Gen FADC help.

im not sure what im doing wrong, but im having terrible trouble doing fadc combos with gen. i dont know if its really THAT hard to do with gen vs other characters, but i dont have any trouble with really anyone else…

i was trying to just do (move) fadc, lp/c.lp and the person in training would block it everytime.

any tips?

Yeah I have it too even though I mained Gen since forever.

Supposedly, cancelling the 2nd or 4th hit of the hands will be easiest because it gives the most stun. I’m not an expert on this though, as I find using fadc combos (mostly) a waste of my meter with Gen.

try to keep doing it after the fourth hit of hands. i dont think it gives any more advantage than the other hits, but it allows you to develop a rythm easier. your fingers get a slight break from executing hands before the fadc, and always cancelling the same hit will help with muscle memory

Doesn’t the 4th hit of hands whiff on crouchers? I always FADC after the 4th hit too but only on standing opponents.

Also, because at 19 frames Gen’s forward dash is kinda slow (go figure) it’s not a trivial link afterwards; you will want to dash cancel your focus attack on the first possible frame. I hold forward during hands, then tap forward + mp + mk to be sure.

There are reasons why you would want to use FADC combos vs super; with FADC you tend to maximize damage opportunities as you get them, with super you’re limiting your damage (as well as reversals) then waiting for an opportunity to land your super that may never come. Then again the super is more damage efficient if you tack on the ultra and more reliable given that nobody’s execution on fadc combos is perfect.

Probably the most times I whiff follow-ups are when I accidentally FADC on the 3rd hit when I thought I did on the 4th hit, which screws up with my timing.


I hate trying to focus cancel online because sometimes when you try to go for the 4th hit you are too late, then if you try to do it early you end up doing it on the 3rd. wish all of his hits had the same properties.

thanks for the tips guys. holding forward during hands seems to really help.

Keep practicing man…

This should help [media=youtube]piSuWOT8Ft0[/media]

jayesen blocked?

FADC throw 4tw

I’d rather save my meter unless the throw would (almost) kill them and it’s the last round. If I do it though I never immidiately throw because if they tech I wasted 2 bars. I just do FADC c.lp throw, if they hits I can do a combo, if they don’t I’ll throw. Usually it will hit though because they’ll try to tech your throw after the fadc.

yeah this simply made the difference between FADC-combos success and failure, for me… lol :]

i was amazed when i realized it was so much easier

Ya same but usually I use it for the last hit then dash back. Or I just dash back if I thought my roll would kill them on chip and it doesn’t.

Save your meter, FADC isn’t nearly as viable with Gen as it is for other characters, and it’s far too difficult and risky to just throw out there. Not to mention costly since Gen builds no meter. Basically, if you’re going to use meter with Gen on something other than a Super, I find it helpful to think whether or not I can afford to eat a few hits before doing so. Shotos can afford to FADC into grab anytime they want to mix you up, Gen should only ever do that when you’re either going full-offensive (and can’t hope to land Super) or you’re about to die. I do like the idea of FADC out of blocked rolls in risky situations, personally, but I would just use it to get out.

That’s my take on it, in any case.

on the subject of fadc, does the roll leave enough hitstun to continue a combo with an FADC on the final hit?

No. Roll FADC is +2 on hit and -2 on block if you do it as fast as possible.

oh. ok thanks. i could tell i had advantage, just didt know if it was a one framer i was missing or something

I agree.

Most fadc follow-ups like lk (hk) gekiro do 345 damage or so including a crane jump in ( or j.hp). Considering a simple crane hp roll does 311 damage…I feel like it is a big waste. His super is too vauable for me and such a scary thing to have for your opponent aswell.

I don’t think you can compare jumpin damage vs damage that you can deal from the ground. Landing jumpins is not something that you can count on against good opponents, but landing pokes is, and with hands FADC, just about any landed poke = 300ish damage. Plenty of reason for your opponent to start blocking when you have 2 bars, which is mental pressure you can use. Without FADC, you can’t do that kind of damage from the ground, and you can’t put on that kind of mental pressure (until you get super).

Small correction:

Properly executed jump-in FADC combo deals 395 damage. 386 if you have to use lk gekiro.
([crane] j.hp >[mantis] > s.hp xx (hp)hands > fadc > > s.hp~lk/hk gekiro) > follow-up should only be used when your opponent is Sakura.
(s.hp>gekiro part whiffs on her.)

All in all, it’s just a matter of preference. Every playstyle has its own ups and downs. :party: