GGXX#R Eddie Thread

Since there isn’t a hardcore #R Eddie thread (even in GCC), I guess I’ll start one here since people are actually posting here more often. I’ll start off with basic XX to #R changes:

Since I myself am relearning #R Eddie too, I would like to know/review a couple of things with him; how his unblockables have changed from XX to #R and how to do them, good pressure strings with and without Eddie summon, nifty tricks with him, and what his matchups are. I’ll be posting some info as well once this thread gets going.

Well I guess I can post some obvious stuff.

-His corner trap that involved looping the dolphin unblockable no longer works, since the Eddie gauge recovers AFTER the bomb explodes.

-All the normal XX unblockables do still work

-Despite no slash Invite hell FRC, he can still combo from the HS version (invite hell FRC, dash up, 5p, jc, j.K, j.HS, etc)

-Since no kicks gatling to 2D, the best way to KD for rushdown is 2p–>2D or to use the normal gatling string, 5K,5S,2D

-The shadow gallery loop is more difficult, however both hits of the shadow gallery tend to connect more.

-j.K is now your BEST FRIEND. Whore this move like that bitch you see on the corner. CH j.K—>gatling string---->KD---->rushdown for you. :bgrin:

-Base dmg on j.D has been increased I believe.

Basically since the little Eddie has been toned down, you have to be more creative with your rushdown strats, and get better at calling him back when his gauge is too low. Despite all these changes, he’s still a fucking beast. :badboy:

Still watchout for Sol and Slayer players, they do tend to give him a problem. If you’ve never played a #R Slayer, PLEASE DON’T GET HIT BY 6HS WHILE YOU’RE IN THE AIR. THE PROCEEDING COMBO WILL DO OVER 50%, if the slayer player has any concept of the game at all.

I think I saw some Japanese vids that somehow showed Eddie still able to do one repetition of the Dolphin unblockable into Bomb but it’s only in corner and timing seems to be ultra strict since I can do the set up but I don’t have enough time to plant the bomb…

IIRC it goes something like: Knockdown in corner, Summon Eddie, Dolphin, ©5K, 5S(hold), Claw Attack, TK Shadow Gallery(hold), Plant Bomb, go for Unblockable.

Random Notes:

-Is it me or does Eddie’s Dead Angle kind of sucks? It seems like some people can just crouch under it while short people don’t really have to worry much since it’ll whiff most of the time and they can punish it.

And what’s the Shadow Gallery Loop, by the way?

There is a way to get the bomb unblockable from the dolphin unblockable, but you can’t use the claw, you have to use the eddie punch. It kinda goes like this (I saw it in a vid):

Dolphin+5k, charge P, 5S, release P, 5D, set bomb, hj, j.HS, shadow gallery------>bomb unblockable

Yeah Eddie’s DA does suck ass. Just about everybody can tech out of it.

I’ll type more on the shadow gallery loop later, I’m really sleepy.

Are you kidding? Eddie’s is one of the best DA’s. Great range, only short characters can crouch it if they aren’t attacking (with a few exceptions), and if you roman cancel the move I believe you can get juggles if the DA hits on counter. Go play Testament or Axl if you want a bad DA.

You aren’t serious are you? Why would you want to RC a DA and TRY to combo unless you KNOW they’re going to die?

Eddie’s DA has shitty recovery, Millia can probably s.D you out of it (her s.D goes under Slayer’s Mappas), and at best, it’ll probably put you back even with ur opponent. Lord forbid it’s blocked; you might as well just say goodbye to 50%+ of your life bar against any good character.

Characters like Sol, Ky, Slayer, Ino; they have good DAs. Eddies’??? Average-Below Average at BEST.

I’m very serious. This is not something I use often, but you can combo off Eddie’s DA when it hits counter if you’d like. Also RC’ing it makes the move completely safe so that takes out the #1 weakness right there.

Yes, Eddie’s DA has shitty recovery at -13 on block. That means damn near everyone can do some big damage or at least set up tight pressure on you if they block. That’s no different than most other DA’s.

Slayer has a good DA? It’s ok I guess but I would not call it one of the best. Eddie’s better. Better vertical range (Eddie’s DA has the best vertical range with the exceptions of Faust and Bridget), about as much horizontal range, Slayer’s is considerably slower (18 frame start-up vs. Eddie’s 13 frame). Two advantages Slayer’s DA has is that is is invulnarable longer and it recovers quicker (only -9 but still bad enough to be punished)). I’ll take Eddie’s over this.

Sol’s DA as one of the best? No, not really. Range is lacking. It’s fast (11 frame start-up). Has the same shitty recovery that Eddie’s has (-14. Sorry, it’s worse than E’s). It wall bounces which gives it some merit. If not for the wall bounce, this would be one of the worst DA’s. Testament still runs away with that honor.

Ky’s is good. No arguments there. It’s the only one you’ve named I’d put up there with Eddie’s. It’s just not invunlarable as long, and doesn’t have as much range. Aside from that, it’s on par and starts up 1 frame faster.

I-no’s isn’t that great either. It is very much like Sol’s. Same start-up as Sol’s, same recovery as Eddie’s (Slightly faster than Sol’s) and it also Wall Bounces. Just because a dead angle wall bounces on counter, that does not make it the best.

If you want top notch DA’s that wall bounce, look at Potemkin and Chipp. Pot might have the best DA in the game. It has huge range and it pretty much average everywhere else (same 13 frame start-up as Eddie’s, -9 recovery, average amount of invunlarablity). Chipp’s has at least as much range as Sol’s or I-no’s while starting up at 11 frames and recovers at -6 (both among the quickest).

All in all Eddie’s is a solid DA. Average start-up, good range, slow recovery sucks, and the move causes an untechable knockdown on counter; which I might add is the last thing you want Eddie to do to you.

Potemkin, Chipp, Jam, Bridget, Zappa and Eddie top everyone you listed except Ky, who might sneak onto that list.

Why would you be concerned about a DA’s vertical range? People can only rush you down so much while they’re in the air, and if you see them coming you’re better off doing his f+p or 2HS to anti air them (or if you’re bold, j.K).

I’d ONLY use a DA if I was being seriously rushed down on the ground, and I’d don’t think I’d cancel it just to make it safe; I’d rather keep some meter for FD, combos, etc. Using all of your tension just to get someone off of you isn’t worth it in the grand scheme of things to me, especially when you don’t even get a KD. Now if it were life and death, and both of you only have +1 point of life, then by all means do what you have to do. But generally? It’s just not a good strat IMHO.

Now I will give you that his CH DA is good, but who’s CH DA isn’t good?

Anyway… What are some good block strings Eddie can do once he knocks down the opponent in both corner and midscreen? As far as for midscreen, all I know is (after a knockdown) Summon Eddie, Meaty Buzzsaw on wakeup, d.5P, 5K(hold), ©5S(hold), Buzzsaw, dash-in and continue or try to go for Command Grab -> Unblockable. I think you can throw in a j.K, jc, j.K, j.HS while the Buzzsaw locks them down if they tend to block low. And as far as I know, in corner replace his Buzzsaw lockdown with block strings using the Eddie Poke (I’m still trying to find decent strings…).

And for block strings without Eddie, I usually use (up close) 5P, 5K, 5S©, 5S(f), 2S, FRC HS Invite Hell and then do whatever from there. I’m not sure if it’ll change if they FD during it, or if it’s a decent string (I’m relearning Eddie from scratch).

And in the event a Buzzsaw does connect in midscreen and Eddie is too far away from the corner to set up an Unblockable, what’s the best thing he can do? A Dust combo? Knockdown? Random combo involving Eddie?

eddies DA does suck, BUT it does get the job done =) nuff said with a CH DA. and the only reload unblockable that i can do consistently is (knockdown) call mini eddie hold dust dash in release dust, kick s turn mini eddie into the bomb hs 22 slash. that does work but… for some reason the distance always magically changes

If I’m mid screen, I always try for pressure strings to push them into the corner for a command grab---->unblockable. However, along the way I try for mixups into combos. If one of the mixups hit them, I follow up for as much dmg as possible.

Eddie can do an unblockable off the dolphin---->bomb, but I still can’t figure out how it’s done. It’s not really worth it IMO though, since the dolphin takes off so much of little eddie’s life. I’d only use it if I knew they were going to die.

… HUUUU-WHAAT!? :rolleyes:

Ok I take that previous post back, the dolphin unblockable is ok, as long as you can follow it up with the bomb for the bomb unblockable.

[Dolphin + s.K] charge P, s.S, s.D, release punch, set bomb after/during ID combo.

If done correctly, the punch should gatling into the standing dust. I can’t do this shit b/c I’m a pad whore.

Guardian. Read thread title.


Aggie Fan- I read the title. Everything I say can be done in #R. If I haven’t done it myself, I’ve seen it done.

His unblockable was correct, young disciple. :tup:

I can’t seem to get the damn timing down for the s.D to combo after the Eddie Poke… But I do an alternate version of it though.

Knockdown, Summon Eddie, Dolphin + 5K, 5S©(hold)~HS~2D, Unblockable Setup.

It looks tricky first, but what happens is in the 5S part, Eddie should have already recovered from the Dolphin attack, and the quick HS immediately while the 5S is hitting sets the Bomb BUT if you input the 2D right after the 5S hits, the 5HS you pressed earlier should not come out and Zato (the main dude) goes straight to his trip attack since it’s part of the gatling chain. This should give you enough time to do the Unblockable compared to if you took the earlier combo involving the Eddie Poke and improvised it to not include an ID and just go straight to a 2D into Bomb setup, since that setup doesn’t give you enough time or rather, gives your opponent too much time to get out since you want to do a meaty air attack string on their wakeup while waiting for the Bomb to detonate and the Bomb doesn’t even detonate until waaaay after you finished your air attack string. If you do your air attack string late to try to match up with the low hit of the Bomb, the opponent can pretty much just jump out of the corner, ruining the Unblockable.

Wow, that was one big run-on sentence…

Actually I’m not disagreeing with your whole post Guardian, but your unblockable setup looks iffy to me in an #R game so I responded (I did not post here just because Kugler did). Sorry if you thought if I posted in a condescending manner…but the dolphin -> bomb setup wasn’t fully explained by your post when I responded. How are you able to release the dolphin, punch with little Eddie, and still have time to set the bomb without having your meter run out? While I didn’t get to try Eddie for too long in #R, I remember his dolphin taking almost all of the meter, and not being able to do much with little Eddie after the dolphin hit. Is this just a technique that involves strict timing?

While I’m studying XX Eddie setups for fun, I’d like to know how the setups work in #R as well.

So uh…

What’re ppl doing about Shadow Gallery loops nowadays, since little Eddie has crappy life (well, maybe not so crappy).

I’ve seen some Japanese Eddies doing SG loops using either the Claw (looks generic) or the Nose Poke (looks fucking dope) to juggle the opponent repeatedly. Haven’t tried doing them yet cuz I still don’t know how…