General Evo Question Thread

A couple questions to start things off.

  1. How will the voting system work to select the rest of the Evo games?
  2. Is it really all that inconveniant to have proven successful games in the tournament like A3, or SC2?

Any speculation or true answers would be much appreciated.

  1. details will be released probably within days

  2. Is it inconvienent to have every game in evo? Yes.
    How do we say what games are ‘better’ to have? I think that’s what the voting will help with. Almost every game was ‘proven successful’ for a period of time and/or among certain people, the question is what games are better right now for the people at evo.

How do we say which games are better? I actually had to reply to this shit, FMJ. I don’t even come here anymore. Seriously, check all b tourneys and Evo and tell me that A3 EVER had shitty turn-outs until evo dissed it. If the quality of the game is in question, then whoever is questioning is pretty retarded. Only US players tier whore. Look at all recent z3 tournaments and check the balance.

I’ve proven the shit myself when Rog was considered shitty even by US standards and Aism weak. Some folks need to be shown time and time again. Vegas wasn’t even up on the game at that time.

Not that I’m entering Evo since I don’t play at all anymore but DAMN. Ignorance is shitty.


When will we know where evo is going to be held at? I want to have my room already reserved if it’s announced to late shit it’s going to be tough to find one. With summer vacations coming to an end.

Las Vegas, where specifically in Vegas I don’t think has been stated yet.

One thing i wonder about voting? where is it going to be held? I mean, it’s obvious MK and DOA players don’t hang out on SRK… How are we going to be able to reach those fan bases to get them to vote?

If they’re interested in big fat tournaments, word will spread. If not, then they won’t show up. That’s about all there is to it.

Thats a good point SRK as good as it is doest have fans from all games, hopefully fans will help spread the word to more specific websites and what not.

MKOnline has had a banner since day 1 that explains the voting system, FYI. I don’t think the other games are the ones we need to worry about WRT being organized.

So…you want us to give them a visit or what? Kickdown yo! Damn.


Can we remap our buttons before a match for example change fierce punch to triangle.

Sup, Apoc? How’s it going? :slight_smile:

Not to try to raise up controversy, 'cause I know we’ve all been through this over and over again already, but the quality of matches in Alpha 3 HAVE degenerated. Understand that I love Alpha 3, and it is still one of my favorite fighting games, but I dunno if you’ve downlaoded all those matches on, say, A-Cho’s website. If you have noticed, the top tier has changed… because of Crouch Canceling. We have matches where, at the start of the round, a Vega (mask and claw) player lands a Custom Combo right off the bat, and then goes into Crouch Cancel infinite with 80 seconds left on the clock. Then, the video is edited instantly from 80 seconds to 20 seconds, with Vega still doing Jump Short over and over again right before they die. 60 seconds of Jumping Short. If that isn’t degeneration of quality, I can’t explain what is.

Granted, if not a lot of Japanese players enter, we will be spared of that problem since most American players do not utilize Crouch Cancel inifnites to their full extreme. Like I said, I love the game, it’s still of of my favorites, but you can’t say that those who argue the game quality has degenerated are stupid. Because it HAS degenerated, it is hardly up for debate. Not every match ends in a Crouch Cancel infinite, and there are still a lot of really great fights and rounds, but because of Crouch Cancel Infinites, quality has gone down, whether you like it or not.

  • James

Hey what’s goin’ on James:)

I’ve seen plenty and like you say, Americans stopped playing well before that level and also, the percentage of characters that utilize cc infinites is still small with regard to the number of characters being used.

U know me, I’ve always felt that all ccs are a huge crutch(activating an invincible super at the press of a button. No charge, No motion, etc. I have that idiot pride going for me, lol. Still, I would love to play again for the chance to slap down a V-Vega that had that ability or any other character utilized in that capacity.

For me, the main point I’ll focus on is that 2% of all players that enter would be doing that leaving the tournament more accurate(I agree about infinites being disgusting in an SF game). I won’t argue that point at all. It did take YEARS to get to that level with Japanese players consistantly playing. If Evo hadn’t dissed it and it reached that level in the US, then I would’ve been all for new rules or even omitting A3 from the line-up. As it was, there were maybe a couple of players in the entire US capable of OTGing with Akuma(Bas madness). So, with regard to what type of tournament it would be, I don’t think cc infinites are a real issue. If I get caught by V-Sagat, V-Ryu, V-Vega…etc, I look at it like I deserve it. Back in the day on ol skool when Vega could be ticked to death by the likes of Sim, I still won those matches. When I lost, it was because I failed to avoid getting knocked down. Avoiding giving the free win was a simple as not allowing myself to be knockdown. I know you remember how unforgiving SF used to be towards mistakes. In the same sense, I would add it into my strategy. Quite frankly, I would rather be caught with an infinite than to watch a ratio 1 get owned by one opening by a ratio 2 Sagat. But we still play CvS2 in that way even though it encourages boring play. A3, WITH cc infinites is still a helluvalot more exciting than watching 2 cvs2 players trying NOT to fight. With infinites, A3 is still a fighting game. “Fighting” being the operative word.

I’d just like to express that in order for the quality to degenerate, one has to be at a level that NO ONE in the US is at. To me, that makes the issue irrelevant. Wouldn’t you agree? Regardless, your opinion is always appreciated. It’s nice to see you poppin’ back in from time to time.

Ahhh, the old days:)


Alpha 3 should never have been taken out of the evolution line up. It is one of the best capcom fighting games ever made.

Alpha 3/super turbo are two games that should always be in the evolution line up, But I feel most people don`t know how good both super turbo and alpha 3 really are and I think that most people will probably vote for capcom fighting jam over alpha 3 which is sad.

Alpha 3 should just be in the line up by default.

Full stop.

Well everyone wants different things, id rather have SC2, and alot of people want KOF. Well see how it goes.

Apoc…just show up…id really lobve to see you there

This is a general question thread, and I have a general question (well, two questions, but it’s really the same type of question), mainly with the choice of games: Why are Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate and KoF2002 on the list instead of DoA3:U and KoF2003? I have no stake in any of these games (if anything, I would vote for SFA3), I’m just curious. I think I might know why some might not want KoF2003 (Duo Lon fockery), but why DoA2 over DoA3?

Also, why is MK:D there at all? Who the hell wants to play that at a tournament? If you’re going to throw out an MK game, why not MK2 or UMK3?

DoA2:U is actually less shitty than DoA3, even though DoA as a whole is completely, worthlessly shitty.

KoF2002 because it’s more balanced than 2003. I’d rather they ran '98, but hey, 2002 is better than nothing. (I hate 2002.)

MK:D? I will never know. Nor will anyone. That’s just there to look pretty and to make the trailer longer.

There are 5v5’s and grudge matches and whatever that serve that purpose better IMO. In those situations it’s over regardless if you win or lose.

In a tournament if you don’t win, now there’s other people left (of course depending on where you lost), and we’re gonna be watching 3 hrs of CC inf on the big screen, which will probably be the last thing about A3 that anyone ever remembers. Regardless it’s a moot point this year as it’s up to the players to decide what they want.

With skillful tactics I think that works, it takes years to get to a level where you can hang with the best skill-wise, but i don’t think thats the problem were talking about. Combos aren’t nessecarily skillful, they are just unknown.

Does it take someone now that long to take advantage of cc infinites? I don’t think Akuma OTGs and CC inf’s actually take years of gameplay to perfect. If it suddenly became an option, everyone would want to learn the cheap stuff right away wouldn’t they?

Re: MKO question

“In order for Mortal Kombat: Deception to become officially inducted in the Evolution 2005 tournament this August, Evolution is requesting that 100 people must pre-register for the MK: Deception tournament and commit to going. Mortal Kombat Online is asking the entire MK Community and all Mortal Kombat fan sites to spread the word, pre-register, and become a part of Mortal Kombat history.”

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