Gears of War 2 Thread: FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN!

I just now found it on google it’s the SRK of gears and basically anything you wanted to know can be found there.

From there here is a very interesting thread yall should read.

I haven’t played gow in a while mainly because too many gdlke games have been coming out within the past year. I used to dominate games with the chainsaw and had so many people say the same shit “zomg chainsaw is so cheap all you can do is press 1 button”:rofl:

GOW is already a deep game to begin with assuming your team communicates and doesn’t recklessly run around with shotties but check out the new weapons they will add a lot of depth to the mp.

SRK unite!
onyx of tek
zim is an Alien
Volg Zangiev

Gonna be sick, 1st game I’ve preordered in a long time.

Will the 1:1 Lancer be available in Canada somehow? It’s only through so far, and they don’t ship to Canada.

That? Why wouldn’t amazon ship to canada?

heard there are new torque bow animations, thats all a nigga needs.

As long as I dont have to sit through any more fucking Gary Jules “Mad World” commercials, I’ll give it a gamefly when the time is right

I plan on buying this on day 1 :rock:

i’m not going to buy into the hype like i did for Halo 3, though this game will be undoubtedly entertaining. i think it will be another generic first person shooter (or third person?).

the only thing i’m excited for is the new bad ass ways u can finish someone who is downed does not ship certain goods to Canada, including, but not at all limited to, the Lancer. This was a policy they started last year I think, as I used to get games shipped all the time.

Nowadays, the ONLY thing I can get to ship is books. Otherwise I have to rely on shitty, shitty, which has fewer products, is usually more expensive (sometimes MUCH more; a $150 script writing software product cost $250 on, and I had to use eBay to get a reasonable price), and has no 1:1 lancer.

As for WHY, I don’t know. But they don’t. I tried checking out the lancer already and got the usual “slight problem with your order” warning.

Shit son don’t be hatin’.

Yeah, that mad world commercial is ill.

It’s always a good idea to talk a game you don’t know anything about it doesn’t make you look like a dumbass at all fuck what you heard.

Didn’t know they had an [media=youtube]t7Ig2JJRpdo&feature=related&fmt=18[/media]

Of the new weapons I’m most hype for the boomshield by itself it adds a ton of depth to the multiplayer I’m hype to see how useful it turns out.

Gears of War 2 Thread: FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN!!

34 More days to go till this game drops, let start the discussion off with some info.

Cliffy B interview [media=youtube]r2dYLMxp7DQ"]Part 1 and [A good amount of info concerning fixes towards a lot of the issues that plagued GoW1’s multiplayer with additional info on the new added features and game types.

[URL=“”] GoW2 Video Page:]("[/media)
Exclusive Multiplayer Gameplay Awesome fucking video, must watch.

Just some notes and questions I’ve thought about concerning GoW2:

Sniper(Longshot) Active Reload Down effect removed.

Shotgun(Gnasher) shooting and reload speed reduced.

Execution’s are no longer invincible including the new custom Weapon Execution’s, Chainsaws, Curb Stomps etc.

Bullets now have Stopping Power effects, Roadie Running can now be stopped completely with a couple bullets (seen at the 4:10 mark in the “Exclusive Multiplayer Gameplay”) making Roadie Running+Shotgun/Frag Tag much harder which is good thing.

The returning maps from GoW1 include Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Subway, Tyro Station.

I wonder how affective crawling while downed will be or will it be a novelty that wears off once you find out crawling away isn’t going to save you from anything lol.

The new shields you can use in multiplayer seen in the “Exclusive Multiplayer Gameplay” video look fucking awesome, you can notice how much the added weight of the shield reduces the characters walking speed which is good, I don’t assume you will be able to Roadie Run with it equipped.

Will Two-Piecing be nerfed or will it still be a viable tactic once you manage to get close seeing how hard it will be to even get close thanks to Stopping Power? Wall Bouncing might see less use seeing how up close Shotgun battles will be much rarer thanks again to Stopping Power and the Shotguns reduced firing and reload speed.

Is anyone going to get their copy of the game from Gamestop for the Gold Online Lancer?

Hope they do something about the crab walk. With that being said this is still one of the few games that I’m looking forward to in the 4th quarter of 2008. November 7th can’t arrive soon enough.

Holy shit, its Matrix! What have you been doing away? The NFL thread is so strange without your reliance on stats.

Also, Gears 2 is going to my GOTY '08 thats for sure. In fact, I think the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace got delayed from Nov.7 because it would have been too much awesomeness on one day.

Oh damn. Solace got delayed from that awesome date? Serious business this Gears game.

Yeah I’m going to pre-order the Limited Edition from Best Buy tomorrow to get that free $30 value RC Centaur Tank.

Its an automatic cop for me, I loved the first one.

Still have to play through the PC version of 1 for the extra content. Played through the story of the 360 version like 7 times. I cannot wait for some Gears 2. I’m super fucking hype. :tup:

Looks like I gotta get another xboat and time to run through with dat COLETRAIN.

I’m so fucking hype see yall online and by see I mean in pieces:badboy:

This is easily going to be my favorite game of of all time or at least favorite game with a gun or multiplayer.