GGs at Gameworks Thread

This is the “Good Games at Gameworks,” thread and by golly its about time that one of Gameworks own most beloved sons started a Gameworks thread(see how many times I used “Gameworks” in one sentence?).

Shit, Mind & Iron and myself not only work at the bitch, thats also where we pick up bitches so its only fitting that one of us started one o’ these threads.

Hey, we got button mashing mexicans at Gameworks and we get to sit down when we play! what you got Narrows?!


oh an ggs to all the fools that i’ve played. be it Sf4, 3s, or MaHvel.

and samsho

Mash out shoryu mexican style is why i go to gameworks

Good games to Billy, Gene, James and Gilbert(Hope i got your name right) tonight. I cant tell if Billy is leveling everyone up by absolutely crushing them but I feel like it has improved my game

Nice job on the 53 wins; ]

Wow 53 wins was Billy using his Bison? I’ll get a chance to practice against Billy and Gene next weekend in SF4 time to drop another 100 dollars on Billy and Gene again:sad:

Damn dude…your Ryu got hella good over the past week! Level up +50! Good games as always.

To all those who were there when I was figuring out how to play Sagat last Monday, lol.

lol yes bison

ggs to everyone ive ever whiffed an SGS to hahah

Good thinking D-Vaz, since it looks like the other thread is f-ing done for this seems to be the next best step. Man, I wiffed the best set up ever tonight and I was plum pissed about it… Other guy wiffed a dragon punch with Ryu and I focused attacked with zangief…Connected it , dashed in, and then my ultra fucking MISSED. WTF! anyway GGs to everybody and anybody that’s come thru the past few days, it’s been a blast.

I’d also like to add…y2kenjination, dude I’m sorry I missed out on your going away drinking bonanza. I tried to get a hold of you but my phone died so I had to way to do so. You better show up at least once more to GW so I can get waxed by you a few more times before you split to bigger and better things. :slight_smile:

hey oh!

to Nick, Rodger, Nate, Jason, and Art Institute dude, good games as always.

p.s. rufus is beastly

I might go up to Gworks later tonight…can’t stay very long though. I’ll probably be there from 10 pm to close or something. Hope to see some of you guys!

GGs to everyone last night. Finally got around to trying out some of the new characters.

Good game to the girl who unplugged the SF4 right player monitor tonight to charge her cell phone… I thought the place shut down until i looked over and saw the other dude still going and that i could still move and play

Did someone slap the bitch up? Because that is probably one of the few times such drastic actions are needed.


thats is a colossally dumb bitch right there.

messin with a mans videogame,

especially SF4!

WTF?! I was there that night and I heard about it after the fact. This crap need to be brought to my attention A.S.A.P. When I’m on the clock and somebody fucks with one of MY games that’s their ass flyin’ to the curb. I’ll tollerate just about everything but game abuse…the harder you make my job, the harder the five across the eyes will be. Back to topic …Dave good matches the other night even though I urked you playing El Furte :rofl:

Too funny. I dropped my landline Nate. Give me a call at 206-718-3833 if you want to chat anytime.

How you doing?


seems like less peeps been showin up lately…

anyway, good games to all i played tonight

also, fuck el fuerte

with your desired faction and money

inwowgold is a scam

Damn spam bots.

GGs to everyone I played yesterday and today. The 3S to SF4 transition is hard as hell. Everyone is so damn heavy + shotos roundhouses are shorter than their forward kicks. I kept whiffing the damn thing. I had fun anyways though. Uppercut > FADC > Ultra is a weird hand movement. Can’t wait to learn this game in 2 months.