Gene Wilder.....RIP

Most would call the original Willy Wonka…he lived a long life.

He and Pryor were a favorite of the family.


Well, this week is off to a great start if this true, though I suppose it had happen sooner or later given his age.

May he rest in peace.

[Insert obligatory “fuck 2016” line here.]

But so much more than Willy Wonka. WW isn’t even the first thing I think of when I think about Wilder. Hear No Evil, See No Evil is amazing.

Well, looks like Blazing Saddles is on the watching agenda for tonight. So sad. He can now rejoin his amazingly talented wife if you believe in that stuff. RIP Gene Wilder.

no. not this nigga too.
my man.
and Juan Gabriel died too.
and my cousin.
too many deaths.

RIP Gene, gone to hang with his best bud making some of the best movies ever.

Just heard this on the radio.

I don’t really have words at the moment. Saying I respect his talent and love his movies doesn’t really do anything justice.

This fucking year is slowly processing an incredible amount of irreplaceable talent. Damon it all.

Gutted, i loved this guy

god bless you gene, thanks for the memories

RIP to one of the greatest.

rip, i love that scene in lil nicky when he gets covered in bees

RIP, thanks for scaring the shit outta me with the OG Wonka movie.


One of the greatest performers of all time. Thanks for the memories, Gene.

I remember him most for Young Frankenstein, one of my favorite movies.

he kick the charlie bucket

I don’t know what’s more upsetting that Gene Wilder is dead or that this thread has gone 15 posts without his most legendary scene:

This saddens me. One of the best. His team ups with the talented and lovely Madeline Kahn were just amazing.



RIP he lived a good long life.

… and of course, I’d be loathe to ignore his team-ups with the legendary Richard Prior. Man, he was an entertainer.


damn that sucks