Get yourself a PZone from Pizza Hut while you still can

These things usually go off the menu for a bit of time and come back and oh my god they are the best thing ever.

All Hail the mighty PZone, get one now.

I just might

Game Stop has a deal but Godfather’s>Papa John’s>Pizza Hut, IMO.

Local brick oven joint near me has These things 365 days a year. I am set.

I don’t know man, I may need to do 3 days of p90x in one to burn this off. WHY AM I SO FAT?

P’zone is mid-tier. I’ll take a real calzone any day. But not every day…I usually do get a p’zone when they resurface.

Honestly, though? Cop the pizza rollers. They taste quite similar, but are better, and always on the menu.

Truth, nothing beats a real calzone

Why would you order anything but a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut?

That is beyond god tier and the only thing worth getting from there. Otherwise, there’s probably a ton of better pizza joints no matter what city you live in.

pizza hut stuffed crust, pizza hut pan, pizza pzone, pizza hut breadsticks…

so broken…

P’zone crust is too fucking tough. It’s like trying to eat a shirt.

Are you serious? P-Zones have to be one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s an insult to food.

The best thing about Pizza Hut has to be the Pizza Hut in a town near where I live. They have their own breadsticks (not those flat things Pizza Hut usually has). They’re super fluffy and are SO good. I know some people who go just to eat those.

Yo P’zones are gdlk. That little cup of sauce that come with though is wack.

Those “little” cups actually hold as much sauce as an entire medium pizza.
Honestly, I don’t how people use so damn much of it.

The reason P’Zones are usually so damn tough is because people order them so infrequently they sit around getting old and dry in the freezer.
Trust me, I work at Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut dough and pizza sauce are shit tier. Frozen dough for the motherfucking lose.
The only thing I would still pay actual money for at Pizza Hut are wings or Stuffed Crust. I don’t eat anything there that I don’t make myself, and I usually make myself something out of Thin Crust (decent crust but not a good value for the money).

Oh my god…this PZone i’m eating right now is so good…
i’d marry this PZone before i’d marry a woman.


Had a calzone, loved it, tried the pzone, threw that shit out. Please stop carrying shitty pizza, pizza hut.

Might as well ask the sun to stop shining, birds to stop singing, or strippers to stop stripping. Pizza Hut carries shitty pizza. It’s what they do.


This thread is still up? Just popped in to make sure the OP wasn’t from NY. Thank God, I would have had to take some drastic actions otherwise.

gotta get one…havent had one since I was little.I had a cal zone a few weeks ago from a local pizza place but it was eh.