So let’s see everyones gear and what you work with.

don’t have a digital camera but i can list what i got.

insane amounts of #2 mechanical pencils
red-micron 005
2 black-micron 005
black micron 05
2 black- micron 02

hey, SFMC, i see an rather small amount of inking tools in there, what’s up with that? ha ha …

i think we should post our drawing set ups too (despite the fact that mine sucks …). as soon as i get a chance i’ll get some pics up.

I have minimal supplies

No.2 Mirado Black Warrior pencil
M-301 .05 Zebra Mechnical pencil
Pentel Click eraser

and this get the job done

I’m so organized it HURTS.

i have a tachikawa manga pen, it’s the shiznit.

Haha damn you guys went all out! Showing part of the studio space and everything.

Kuza, hehe I suck at inking so i got more pencils.

Deo whatever works and gets the job done.

Upon that is very organized:p

Ryu, nice work space, looks pimp. I use to rosk that tablet also.

Dreaded what kind of pen is that? So if that pen is the shiznit, where is your new works at? My tablet doing you any good? C’mon let me see some cg action.

Man you guys have the Hell Setups.

I travel alot so I Just have a small pencil case full of
Watercolor pencils
Blue mech pencil
HB and 2B Mech Pencils
Factis eraser
Photocopy paper
0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8 Black graph ink pens. Uni pin fine line mainly.
Sharpie fine point permant marker

As For Pavement Art (My job) thats a different story. I got a Big Ass Fishing Tackle Box full Of Charcol Pencils White Chalk Pencils. Shit load of Hard Chalks and Pastels.

Interesting thread SFMC

cool thread. heres my stuff. this is why i never leave my table.

the tachikawa pen is a manga pen. check it out at
its like a quill pen w/o the dipping.

is it true that flat screen crt=bad for cg’ing? or is it only the LCD that is.

as far as i know it’s neither, i know the lcd’s work fine for it.

Thats a sweet comp… sweet

what’s that your working on?

This is where the magic happens! :rolleyes:

**No digi cam, so I’ll just list what I usually use;

Graphite pencil set
Pilot Razor pens
Microns (.1 to .5)
Broad and Fine Sharpies
Pencil sharpner

great stuff. i noticed most of you have tablets. (voodazz thats a giant tablet, dude!) i want the opinions of my fellow SRK ppl on which would be a good purchase. i dont want something tiny and i also want to keep within the $200 budget.

Thats a sweet comp… sweet

I’m working on a Dual processor G4 with 2 gigs of ram so there no slow down and i can run all the programs i want. I’ve only had this machine for a couple months but i’m selling it if anyone wants it. I just upgraded to a G5 and it’s coming in a week or so… can’t fucking wait!

Well any wacom is a good wacom. All you gotta do is find one that suites your personal needs and drawing style. I work with a 12x12 because I do a lot of large scale projects and I like to use really broad strokes and I don’t have to worry about running out of space, plus my hands are pretty big and I just couldn’t work with the smaller tablets.
I think the 6x8 Graphire is your best bet to start out with. It’s a fairly nice sized tablet and should suit you needs just fine. The 4x5 is tiny! I could palm that little thing! :lol:

zenmaster, has the graphire3 i think for $80.