GGXX Accent Core for the Wii...?


It’ll be taking Tyrant Rave to a whole new level.

Wii joysticks…? Does mas stick know how to make sticks out of GC controllers? if this does go down of course. net play? doubtful, 360 would have done it, but as long as it comes out for the wii, ill be grateful.

Yes, MAS does make GC sticks. What’s more important is the support of 2D fighting games on the Wii. Someone tell Mr. Killian the Wii needs some Street Fighter!


Word has it Nintendo is being stingy about telling developers how to use Wii’s wifi connection. Horrible rumors about Friend codes have reached my ears.

But the Wii is backward compatable with the GC controllers, it might work. Still, until I hear an official announcement, I won’t get my hopes up.

if this is true then this will be awesome

No way. =/

Already posted about this in the other GG:AC thread, so I’ll just copy-paste them to here also:


Wow, this is wierd…

Hey, where’d you get that date for Slash? I looked through and the date for Slash was 07/31.

Play-asia has a US release date for US Slash as “Feb 9th 2007”, published by Aksys (Possible mistranslation of Arcsys?). Someone from I believe dustloop went to the forums of Aksys games, who makes some golf stuff apparently, and asked about it:

They’re response was “That’s news to us”. So Aksys is obviously not the correct publisher, which leads me to believe that it was meant to say Arcsys and it’s just a bunch of misinformation.

shrug We’ll find out in a few days I guess.


wow!! for the wii?

Well, it certainly is feasible that it could get a port to the Wii (as porbably a dual release with PS2); out of all the next-gen consoles, the Wii is easily the one that is the most “2D friendly” (not counting Digital distribution through Download services). Plus, if SNKP does indeed make the Wii its new campsite for its 2D wares, I’m sure Arc Systems would at least like to keep the option open for competition.

But all in all, I would need a much more credible source than GAMEFLY to really believe this bit of news. And then I would demand an Arcade stick from ASCII for the Wii. :slight_smile:

i dont see it happening.

me neighter, or not like that…

herm… aksys (or whatever) is supposed to “publish” GGAC on the Wii, right?

  1. What the hell is Aksys anyway? a new Partner of Arc System Works? a Sub-branch of SEGA? …I bet on a misspelling form ArcSys.
  2. Why isn’t SEGA publishing the game? (Slash was published in Arcades, on PS2 and PSP by Sega… AC was realeased in the arcades by SEGA as well…)
  3. It might release on the super-fanboys-favourite plateform, but it will definitely NOT be an exclusive release.

GG AC (naomi version) resolution is higher than 480p, if it’s ported to the Wii, we’ll have one more crappy rez GG at home!

  1. Aksys games is a branch off of former Atlus employees. Atlus did a lot of translating/publishing of foreign games.
  2. Because if a third party has the rights to the game (which would be the case if Aksys is releasing it), the game’s publishing RIGHTS are purchased. Arc Systems is the Developer of the game, Sega is the Japanese publisher, making Aksys the American Publisher in this hypothetical situation.
  3. This has absolutely no relevance to the point made nor has any reference to back it up.

None of the GG games for consoles have crappy resolution, most of them are anti-aliased by default because the option makes the game look less pixelated. Worse comes to worse they just scale down the game’s playing field by a few pixels, like the PSP version of #R/Slash/Judgement.

This isn’t to say I’m not extremely skeptical of the entire situation, however I love seeing posts bolstered with enough bullshit to be unsanitary for ANYONE’S intelligence.

Wii and PS2 are the most likely of candidates for Guilty Gear though, Wii is EXTREMELY popular in Japan, and PS2 still has plenty of a userbase, however I don’t know how willing Sony would be to accept a new 2D PS2 game.

As long as they allow full GC & Classic controller use, and do not force it to somehow make use of the Wiimote stuff.

Then its all Good! :wonder:

Funny though how Aksys is former Atlus employees, seeing as how Atlus published the very first GG.


How did you figure out this?
Naomi video output is 31khz max, 31khz = 640x480 progressive (it can probably do 720x480 like the dreamcast though), so it can’t be higher than 480p.