pressure guage maxed, 2HS, 2D, GD, MOP, FRC, GD, 5HS, GD, 5K, 5S, jK, jS, jc, jHS, jD, GD) should kill her. also works against chipp

(vs Bridget, GD counter hit,RC, land, 5K, 5S, jK, jS, jc, jHS, jD, GD) RC immediatly after the GD counter hit connects. testament will land on the other side of bridget

(vs anybody, 236K, D, jD,jK,jS,jHS,jD,GD) just an impracticle way to land a phantom soul

thats it for now, but feel free to post any of ur own combos.


Sol (full guard meter; 50%tension):

5HS (max range), 236+[K], 236+[K], 236+[K], 236+[K], 236+P, FRC, 236+[K], 236+P, FRC, 236+[K], 623+HS, 214+K

I call it…THE DEATH BRINGER :lame:

wow, thats crazy. keep em’ coming

:xeye: …so
-on liht chars(i should say unheavy),corner throw,236p(lv2),236hs,236p,236hs,super,rc,236k,236hs,236p…

or:k,s,236s(lv2),dash,k,hs,623s,s,frc,hs,d,ensenga.i don’t get that one well,i often miss the frc…
-near the corner:standing dust,jump,d,d,d,236s,frc,air dash,s,d,ensenga(can do 1hit on light chars)after the frc you can just jc in k,s,d,ensenga


-may specific,corner:gun flame,frc,bandit bringer,214214s,k(yeah it’s possible),s,236k,k,(s?i don’t remember),623hs(looool)214k

-corner:6hs(1hit only) or s,hs,632146,rc at the second hit,b bringer,41236hs,k,2hs,jc,s ork,d,jc,s,d,vv

---------------LINKS TO COMBOS VIDS---------------(add a “h” before each link):

ttp:// me against the world)

ttp:// (here are 2 good matches too)

ttp:// (download overrun,d-live and burst)

i didn’t downloaded it i guess it’s a general cm.vids are regulary updated


and you can go in a-cho:on the first page click on"match resuls and movies" on the second click on "download match movies"
this site is really often updated(each 4-5 days)and there are some vf,street alpha3,street3,kof,etc…link:


ok,that was a little long,bye!

more johnny goodness :smiley:

on potemp 2D on(CH) -coin-5P-5K-236K- mloop or DB combo

on pot also (full guard meter) 6H-IAD-j.H-2H-5D-j.H-D wait j.H-D whatever? its so damageing for free.

almost any character on the ground 623S-S frc-airthrow, very unrealisctic but looks cool.

on Jam and May and probly some other lighter chars.
5H (CH) coin-6K-236P- FD dash twice - 5H-coin airthrow
I used to think that was an application for FDC dash, but then I realized you can also just 623S > 5H-coin instead lol

pfffiou itchi,i start to get the db frc.that really was a misery.but now it starts to really be ok… could you give an easy(to begin) combo:i am at k,s,236s(lv2),dash,k,hs,dt,db,frc,???i tried hs,but it didn’t connected(i try against sol actually)johnny combos and pressings are hella hard…anyways i guess after a long period it’s ok

Sol against standing tall characters (like Johnny):
214214S, [5S© > 5S(f) JC , mash on slash, land]xN :lame:
Actual execution is Dragon Install, mash on slash and JC at the appropriate time. Always jump towards your opponent (duh)
You can try to be fancy and end with the big Volcanic Viper at some point.

huh? did one of my combos not work? i hear ya about the dbtb is a tough frc cause it comes out faster than the normal MA DB and it throws you off. I’ve actualy gotten worse at it.

easy combo in corner aginst Pot 5H(CH) 623SSfrc j.D land j.P-K-S-D-E can get a 1hit off it too

or full guard meter on pot 6H-623S-S frc 6H-623S-S frc 6H-623S-S frc ect. good for practice you can also 5H instead of 6H, but also be prepare to do it in the other direction, cause of the cross up

no ichi,there is no worries with your combos i just wanted some basic shit after the one i gave(i’m lazy and got hard time so it’s easier if someone help me.gueezzzzz)…no worries.and yes the dt,db,frc is really fast but i’m 100% sure i’ll get it perfectly soon,it grows each day…
'bout your easy combo on pot,u sure the hs must be in counter?

EDIT:ok i’ve got it on sol.the combo is k,s,236s(lv2),dash,k,hs,dt,db,frc,d,ensenga for 197 dam deyyyyaaaaaah!!!
really cool!

mmmmm any coin loop?i just know the one after a corner throw!i love those kind of combos!
arrf i start to be a johnny fanatic!

And this topic turns out to be Johnny & Sol combos thread. Anyway here is Super-Dust combo on Pot

5D > jD x 4 > mid-air DB FRC > air dash > jK > jS > jD > 1-hit Ensenga

fti, normally after the corner ground throw is

high MF2 > coin > high MF2 > coin > then either IAD or DB FRC to 1-hit

If it’s on light characters you can add one 6HS after the first MF2 before doing the reset.

thanks m’ster!
anyways yep i knew that reset(i mean after the corner throw) i just like to get combos involving a lot of coin like you did on baiken.i know that’s not that much damaging i just find it cool.

anyways as for combos ffffff in the ky thread a lot was given.

for others chars well i only know about sol,ky and a little joh.bridget soon…

The combo on Baiken was only for exhibition, it’s not very useful. Still it can be used as a combo training for the coin-MF timing.

with pot
Pot buster in corner, 5S,5S,623HS,63214HS,RC, then either 236236HS or 5S,623HS,63214HS

Better Pot combo: Pot buster in corner, 5S, 5S, 623HS, 63214HS, RC, walk forward, 6HS, 236236S, 5HS. (305 damage on Sol)

More practical Pot combo midscreen: 5K, 2HS, 623HS (3 hits), RC, walk forward, 2HS, 236236S, 5HS. Or if you are close to the corner and happen to land this, use 6HS instead of the second 2HS (don’t walk forward).

Fun Pot combo: Dust, jump, jump HS (impossible dust), land, 623HS (3 hits), RC, walk forward, 2HS, 236236s, 5HS.


Impractical but fun combo: REALLY close to opponent, [4]6HS, FRC, 5S, 5S, 2HS, 236236S, 5HS.

WTF combo: HPB in corner, 5S, 5S, 623HS, 63214HS, RC, walk forward, 6HS, 623HS (3 hits), RC, HS, 623HS, 63214HS. :clap:
Hella hard, I’ve done it on Sol and Pot.

Mid screen double super combo: 632146HS, 4123641236P, 5K, 2HS, 236236S, 5HS. 333 damage on Sol

lol…I was playing around and found a truly awesome and pointless Pot combo. This was on Sol, with Sol in the corner.

63214S (counter hit), 5HS xx 632146HS, walk forward, 2HS, 236236S, 5HS.

Seeing Sol bounce off the top of the Giganter is so much like Urien’s corner Aegis reflector combos :clap:

corner,might pass against all non-heavy chars
k,hs,623s,s,frc,air k,air d,land then 3 choices
-air combo(jump,k,s,jc,yada yada)219dam
-qcfp(lv2),dash,k,hs,623s,s,frc,d,ensenga(with a jump instal there are probably better setups but i’m still not good enough to say)i messed ensenga but after air d damages were 222
-qcfp(lv2),coin,qcfp,coin,hs,qcfp dam 219 i find that one cool.

edit for the second one it’s qcfp(lv2),dash in k,hs,dps,s,frc,k,d,ensenga and it’s 254 damages iirc(just getted it this evening)

fti/, looks like you pretty much turn into a Johnny player now lol. I’ll stop playing Johnny and probably turn to either Ky or I-No after I finish my last vid (still have the last combo left).

Your combo is weaksauce.:arazz: Plus HS won’t even hit most characters after CH FDB.

A far cooler one…

cross-up j.HS, HS, Hammer Fall FRCx2, 2HS, HPB


D, [8]HS, JC, j.HS, land, Giganter+Bullet, wall bounce, HS, Heat+Extend

Getting that particular impossible dust to work with Giganter on anyone who’s not a light-weight can be a bitch.

i learn something new about guilty gear everytime i play it. and i’ve been playing for years.

with testament:

(on ky from starting position) jD on standing ky, land, 5S, 5HS, GD, jk, jS, JC, jHS, jD, GD

notes: the initial jD has to be timed and positioned very well and depending on position, you can sometimes land a 5K before the 5S or replace the 5S with the 5k and follow with 5HS.

so far only tested it againt ky and potemkin but didnt work on pot.